Sunday, February 2, 2020


Don't we all love to daydream.  I love the Lulu Window Seat from Chez Moi that is at this round of Cosmopolitan.  It gives me a great vantage point to see Cubby and what he is up too.  He came through the window with the birds hijacking a ride in the house.  He is supposed to chase them.  Now the birds, the cat and I are all going to snuggle up while I work on my planner for the month.

Seat | Chez Moi - Lulu Window Seat (PG) with planner and roses
Cat | Jian - White Chubby Cat Bird Bus
Hanging Planters | Moss & Mink - 2 Tier Planter White
Window | Goose - Lil'Bug Window

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