Sunday, April 28, 2019


I think this is really a dreamy look. I love the makeup in April's Catwa Powder Pack Set by Euphoric. The long flowing Oasis Hair by Truth pair nicely with the head accessory by Lode.  I also am wearing Pearlized Nail Polish by Cazimi that pairs great with my Wonder Rings from Kibitz.

Hair | Truth - Oasis
Hair Flowers | Lode - Peony Poem Wreath White
Nail Polish | Cazimi - Pearlized Nails*
Rings | Kibitz - Wonders Rings
Makeup | Euphoric - Layla Beauty Set (PP April 19)

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Street Chic

This cute little romper called Kylie by Wild is a great addition to any wardrobe for those summer months ahead.  It comes with boots and a great color hud with solid and patterned colors.  I also found the cutest hair called Martina by Tameless.  Hope on over to Designer Showcase and pick up both these great pieces before this round ends in a few days. 

Romper w/ Boots | Wild - Fashion Kylie Romper*
Hair | Tameless - Martina*
Background | RAMA - #selfie_RAMA Sclater Street
@ Backdrop City

Friday, April 26, 2019

Bring On Summer

I am so ready for summer and the hot heat.  Spring was slow to show up and over night it seems like it is already heating up.  I am ready for swimming and floating.  I am showing off my new bikini from Blueberry.  I love that the shorts are made with the swim bottoms in them.  With my new swimsuit I am wearing the Monaco Body Chain from Sexy Princess.  I can see this being a summer staple.

Body Chain | Sexy Princess - Monaco Body Chain
Swimsuit | Blueberry - Sunny Bikini V2
Shorts | Blueberry - Sunny Shorts&Bikini Bottom
Hair | Truth - Carla
Sun Glasses | Pop Art Store - Elegant Glasses Silver
Rings | Elle Boutique - Cera Bento Rings
Pose | K&S - Hey. Hey Bento pose
Photo was taken @ Swank

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Smoking Hot in Purple

Virtual Diva turned nine this year and is celebrating in a big way.  The store is running a 75% off sale at the mainstore until the 29th.  They also just released this new dress called Sarah that is materials enabled and fits Maitreya, Freya and Hourglass.  It is currently at this round of the Sense Event.  

Dress | Virtual Diva - Sarah Materials Violet*
Eye Makeup | Slack Girl - Jojo Eyeshadow
Lipstick | Pink Fuel - Troublemaker (PP April. 19)
Hair | No Match - No Arrest
Ears | Swallow - Punky Ear

Friday, April 19, 2019

Spring In The Mountains

So spring has hit the mountains where I live and everything is blooming.  Wildflowers are popping up all over the hills while trees are flowering a beautiful purple.  Large waterfalls are rushing along with little seasonal falls.  Tadpoles are in the meadows while ducks are floating along with their mates.  I love the beauty of spring.  It is the perfect time to climb a tree.  Our Trees is by Fashiowl and allows for the perfect pose.  My lovely Spring Chic Patterns dress is by Applique` Chic.  Both of these items are at the current round of Redeux that runs until Sunday.  It is their second anniversary and designers pulled out all the stops so make sure you stop by.

Dress | Applique` Chic - Spring Chic Patterns*
Hair | Truth -  Lisette
Pose w/prop | Fashiowl - Our Trees*
Mirror Box | Sominel Edelman Landscapes Unlimited

Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Have you ever just taken a drive to see where you end up?  Well this photo is kind of like that.  The old drugstore that is my backdrop by The Bearded Guy feels like a place where I would end up on one of those drives.  It is a place explore what is left of something that was once there.  Today I am wearing the No Match Outfit by zOOm that was just released at Designer Showcase.

Outfit | zOOm - No Match*
Eye, Eye Makeup, Cheek Highlight and Lipstick | Euphoric - Layla Beauty Set (PP April 19)
Jewelry | Kunglers - Vilma Copper
Hair | Besom -  Girlgang Bun
Backdrop | The Bearded Guy - Callejon Branca Group Gift
Trees | LOVE - Prim Forest Spring 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Evening In Blue

It is always nice to have a handful of cocktail dresses on hand incase you have to attend something in Second Life since it does happen from time to time.  I picked up this new materials enabled dress name Marla from Virtual Diva.  I love how when lighting is added to it the colors change and are vibrant.  

Dress | Virtual Diva - Marla Dress Crowmix*
Hair | Letituier - Zoey Hair
Eye Lashes | Michan - Ashley Makeup (PP Dec. 18)
Eye Makeup/Lipstick | Just Magnetized - Insta Beauty Set 06
Earrings | Kunglers - Ciri Earring Mixed 3
Bracelet | Kunglers - Medusa Bracelet 
Backdrop | Minimal - Instagram Background 3 Black

Monday, April 15, 2019

Summer Is Waiting

 Summer is waiting just around the corner and designers are taking note.  Check out this outfit from AtaMe called Gabriella at the current round of Redeux.  It also happens to be Redeux's 2nd Anniversary and they are doing it in style.  Designers have discounted items in their booths as well as gifts in addition to event exclusives.  Make sure you hit up the event before it disappears on the 21st.

Outfit w/boots | AtaMe - Gabriella*
Hair | Vanity Hair - Goldfinger
Necklace/Earrings | Purple Moon - Avery Copper
Make Up | Mila - April Cosmetics (PP April 19)
Location | Cooper Creek WIlderness Butterfly House

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Elegant Dressing Room

This new delux dressing room was released in this months Builders Box by Raindale and is currently at the main store.  How plush is this set up.  From the decor shoes boxes and the rack of clothes to the lush velvety plush on the elegant couch.  I would love this in RL, but will settle for having it in SL.  The sofa has 18 solo animations and 12 couples (PG, friendly and romantic) animations!  It also has a great HUD that has 10 colours for the blanket and cushions.  The clothing rack and mannequin both come with a clothing option or a plain option.  Let this new set dress up your dressing area today.  P.S. I guess Builders Box decided to close it's subscription services as of this writing.

Raindale | Bonclair Set (Clothes on rack, shoe boxes fill/unopened, couch, mannequin, mirrored screen)*
Photos | Bazar - Berlin Paintings 
Roses | 50% - Bouquet of Roses 3 colors in a glass vase*
Duffle Bag | Dust Bunny - Overnight bag

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Only In Second Life

Only in SL will you find me wearing high heels to the beach.  Sexy Princess released a new swimsuit with cover up set called Wild Strawberries that is at The Spring Flair Event.  I am wearing the yellow suit with black cover up option.  I paired this suit with new shoes from Heels called Jess.  It is a spring two pack and comes in yellow and light purple.  Lastly, Image Essentials Props and Poses put out a new pose set at Designer Showcase called Shoes Showcase that show off shoes in photos nicely.  I find it hard to photograph shoes and these poses really keep the shoe visible.

Outfit | Sexy Princess - Wild Strawberries* 
Shoes | Heels - Jess Yellow* 
Hair | Iconic - Jewel Hair
Necklace |  Maxi Gossamer - San Juan Skyway Gold
Pose | IE - Shoe Showcase 6 Curve*
Small Palm Tree | DaD Design - Single Palmetto Mesh 1L Gift 
Background | Felix - Mesh Tropic Dream Oasis 

Friday, April 12, 2019

Foggy Morning

I love foggy mornings as long as I don't have to be anywhere.  Where I currently like I have micro climates along the cliffs and it is fascinating to watch.  This little English Country Garden Cottage by Harvest Moon* is a real gem.  It is in this weeks Syndicate Sunday for 69L and is a great bargain.  Everything that is pictured comes with the home.  Yep, the landscaped garden comes with the house.  The cottage alone has 163 LI and the full landscaped version has a 350 LI.  I love when all the hard lifting on a home is done for me.  All you have to do is add your furniture and your all set.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Shades of Pink

I love the color pink and all the different shades it comes in.  Here are some items at Designer Showcase that can have a little pink in them. I picked up Gaia Rings from Livia and Fig Nails from Cazimi.  Both of these items have nice pastel colors including pink in the color hud.  I finished my look with Ellipse 2 by Haysriza Eyewear that also comes in a wide variety of tinted lenses.

Lipstick | Pangea - Juicy (Powder Pack Oct. 18)
Rings | Livia - Gaia Rings*
Nails | Cazimi - Fig Nails*
Ears | Swallow - Crusties Ears
Glasses | Haysriza Eyewear - Ellipse 2*
Hair | Truth - Beatrix
Pose | Posies - Portrait Hands Set A  04 Tall
Backdrop | Foxcity - VIP Photo Booth Minimal Marshmallow

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Magic at Market

I headed back to the market today and an usual occurrence happened.  Magic was performed by someone as they made the candles floated and the night sky in the picture started to move.  I drew my sword at once to prepare for any michif that may have followed it.  I previously blogged about the market here.  I used items that can be found at the Game of Thrones inspired event by Redeux and from this weeks Syndicate Sunday.

Outfit | Nobel Creations - Dracarys Outfit*
Broach | Adam n Eve - Dragon Brooch*
Candles | The Half Moon Market - Floating Elemental Candles*
Picture | Candle & Cauldron -  Enchanted Frame*
Pose w/ Sword | Nantra - A Girl Has No Name*

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Forest Stroll

I love the forest.  It always smells good and has a calm relaxing feeling to it.  Where I live the wildlife is use to lots of visitors so they don't run off when they see people.  I can sit out front and watch the heard of deer in my yard.  I do enjoy just sitting and listening sometimes.

I found a perfect dress called the Handmaiden by SK to take a stroll through the forest in.  I paired it with Missa by Charme.  Both of these items can be found at the current Game Of Thrones inspired event by Redeux that runs until the 13th.

Dress | SK - Handmaiden Beige*
Hair | Charme - Missa* 
Jewelry | Krystal Fine Jewelry - Isabella Set Gold
Grass | Little Branch - Oak Grass Spring Mesh*
Deer | LOVE - Midsummer Night Deer Looking 2
Background | Milk Motion - The Forest Skybox Scene

Monday, April 8, 2019

Syndicate Sunday

I always love when Syndicate Sunday rolls around each month.  I love getting things at a discount and I know I am not the only one.  Each item in the event is only 69L from April 7th until April 14th.  Each item featured is available at their inworld store.

Today I am showing you the Quisha Hair from Escalated D which comes with a great color hud. It can have bangs or no bangs and the bandana can change textures.  The Rowena Collar by Oxide comes in basic or in RLV Peanut No.9.  It is color change and has a bunch of different options.  Plus there is a nifty notecard in the package if you know nothing about collars like me.

Hair | EscalateD - Quisha*
Collar | Oxide - Rowena Collar RLV Peanut No.9*
Ears | Swallow - Crusties Ears
Lipstick | Ascendant - June Lipstick Group Gift
Backdrop | K&S Store - Loft 1 Backdrop

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sunday Shoping

A new round of Designer Showcase just started, so I headed over to find some new stuff.  I love the new Minerva Dress from KiB Designs and all the fun colors it comes in. It goes perfectly with the Cha Cha Heels from Entice.  These shoes come in a ton of solid and flower patterned options that are perfect for spring.  I also found the Tina Jewelry Set by Valuzia that paired nicely with the outfit.  Make sure you swing by the event to see what items you just can't live without.

Dress | KiB Designs - Minerva Dress*
Shoes | Entice - Cha Cha Heels*
Jewelry Set | Valuxia - Tina Set (Necklace, Earrings and Ring Shown)*
Hair | Truth - Mitzi V2
Pose | Stun - Majestic Pose
Backdrop | Minimal - Retro Backdrops 8

Saturday, April 6, 2019

To Market I Go

The Game of Thrones inspired just started a few days ago at Redeux where you can pick up some of my new finds.  Market tents by Lore come in a variety of different colors and comes with a counter to display your wares.  While shopping at the market I found these GoT inspired chest by Simply Shelby

The Old World has a rustic table and chair set out currently at the Boardwalk.  The Red Bud Tree.v2 by Little Branch has four seasons and comes with different grasses.  I combined the summer and the fall oak grass to get the two tone look.

Lastly, I picked up some items from the SL Home and Garden Expo that benefits Relay for Life.  It is open until Sunday so make sure you go see all the 11 sims.  The Lion's Head Fountain is from The Looking Glass while the Poppy Flowers are part of the Eternity Set by OA-MEO.  To provided lighting I used Raindale's Magelight Lantern and Lamp. 

Tent | Lore - Market Place Tent w/Counter*
Chests | Simply Shelby - GoT Inspired Chests*
Table and Stool | Old World - Wooden Table and Chairs v2*
Tree with Grass | Little Branch Red Bud Tree.v2 4 Seasons Animated*
Fountain | The Looking Glass - Lion's Head Fountain* (sim 8)
Poppy Flowers | OA-MEO - Eternity Welsh Poppies*(sim 5)
Hanging Lanterns | Raindale - Magelight Lantern and Lamp*(sim)
Plants | Circa Living - Assorted*
Food | The Half Moon Market - The Lord's Feast III 
Hedges | Raindale - Grassmere Hedge Wall*
Wall | Simply Shelby - Crumbling Wall
Ball Lamp | Consignment - Fishing Lamp Clear

Friday, April 5, 2019

Easter Fun

Easter is just around the corner and I love all the colors that this time of year holds.  Circa Living just released an exclusive set for this round of Boardwalk.  It is called the Madame Gypsy Collection.   It's vintage, colourful, and exquisite with lots of choices for mixing and matching.  The event exclusives can be found for 50% Off each piece until April 15th. 

I used a very unique house called The Blakely Bungalow that is from Adorably Strange Wares.  It is a square home with an open air center.  There are a few closed rooms but the rest is a large open concept area.  It is currently at the SL Home and Garden Expo that runs until tomorrow.  Proceeds from the event benefit Relay for Life in Second Life.  I also used a Framed Vintage Clock Face from Zadig and two different types of tulip flowers from Kenzielogic. These items can also be found at the Expo.

Home | Adorably Strange Wares - The Blakely Bungalow and plants* (sim 9)
Pink Tulips | Kenzielogic - Tulips In Vase & In Bucket* (sim1)
Clock | Zadig - Framed Vintage Clock Face* (sim 1)

CIRCA - "Madame Gypsy" Collection*
Tiled Side Table with Items Walnut v3
Highback Chair B/Low Beaded
Vintage Drawer Chest Aqua
Tanager Birdcage Aqua
Vintage Chest Sea
Hanging Globe Lantern Aqua / Brass
Area Rug Velvet Quad Mixed
Area Rug Solid Weave Aqua
Area Rug Solid Weave Rose

Blue Vases | Lucas Lameth - Long Trunk Vases
Hanging Flowers | Shutter Field - Tin Planter Hanging
Bunnies | Jian - Straight and Floppy Eared Bunnies 
Eggs | Simply Shelby - Floral Vine Eggs
Music Box | Raindale - Magic World Music Box Pink*

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Fire and Ice Event

I love Game of Thrones as much as the next person and was excited to see the Fire and Ice themed event from Redeux.  The event runs April 3rd until April 13th.  I am wearing Daenery's Dress from Les Sucreries de Fairy which is a gacha that comes in four colors and four styles.  I am also wearing War of Kings Gacha by Drunken Brokkr in collaboration with Stargazer.  A variety of pieces are available to be won including a crown, a choker and arm bracers.  Make sure you check out all these goodies and more at this event.

Dress | Les Sucreries de Fairy - Daenery's Gacha*
Jewelry |  Drunken Brokkr - War of Kings Gacha*
Hair | Truth - Kaijah