Thursday, December 2, 2021

Campfire Caroling

 I love these snowman carolers and decided to put them by the night time fire.  December is a big month for Second Life just like in real life.  Some of these items came from The Christmas Event and benefits the American Cancer Society.  Another event we all love every year is SL Christmas Expo that also benefits the American Cancer Society and it starts tomorrow.  See you out shopping.

Chez Moi - Carol Snowmen (LI:7)*

Chilly Pigeon - Woodcreek Xmas Patio Set*

 Patio Sofa w/cushions (LI:4), Deco Tree Branch (LI:6), Firepit Table (LI:5), Happy Holidays Sign (LI:21), Tall Floor Candle Lamp (LI:5)

@The Christmas Event

TMG - Once Upon a Time Winter

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

A Bit Retro


I made this look up after purchasing the dress and shoes on last weeks Fifty Linden Fridays.  I really like how the look turned out.  The one time I want to blog something on the fly and it seems that Second Life is not working this morning.  The items are no longer on sale but if you want you pick the links are below.

Clef de Peau 


Monday, November 29, 2021

Formal Dinning At It's Finest

Christmas is coming and so are the formal dinning sets.  This wonderful dinning room with curio cabinet fit together so well.  We are ready for any holiday feast.

Traditional Christmas Tree (LI:27), Light (LI:9), Yuletide Centre Piece (LI:15), Yuletide Dining Chair (LI:6), Dining Table (LI:6), Place Setting (LI:7), Rug (LI:3)

Onsu - St. Cloud Skybox (LI95)

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Christmas Is Coming

Everything Christmas is coming.  As we hastily pack up Fall while joyfully pulling out Christmas decorations make sure to hold your love ones close.  I know for some this is the first "normal" Christmas they have experienced in a few years.   I know we are excited for some Christmas joy at our house.  We are taking the kids for photos with Santa at his work shop and going to a local Christmas play next weekend.  I'm excited to see how the kids will react.  This chair could be Santa's as he sits enjoying his hot cocoa and waiting for the elves to call him with updates.

Dreamland Designs - Red Christmas Rose Wreath (LI:7)*

LouChara - Santa's Rest Collection*

Joy Rug (LI:2), Cocoa and Cookies (LI:21), Cuddle Chair (LI:9), Snowflake Pillows (LI:2)


AZ Studio Christmas - Tree Frills Moss (LI:5)*

@The Christmas Event

Unflat Stuff - Antique Wall Telephone (LI:1)*

@The Christmas Event

Happy Day - Christmas Decorative Violin (LI:7)*

@The Christmas Event

Aluora - Strings Curtain "Snow Lights" (LI:1)*

ChiMia - Hera Iris Curtains (LI:1)

Dust Bunny - Maple Cottage (LI:11)*

Saturday, November 27, 2021

First Snow

A first snow is always beautiful.  My favorite is when the sun hits the white snow.  Everything just shines so brightly.  We are still waiting on our first snow of the season here.  These items can be found at The Christmas Event that benefits the American Cancer Society and I have included direct links to the shops.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Tree Trimming Begins


Happy Thanksgiving and let the tree trimming begin.  In my family Thanksgiving marks the start of our Christmas decorating season. Mainly because we have family at the house who can help hang lights and such.  Animals just love Christmas trees and all the decorations on them.  Our dog would pull off the ornaments and throw them around like balls.  He was the sweetest dog and our first fur baby together.  We currently have new puppy so we will see how she treats the tree this year.  I have provided direct links to the items at The Christmas Event which benefits The American Cancer Society for easy shopping.  

Solum -  Christmas Kitties*

Kitty Licks a Paw (LI:2), Kitty Playing with Gold Paw Bauble (LI:2), Kitty Wreath (LI:2)

@The Christmas Event

Bazar - Moon Lounger PG XMas V1 (LI:7)*

@The Christmas Event

Artisan Antiques - Victorian Bookshelf PG (LI:9), Books (LI:12)*

@The Christmas Event

Flying Arts - Decadent Deco Garland (LI:7), Decadent Deco Tree (LI:72)*

@The Christmas Event

Wendy - Leaves the Bridge (LI:1)*

@The Christmas Event

Dictatorshop - Trinkets Decor Savannah Rug Rectangle (LI:1)*

Apple Fall West Village Charleston Curtains Cream (LI:4)

Cheeky Pea - Gaard's Cottage (LI:12)

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Let's Go Pick Our Tree

 Every year after Thanksgiving we go get a tree because if we wait there will be none.  I know because we did that one year.  Last year my mom sent a really nice fake tree that we put up.  I do believe we will be going with the fake tree again.  One year we did go out and pick our tree out of the woods.  It took forever because my husband was so damn picky.  Luckily, this tree came preloaded.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Looking Good

Looking Good is the perfect moto for any morning ritual.  I marching on from fall décor into Christmas.  This post is neither go figure.  It's a great bathroom look and a must have for any house.  I also included a clock so the man in your life can see how much time he has been hiding in the bathroom taking his poop.

Bath Mat (LI:1), Bathtub PG (LI:15), Candles (LI:3), Hand Towel (LI:1), Hand Soap (LI:1), Makeup Mirror (LI:1), Plant (LI:3), Toilet (LI:3), Toilet Brush (LI:1), Vanity PG (LI:6)

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Foxcity Challenge Eight


Foxcity runs challenges to be accepted into the blogger team every few months, so I thought I would give it a try.  All you have to do is grab the backdrop, take a photo and submit it to the flicker group.  Find out more about it here.  I hope you like the picture.

Ricielli - Vienna Lingerie

Kunglers - Adele Necklace Golden Pearl

Ascendant - Viper Nails

Doux - Jennie Hairstyle

Foxcity - Photo Booth Not a Brothel

Foxcity - Madam Bento Pose Set


Monday, November 22, 2021