Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Endless Ocean Nights


Endless Ocean Nights where the sea becomes one with the sky.  I need a moment like this in my life lately.  I like to take my photos in Black Dragon.  I use windlights from Jay's Battle Scars.  This is their Stars Colony.  Here my inspiration for the photo - Raindale's new release at Spoonful of Sugar.  Some of the items are hunt items while some are for purchase.

Raindale - Bubblesburgh arch & platform

Raindale - Bubblesburgh shell - lilac (decor)

Raindale - Bubblesburgh seaweed lamp - hunt prize

Raindale - Bubblesburgh corals - hunt prize

DaD Design - Coraline Barrier (outsim)

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Fall is here

 I can already see traces of fall appearing in glimpses of the tree leaves.  The mornings are cooler and the days not as hot.  Am I ready for fall.  I think so although I have yet to track down a pumpkin latte.  Fall got rather busy for us since I put both the kids in soccer.  Of course the days are opposite each other.  I am sure September and October will fly by.  Soon Christmas will be upon us in a blink of an eye.  

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Walk on the wild side

I thought I would change up my bedroom a bit. I found some great sets from LouChara.  It has a safari vibe going on.  I am still using my Monterey home by Maven Homes.  As for me and mine we are doing well.  Things are settling down and the kids are back to school where the best thing about their day is lunch.  They are making friends and getting used to a much larger school system.  When your school goes from 28 kids to over 400 it is a big change.  I have them enrolled in soccer which I will also be a coach for which is comical since know nothing about soccer.

LouChara - Kamari Bedroom*

Bed LI:18, Bench LI:5, Giraffe LI:3, Nightstand LI:3 (not pictured Rug, Wall Art)

LouChara - Zendeya Living Room*

Chair LI:4, End Table LI:2, Rug LI:2, Sofa LI:7, Vase LI:5 (not pictured Wall Art)

LouChara Gillian Room Divider LI:14 & Gillian Rug LI:2*

Mithral - Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma Vine (Pack C) LI:8

Square -  Vento Bio Ethanol Fireplace Wooden LI:8

Monday, August 7, 2023

Seasonal Décor


I really like this new collection from Chez Moi.  I love that it changes colors.  I am using pink right now for summer but for fall I can change it to orange and then red or green for Christmas.  It makes decorating for the seasons easier.

CHEZ MOI - Caya Collection*

Dining Chair LI:3, Dining Table LI:1, Caya Flowers LI:3, Placemat LI:2

KraftWork - Decorated Hive Bookshelf LI:7

Mithral - Dracaena Reflexa (Pack A) LI:6

CIRCA - "Madame Gypsy" Area Rug - Striped - Mixed LI:1

Apple Fall - Wicker Ball Lamp - Natural LI:3

Trompe Loeil - Keithia Tower V1.2

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

And the beat goes on

 Today is my birthday.   A lot has happened in the last few months.  We moved states and went from remote living to living in a small town.  We went from the sound of overpowering waterfalls, crickets and coyotes at night to the sound of a steady freeway.  Somehow life has become easier.  Access to stores, doctors, activities for the kids and stable childcare have eased our burden.  

The one constant through my whole Second Life journey for the last 15 years is that it is always here for me when I need it.  Whether is was modeling in those early SL years or the blogging for my sanity while I stayed at home raising the kids in woods.  Now SL seems to be taking a different turn.  I am sure you notice my slowing down on the blog.  I can't give it up quite yet, so I still hang on.  Thanks for sticking with me all these years - Gem

LouChara - Avery Living Room*

Chair LI:7, Console LI:4, Floor Lamp LI:8, Rug LI:2

Apple Fall - Breeze Ceiling Fan Charcoal LI:3

Apple Fall - Lemon Soiree Lemon Sorbet LI:1

Apple Fall - Lemon Soiree Lemon Sorbet Board LI:1

Mithral - Discorea Elephantipes (Pack A) LI:6

Mithral - Ficus Altissima (Pack B) LI:5

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Fireside Summer


Hello all!!!  I have been away for a bit as we moved and settled into our new home.  The kids have adjusted well so far.  We will see how it goes when school starts.  One thing I have noticed is the weather is usually cool here and where we came from in summer.  The nights are so cool that actually do need a fire in the evenings if you wish to be outside. 

CHEZ MOI Pallawan Patio Set*

Chair (PG) LI:2, Couch (PG) LI:5, Table LI:1, Table w Decor LI:1

Trompe Loeil - Nicolina Pavilion LI:36

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Bedroom Blues

I love using blues in a bedroom.  It is very calming to me.  I paired two sets by LouChara to make this relaxing blue bedroom.  We spent all of the weekend packing up rooms and clearing out the house.  We gave lots of stuff away.  It helps the kids are with grandparents.  The not boxed is our bedroom (yet).  Our new bedroom will have more room in it and I hope to decorate it as well as LouChara designs.

LouChara - Willow Bedroom*

Bed LI:26, Bench LI:6, Rug LI:4, Shelf Décor LI:13, Nightstand 1 LI:7, Nightstand 2 LI:5,

Potted Plant LI:4, Vanity LI:9, Vanity Stool LI:3, Banana Palm LI:10

LouChara - Emily Living Room*

Sofa LI:14, Chair LI:10, Art 1 LI:2, Art 2 LI:2, Mirror LI:2, Plant Stand LI:6 (rug not pictured)

Venture - The Last Regrowth Wall Sculpture (W/Shadow)

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Think Pink

I was eyeing this set from Chez Moi.  I set it out and looked at the color hud.  I decided to try out the pink and I must say I am in love.  This weekend I am packing for our move.  Next Friday we will be saying good bye to our home of 5.5 years.  It is the only home my littles have know.  Cheers to no longer living remote and hopefully our lives getting easier.

Chair (Adult) LI:3, Chaise (Adult) LI:4, Coffee Table LI:1, Couch (Adult) LI:8, Books Decor LI:1, Vase Set LI:2

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Summer BBQ


Summer is a time for BBQ's.  It brings friends, families and communities together.  Pre-Covid our community used to have summer BBQ's in the little park.  It was a great way for the community to come together.  I do miss those summer BBQ's and they hope to bring them back this year.  

However,  we won't be here.  We are moving.  We will no longer live remote, no longer have to deal with tourist and no longer have to struggle.  We have lived here for five and half years.  I have lived remote for almost seven and a half years.  While things will be different I feel it is time for this move.  The kids need more than rock throwing and trees.  We need structured activities, better child care and more school assistance. 

My blog will slow down a bit in June as we move across a few states to our new home, in our new house.   For now we will feast our eyes on Second Life food.  I love this BBQ pit table from Finca.  I love all the food that it stores in it.  Below you will find the lobster, burgers and smores photos.