Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Curious Kitties

Today I take the kids to see Santa.  It's a cute little photo studio that they set up.  The kids enjoy seeing Santa and he looks like the real deal.  We get cute photos for our Christmas card and have a nice lunch out.  Round trip it takes about six hours of driving.  

I decided it was the perfect time to do a living room full of Christmas.  Now that Thanksgiving is over make way for all the Christmas Décor.  Cheers to dragging out all the Christmas decorations this weekend.

Located at The Christmas Event:

Multifarious - Kittens First Christmas LI:10*

AZ Studio - Christmas Tree MacPherson Red Tartan LI:8*

LouChara - Hot Chocolate Bar LI:18*

TM Creations - The bells wreath] Holiday Garland C24 LI:5*

Di's Creation's - Red Arm Chair w/Cabinet Décor & Rug*

Cupboard Wood LI:7, Green Round Rug LI:3, Red Arm Chair LI:6

Located In Main Stores:

Simply Shelby- French Bulldog's Christmas LI:4

Zen Creations - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Art LI:1 & Tis the Season to be Jolly Art LI:1*

Maven Homes - The Monterey 

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thankful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate all the things we are thankful for.  I am thankful for my friends and family who are my support system.  I love watching my children grow up.  Learning to write, read and do things for themselves.  I blessed to have amazing co-workers and a wonderful team.  I am grateful for friends near and far.  They love me for me.  I am thankful for my sponsors who give me items to create with.  I hope today you get to spend time with loved ones and to celebrate your blessings today.

Chez Moi - Wright Kitchen*

Wright Cabinet LI:2, Candles Décor LI:1, Ceiling Lamp LI:2, Chalkboard LI:1, Crystal Cups LI:1, Cutting Board LI:1, Dishware Décor LI:2, Double Cabinet LI:4, Glass LI:1, Jars LI:1, Jars LI:1, Kitchen (PG) w/shadow LI:7, Kitchen Island (PG) LI:8, Pot LI:1, Utensils LI:5, Lemon Bowl LI:1, Paper Towel  LI:1, Plates LI:2, Range Hood LI:1, Single Cup LI:1, Spices LI:1, Stool LI:1

@Tres Chic Event

Luc. - Glazed Ham with Pineapple LI:3 & Cornbread Muffins LI:1

Ozzy - Picture Kitchen Herbs LI:1ea.

Artisan Fantasy - Gathering

Dressing LI:1, Gravy Boat LI:1, Cranberry Jelly LI:1, Pumpkin Pie LI:1, Roast Turkey LI:1, Peas LI:2, Sweet Potatoes LI:1

Apple Fall - Lemon Whip Drizzle Cake LI:1 & Orange & Ginger Bundt Cake LI:1

D-Lab - CB Refrigerator LI:17

Finca - Fall Dining Plate Beige LI:2 & Single Candle Beige LI:1

Vespertine - Stove Potpourri LI:1, Potpourri Ingredients LI:1 & Puff  Pastry Wreath With Raisins LI:1

Maven Homes - The Monterey 

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Picture Perfect

Isn't this just the picture perfect Holiday Bedroom?  I do decorate in RL but nothing like I decorate in SL.  I love this bed and the fact that it has five different texture settings.  How much more Christmas can you ask for.  I'm all in at this point.

Dabble - Woodland Lighted Christmas Tree*

@The Christmas Event

Dabble - Holiday Fireplace Cuddles*

Dabble - Merry Christmas Wall Art Bear*

@The Black Friday Bazaar

Dabble - Cozy*

Bed, Rug, Side Table, Wall Lights

@XXX Original

Dabble - Gingerbread Village*

Elf Fishing, Penguin Cuddles, Polar Bear Treat, Tired Elves, Décor Peppermint Sticks, Green Tree & House 2,3,4

@Next Up

LouChara - Santa's Rest Cuddle Chair*

Moss & Mink - Christmas Ruffle Wreath Classic

Moss & Mink - Christmas Light Arch Pure

Fourth Wall - Winter Abode Skybox with outdoor scene

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Winter House


I said that I still wanted to have fall around for a while.  Then what do I go and do.  Buy the new Winter Mirror Box (not pictured).  I couldn't stop myself there.  Oh no I needed a new house.  I have so many house that I don't use to live in but to blog with.  My house I live in is different.  I like it to be really open with lots of windows.  If I am going to spend a ton of time landscaping the yard I want to see all my hard work.  So over to Maven Homes I went.  My last house that I used for years was from there.  I picked up the Monterey which I have been looking at since it was released.  Then I put it on a bluff overlooking the waves which suit it.

Friday, November 18, 2022

Cookies For Breakfast

Why should Second Life be any different from real life.  While I don't roll my hair in the mornings with cans I do snag cookies for breakfast.  My co-workers are guilty as well.  Heck most of the time they are the ones baking them.

SAS - Victoria Fuchsia Swirls Pants & Jacket (Legacy)*

@Designer Showcase

Revoul - 'Soda Rolleriana' Wig

Luann's World - Bento Poses I Love My Sweets 4 w/ Cookie

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Rustic Living Room

Now I know this says it's a patio set but it just fits so well in my living room.  I really love the wood look.  

Candles LI:1ea., Jars LI:1ea., Chair (Adult)  LI:4, Chair (Adult) 2 Pillows LI:5, Chair (Adult) Big Pillow LI:4, Coffee Table LI:1, Fireplace (Adult) LI:6, Lantern LI:1

Flower vase Yellow I:2, Little tree LI:11, Old Books LI:2, Rug 1 LI:17

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Weekend Dash


I went around collecting sale items on Saturday and came up with this photo.  I hope this Sunday finds you well.  It's really cold here with frozen hard or melting snow depending on the time of day.  Both kids are still trying to get over colds, ear infections and pink eye.  Wish me luck this coming work week.

Dernier | Lydia Bodysuit/Robe Black

Val'More | OniMask

Static | Fae Embers

Tableau Vivant | Cotton Candy Hair Fades

Blueberry | Socialite Stocking Legacy

Fakeicon | Mary Gems Collar Legacy

Le Poppycock  | Dark Promises Something Wicked 

The Bearded Guy | Tini Ruins Backdrop