Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Wise Tree

I was walking along the path when I started to see this grand tree rise before me.  As I neared I could tell it was an old tree that has seen a lot of the world grow and change around it.  Someone had been here recently and had left behind some fruit under the shelter.  The bear was sleeping on the log and I dare not disturb it to steal some fruit.

The Bloodwood Tree from 3rd Eye is just spectacular.  It has a bunch of poses.  The Moorhen Pool from Fat Bird has beautiful stones with a tree and mallard which can be modified.  These items are currently at this round of Boardwalk.  The Fairstar Hideout is a previous release from Raindale.  

Large Tree | 3rd Eye - The Bloodwood Tree*
Pond | Fat Bird - Moorhen Pool*
Awning | Raindale - Fairstar Hideout*
Swans | Lustre Designs - Swan and Chicks Swimming
Bear | Simply Shelby Designs - Sleeping Bear
Table w/ stool | Old World - Wooden Table V1*
Fruit | Old World - Set of Fruits V4*
Rocked Flowerbed | Old World - Rustic Flowerbed With Stones V1 Blue
Grass | Little Branch - OakGrass Spring Mesh*

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Beach House

What a wonderful place this beach house was to hang out at for lunch.  We had a delightful time between the sun and surf outside and the great hippy vibe on the inside.  I love summer and all the wonderful colors it brings with it.  

Adorably Strange Wares has a new collection out at The Boardwalk Event called  the Cassia Collection.  I am showing the couch, ivy cabinet, wall planters, lily bowl and pinwheels.  I used other items from around Second Life to complete my little colorful corner of the world so check out all the details below.

The Cassia Collection | Adorably Strange Wares*
Wall bottles w/plants - Mithral - Branch Wall Display White Ceramic
Macrame Hanger | Ariskea - Pride Macrame Hanger
Cat | Jian - OmNom Kitty Bed
Tables | Pixel Mode - Hint of Summer Table Trio
Store Closed
Tray | Merak - Bread and Olive Tray
Water | Apple Fall - Lemon & Lime Water
Fruit | Vespertine - Summertime Fruit Platter
Rug | Circa - Madame Gypsy Area Rug Solid Weave Fuchsia*
Photos | unKindness - Summer Gift Art Set
Backdrop | Adorably Strange Wares - The Arlo Backdrop

Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Ruins

Fat Bird released the Owl Guardian Ruins at this round of Boardwalk.  I was looking over the notes she in closed to bloggers and her vision was to use it as a backdrop.  I found the biggest ball gown I could find which happens to be a new release from Sascha's Designs called Enchanted in powder pink that can be found at this round of Designer Showcase and I combined the two. 

It's a nostalgic photo for me.  Back in the heyday of modeling big glorious ball gowns were the thing.  When I was Miss Virtual World Greece 2015 Sascha actually did my formal gown.  It just brings back feel goods.  We no longer wear large ball gowns like we used to, but it is still fun to get dressed up now and again.  I even pulled out some vintage SL  Donna Flora jewelry for the photo.  Even though Squinternet is no longer with us her items can still be found in world.  I am also wearing skin, eyes, lashes and makeup from the current Powder Pack box.  I love getting this box when they feature it.

Pond | Fat Bird - Moorhen Pool*
Dress | Sascha's Designs - Enchanted Powder Pink*
Skin | Essences - Powder Pack July E2
Eye Makeup & Lipstick | Arise - Gini (PP July)
Eyes & Lashes | Euphoric - Ria (PP July)
Hair | Kuni - Juliet
Earrings & Headpiece | Dahlia - Emma Gold
Necklace & Bracelet | Donna Flora - Naila Necklace

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Lazy Afternoon

We decided to stay inside the loft this afternoon and play some of our favorite board games.  We will see who the victor is at the end of the day.  With the sun streaming in it was a great lazy afternoon.

Today I am showing you a bunch of new items from this round of Boardwalk.  I love this event and all the creativeness of the designers.  The cozy Beaumaris Pouf hails from Raindale.  The dresser, jar assortment and photo are from the Birdy Set by Petit Chat.  I also included some pieces from Illusions of Grandeur's French Trug Basket Set.  This includes the blue bowl with incense, the basket and a photo that is not shown.  The comfortable Oulington Bed is from Raindale and can be found at this round of Equal 10.

Bed | Raindale - Oulington Bed*
Basket, Bowl | Illusions of Grandeur - French Trug Basket Set* (Bowl, Basket, Photo(not shown)
Chair | Raindale - Beaumaris Pouf*
Chest Set | Petit Chat - Birdy Set* (Chest, Jars, Bowl, Photo)
Lily Plant | Vespertine - Peace Lily Plant
Large Plant | Ariskea - Olive Twigs
Wall Pipes | Mithral - Wall Pipe Display Gold
Books | Apple Fall - Books Arrangement 1
Light | Loft & Aria - Ingram Chandelier
Board Games | Upcycled - Vintage Checkers, Game Boxes Decor
House | Roiro - Uekimuro Greenhouse White Rare

Monday, July 22, 2019

Cat's Corner

This is where my Mesh Cats from Image Essentials like to hang out.  I joke that it's Cat's Corner.  They lay about and soak up all the sun.  It is very relaxing and I even have some spiked lemonade by Simply Shelby out for those to enjoy.  The Lemon Espalier tree that they come from is from Illusions of Grandeur.  I placed some of Simply Shelby's Modern Rattan Collection on the deck.  All of these items are exclusives of this round of Boardwalk.  My incredibly sexy Ember Bikini is from Liziaah and can be found at this round of Designer Showcase.

Chair and Table | Simply Shelby - Modern Rattan Chair Set*
Sofa | Simply Shelby - Modern Rattan Sofa*
Lemonade | Simply Shelby - Picnic Refreshments Lemonade
Cats | Image Essentials - Full Perm Mesh Cats*
Lemon Tree | Illusions of Grandeur - Lemon Espalier*
Rock Pool | Trompe Loeil - Taleo Hot Springs Pool
Suit | Liziaah - Ember Bikini Antique Blue*

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Beach Day

Yay for beach days!!  I love the ocean and going to the beach even though we only do it about once a year.  When I need a good beach fix I just rez one Second Life Style.  I don't think tropical decor ever goes out of season in SL.  Xantes just put out this beach sofa with landform.  It is well decorated, but leaves enough room for you to add your personal touches.  I put down the new BDSM Picnic Blanket by DsR.  This blanket does it all and has six different colors through the HUD.   It contains 190 hand picked animations so you won't get board any time soon.  AVsitter so no annoying pose balls.  Both of these items are new at this round of Boardwalk.

I also found some beach chairs called Coral Coast Patio Set by Old Barn Door.  The coloring on the chairs and in the couch match perfectly.  It's that old beach washed wood look.  This set comes with a patio chair, seat, table, rug and lantern.  The rugh is texture changing.  It has multiple singles, couples and adult animations.

Beach Scene   | Xantes - Beach Boat Sofa w/ Landform*
Picnic Blanket | DsR - BDSM Picnic Blanket*
Chairs | Old Barn Door - Coral Coast Patio Set*
Food Platter | Lucas Lameth - Vegan Hummus Party Platter
Castle | Dust Bunny - Sand Castle Dark

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Secret Hot Springs

I really love the creations from Camp Steelhead after I picked up the floating dock from the Home and Garden Expo this year.  They just released the Rocky Mountain Hot Springs.  While I used it in a tropical theme I will explain the meaning behind the creation.  

The designer states, "In the Western United States is a geological region known as the Rocky Mountains. Here is where two great tectonic plates join forming the landmass of North America, stretching from Canada and down into Arizona and New Mexico. Along what is known as the Continental Divide, are thousands of small geothermal springs with the most significant being in Yellowstone Park. Many are near public area and are extremely well known such as the ones in Ophir, Colorado. Others are hidden well in the mountains and often feed streams. Often appealing to hikers looking for solace in the mountains, these secluded hot springs where the inspiration for this build."  This version has over 300 adult and non-adult animations that are bento except for a few surprise static poses thrown in for fun. It comes with a seasons HUD that controls the plants and rocks.

I also used a Fence Set by B-Made to cordon off the area since it can be dangerous.  This is currently being offered at the new round of Boardwalk.  Since my hot springs is tropical you can only get to it by the Narrowcreek Rowboat by Raindale.  It has three versions including a rowable version which you can rez on water either linden or prim/mesh and roam around. The static boats have ten solo and seven couples animations.

Hot Spring | Camp Steelhead - Rocky Mountain Hot Springs*
Rope Fence | B-Made - Fence Set*
Boat | Raindale - Narrowcreek Rowboat*

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


I really adore the Riley Jeans Outfit from DE Boutique that is at the current round of Designer Showcase.  It has a great color HUD with lots of options.  I decided to use a dark color on the hud and pair it with the newly released Mainstree shoes by Heels.  These shoes come in three colors black, brown, and white as a three pack that is currently at On9.  

Pants Set | DE Boutique - Riley Jeans Outfit*
Shoes | Heels - Mainstreet*
Large Ring | Darkling - Madeleine Ring
Small Rings | Swan - Victoria Rings Silver
Eye Makeup | Euphoric - Koko Beauty Set
Lipstick | Studio Exposure - 50' Red Lipstick Collection
Nail Polish | DMZ - Icing On The Cake
Necklace | Amias - Vida
Hair | Truth - Horizon
Pose | Kokoro Poses - Adele  Chair

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Summer Pool

A new round of Boardwalk opens tomorrow, July 15th.  As the leading bi-monthly home and garden event on the grid I am so excited to see what the designers have in store for us this round.  I noticed the line up of designers has been shaken up.  We have our old fan favorites and a few new ones.

Simple Reflections has released a Pool Deck Add On which can be used connected to the Continental or Winchester homes.  It can also be used as a stand alone pool deck for any other home on the grid.  Or you can do what I did and submerge it right into your ocean.  By doing this the round seating area turns into your own hot tub.  This deck is great and has lots of room for you to add your own decorations.

On the deck portion I added various seating.  The Flower Cushion by KIX is available in M/F, Lesbian and PG versions.  The cushion contains both bento and non bento versions.  It also has eight different texture options.  The Coral Reef Collection by Park Place has a brightly colored hanging chair and floor pillows.  The chair is hanging on the tree, foliage and flowers are from Kozy Korners Wild Bush which is part of the Indoor & Outdoor Shower.  Make sure that tomorrow you hit up the Boardwalk event grab all these must have items and more.

I also featured is the Coral Coast Hammock from Old Barn Door.  It comes with an umbrella to make sure you stay nice and shaded.  It has a ton of animations including bento face animations as well as your couple and single animations.  Head over to the store now to try out these new animations.

Pool w/ deck | Simple Reflections - Pool Deck Add On*
Flower Pillow | KIX - Flower Cushion*
Hanging Chair and Pillows |  Park Place - Coral Reef Collection*
Foliage with flowers and tree | Kozy Korner - Wild Bush (part of the Indoor & Outdoor Shower)*
Hammock w/umbrella | Old Barn Door - Coral Coast Hammock*

Friday, July 12, 2019

Relaxing In Second Life

Today in the real world I lugged both my little ones to the pool on my bike and back.  They enjoyed it, but it was more work than anything for me.  So this evening I found a sizzling hot trikini called Seduction by Virtual Diva that is at this round of Designer Showcase.  I choose a dynamite music stream to listen to and sat in my new hot springs (post to come on Sunday) and relaxed Second Life style.  I may have been doing some inventory sorting as well.  I hope in either life you take time to relax because we all need these moments.

Bikini | Virtual Diva - Seduction Trikini Monocro*
Large Ring | Kunglers - Valeria rings
Small Rings | Swan - Terra Rings Gold
Eye Makeup & Lashes | Euphoric - Koko Beauty Set
Lipstick | Revoul  - Glossed N' Bossed Collection
Nail Polish | DMZ - Icing On The Cake
Ears | Swallow - Crusties Ears
Necklace | Amias - Tilly 2
Hair | Rama Salon - Lana Hair
Pose | Lyrium - Xmas Magic

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Farmhouse Mornings

In the mornings we head down stairs in the bunk house to the coffee room.  Here we can have coffee or tea while we wake up and chat.  It's always a great day when you smell bacon wafting in from the main house before we head out for our farming tasks for the day.

Our Farmhouse Corner set is by Old Barn Door.  This is a large set that comes with three different chairs, a buffet cabinet, two different hanging lights, a table, three wall decorations, flowers and various coffee and tea decorations.

Farmhouse Corner | Old Barn Door*
Aprons | Acorn -  Apron Wall Decor Hygge
Crate Flowers | Old World - Old crate of crocus v2
Canisters | Dust Bunny - Kitchen Clutter Canisters Grey
Backdrop | WeArH0uSE - Now

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Lavender Fields

I took a lovely stroll through lavender fields this morning.  The sky was overcast, but the sun still managed to peek through in some spots.  It created the perfectly cool mid morning temperature.  I am also starting to use a variety of skins in my looks.  Events I blog for offer them as well as the powder packs I get so I want to start varying my looks.

Today I am showing you a bunch of items from this round of Designer Showcase that runs until the 30th of July.  The Stampede Top comes from I.M.C. and it pairs great with the Jadey Pants from KiB Designs.  I added some bling to the outfit thanks to Moondance Boutiques Summer Set.  From this set I am wearing the sunglasses, earrings and necklace.  I love the color hud that is available and allows such a wide range of color combinations to fit any outfit.  For my skin today I choose to use Rania Chai Skin by Dulce Secrets

Shirt | I.M.C. - Stampede Top White*
Pants | KiB Designs - Jadey Pants*
Skin | Dulce Secrets - Rania Chai Skin*
Necklace, Earrings, Sunglasses | Moondance Boutique - Summer Set*
Ring | Kunglers - Valeria rings
Hair | Moon Hair - Feather
Hat | Bondi - The Traveler Hat
Lipstick | Pangea - Juicy Lipstick
Pose w/props | Fashiowl - Provenza Lavanda Field

Monday, July 8, 2019

Into The Night

Sometime in the night deep in the forest she emerges.  She is a beauty and a lovely sight at that.  Her eyes glow green and her wings shimmer in the moonlight.  She is skittish around new comers, but welcomes old friends.  Will you be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this rare beauty?  Are you bold enough to try?

I found a bevy of things at this months Syndicate Sunday.   My Azrael Bento Wings in Velvet are amazing and created by Harvest Moon.  It comes with a wonderful hud with animations, poses, preset colors and a color picker to let you customize your wings.  The Shadow PVC Dress by Sn@tch has a wide variety of color combinations to choose from.  The Jewels Necklace by Accolade graces my neck and the Princess nose ring and bindi by Astara adorn my face.  Gols Human Eyes by Fujiwara's World light up the night. 

Dress | Sn@tch - Shadow PVC Dress*
Wings | Harvest Moon -  Azrael Bento Wings Velvet*
Necklace | Accolade - Spoiled in Jewels Necklace*
Bindi/Nose Stud | Astara - Princess*
Eyes | Fujiwara's World - Gols Human Eyes*
Eye Makeup | Zibska - Lami Eyemakeup
Lipstick | Zibska - Rallen Lips
Hair | EMO-tions - Envy
Ears | Swallow - Crusties Ears

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Hobbit House

Syndicate Sunday is back with an all new round of 50% off items from now until July 14th.  Today I have a hobbit house called Burrow Den by Candle and Cauldron.  It has the ability to change seasons with a 20x20 foot print and 20/25 prim impact.  The lovely Waterton swing with flower planters is by Circa Living and have 28 poses. 

Den | Candle and Cauldron - Burrow Den*
Swing | Circa Living - Waterton Garden Swing Seat Teak*
Landscaping | Felix - Mesh Primavera Wonderland

Saturday, July 6, 2019

I Know A Secret

I know a secret, but I won't say.  It is just between him and I.  Oh if you only knew this juicy piece of gossip that I hold dear.  Today I am wearing the Gigi II body suit by Suki.  My lips that are sealed and gloss on my nails that is holding my secret dear is the Hibiscus nail polish and lipstick from Cazimi.  Around my neck is my loves heart Arya brought to me courtesy of Valuxia.  All of this and more can be found at the current round of Designer Showcase that runs until the 30th.

Body Suit | Suki - Gigi II*
Nail Polish and Lipstick | Cazimi - Hibiscus*
Necklace | Valuxia -Arya*
Hair | Truth - Kaijah

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Forbidden Fruit

I was wondering off away from the group into the jungle when I stumbled into a papaya grove.  I had overheard some of the guides talking about the grove earlier that morning and that it might be the cursed grove.  How could I tell if this was true if I did not wander into the grove to see for myself.  I reached for a papaya and as I brought one down from the tree I could tell this was not a cursed grove, but a story the locals told to keep tourist like me out of the grove.  Lucky for me it was a great papaya and it hit the spot.  The coloring of the fruit coordinated with my new suit from Sexy Princess named Tropical Summer which is currently at the Curves Event.

Suit | Sexy Princess - Tropical Summer*
Earrings | Gemini - Cleo Old Metal Set
Hair | Moon Hair | Happy
Eye Makeup | Shiny Stuffs - Blink!
Lipstick | Revoul - Glossed N' Bossed Collection
Nails | Cazimi - Fruity Nail Appliers
Pose w/props | Focus Poses - Feeling Tropical