Sunday, June 30, 2019

Madpea Pet Fair

The long awaited Madpea Pet Fair opens today at 12PM and runs from June 30th until July 20th.  Here is a sneak peak from Raindale.  The Pawbell Hall Tree is an event exclusive.  It comes fully decorated with a 12LI, empty shelving and some extra baskets.  It has 20 solo animations sitting animations.  You can add your own pet pictures into the frames if you choose.  

Pet Hutch | Raindale - Pawbell Hall Tree*
Tall Potted Tree | Moda - Areca Palm Plant White
Ferns | Soy - Voluminous Potted Ferns B
Dog | Jian - Boston Terrier Companion

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Evening Out

I am ready for an elegant evening out.  I descended the stairs of the villa to find Magnus waiting for me.  What suprises he has in store for the night I do not know.  I hope he has something up his sleeve since I spent so much time getting ready, but isn't that expected since I am a woman.  My luxurious gown comes from Virtual Diva's and is named Utopy.  It is at the current round of the Sense Event.

Gown | Virtual Diva - Utopy Gown*
Hair | Iconic - Stephanie
Necklace & Earrings | Finesmith - Nova Laguna

Photo was taken at Whimberley 

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Miss Virtual Diva 2019

Virtual Diva is running it's Anual Miss Virtual Diva Contest.  This is the fourth year this contest is running.  There are 100K in cash and prizes for the winner and so much more.  Find out all about the contest here.  Who will be the next face of fashion?  My dress I am wearing is called the Glorious Gown and was made in promotion of the contest by Virtual Diva.  It embodies everything a haute couture dress should and you will definitely stand out in this creation.

Gown | Virtual Diva - Glorious Gown*
Hair | Rama Salon - Jenner Hair
Head Piece | Oubliette - Flora Headband
Necklace | Donna Flora - Pasqualina Necklace
Nails | Ascendant - Meet the Queen Nails 09
Photo was taken @ Whimberley 

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Saturday Shopping

With all the wonderfulness out on the grid I figured I would go shopping this lovely Saturday.  I headed over to Designer Showcase where I picked up this great outfit from AnaSTyle called Margherita in Orange.  I love the colors in this outfit plus it comes with shoes that match the brown skirt (not pictured).  I matched it with the perfect hair from Opale  called Polly.  What I love about the ombre pack is that it blending is spot on and looks fabulous.  Now that I am all dolled up I am ready to conquer my SL day.

Outfit | AnaSTyle - Margherita Orange*
Hair | Opale - Polly Hair
Nose Ring | Dreamlight - Septum Diamond Ring
Necklace | Amias - Lorri 3
Ring | Meva - Sally Bento Ring Gold
Eye Makeup | Pout! - Moon Dust Eye Shadow (PP)
Eye Lashes | Pout! - Sweet Lashes (PP)
Lipstick | Pink Fuel - Troublemaker (PP)
Pose | Lyrium - Bento Close Up 3 M

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Sunday Dress

Redeux ends tomorrow and I have a few more fun things to show you.  I found the perfect floral dress from Poet's Heart called Granny's Garden Dress.  It is available in a few different floral patterns.  I also picked up the Elvish Chair set in silver from Simply Shelby.  Head on over the the last of the great deals before they are gone.

Dress | Poet's Heart - Granny's Garden Dress Sunday w/Sleeves*
Jewelry Set | Donna Flora - Pigalle
Ears | Swallow - Pop Pixie Ears
Hair | Iconic - Sanata
Chair & Table | Simply Shelby - Elvish Chair Silver
Flower Bird Bath | Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Bird Bath with flowers A*

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Shhh......Our Secret

I have some really cool stuff to show you today.   So, recently I found a wonderful color called oily that The Forge makes their clothing in.  It is this beautiful black, blue, teal, purple color that is just stunning on.  They just released Aisha in Oil at Redeux.  I definitely will by more things in this color.

 Next, is my cell phone by Kei's Spot.  This phone is more than just a prop.  It allows you to send messages to anyone's online when using their legacy name.  When sending chat to a person it comes into their local chat as coming from an object such as Hot Dude's Cell Phone (which is what you would have to name it).  The designer notes:  "BE WARNED:  You are not completely anonymous.  If someone clicks on the object name in the message they receive from you,  they will be notified who owns the phone and be offered a TP to your location. Any dialog the phone sends to you, only you can hear so you will not clutter up local on an RP sim."  In addition, it only works if your person is on Second Life at the time you send your message.  If you can't live without this in your Second Life head over to Redeux where you can find it until the 21st.

Lingerie | The Forge - Aisha Oil*
Hair | Fabia - Norma Dark Blond #12
Eye Makeup | Zibska - Lami Eye Makeup
Lipstick | Pink Fuel - Troublemaker (April 2019 PP)
Phone | Kei's Spot - Cell Phone*
Leaf Wall | Rama - Vertical Palm Wall Green

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Peace and Tranquility

I have never had a bathroom in Second Life.  I always take it out and put in a massage room with an office.  Well this bathroom does have the massage table, but also bathroom features.  I really like how items now come with decor included in them.  Most of these stores are new to me with in the last year since I took almost a two year Second Life break.  Boy how things changed in two years.  Now things are less prim heavy so you have more available prims to decorate with and what a difference that makes.

Toilet | Peaches - Juniper Bathroom Set Full Rustic
Nail Polish | Pilot - With Love Nail Polish Rack
Laundry Cart | Hive - Valentine's Laundry Basket
Light | Hive - Hanging Glass Light
Sink | Ariskea - Veer Bathroom Sink & Utility
Makuep Clutter | Peaches - THOT Mess Scattered Makeup
Towel | Dawn - Hanging Towel White
Hanging Plants | Foxwood - Hanging Plants Large
Bath | The Loft - Bailey Tub
Wall Art | Lucas Lameth - Clay Floral Mandala
Dog | JIAN - Fun Frenchies 18 Brindle Wanderer

Monday, June 17, 2019

Island Shower

Even on an island you need a good shower every once and awhile.  Thankfully at this resort I am glamping.  I love the new Ibiza Collection by Insurrektion.  The collection has five pieces which consist of  the shower, cosmetics, robe, towel rack and towel shelf.  It is currently at Redeux until this event round ends on June 21st.

Shower | Insurrektion - Ibiza Collection*
Island w/tree | The Tutti Frutti Beachstore - Decor Island A
Plant | Adorably Strange Wares  - The Oahu Forest Roadside Plants I
Elephant | Love - Elephants in the Garden (just the elephant)
Rocks Elephant is in | Oxygen Island - Off sim decor

Friday, June 14, 2019

Feeling Blue

Sometimes it is fun to play with colors.  Today's color turned out to be blue.  It has multiple shades, but in the end it all pulls together for a great look.  I have more newness for you today.  Let's dive in starting with the Laurel leather Harness from Sexy Princess that comes with a color Hud.  I matched the blue in it with Birdson Nail Appliers from Cazimi at this round of Designer Showcase.  Once I had all this blue I had to find the perfect backdrop so I turned to Inner Demons, Modern Backdrop V3, which is a new release at this round of Redeux.  Make sure you get your grid hopping on and pick up all these fab finds.

Lingerie | Sexy Princess - Laurel Leather Harness with Hud*
Nail Poslish | Cazimi - Birdson Nail Appliers*
Rings | Swan - Terra Rings Gold
Hair | Elikatira - Tonya
Eye Makeup | Zibska - Lami Eyemakeup
Lipstick | Zibska - Arie Lips
Tattoo | Nanika - Hummingbirds Tattoo Gift
Pose | An Lar Poses - The Yala Series Five
Backdrop | Inner Demons - Modern Backdrop V3*

Thursday, June 13, 2019


We had supper all set out and were about to sit down then the magical creature walked through camp.  Why it decided to venture our way I will never know.  What an enchanting evening in a beautiful place.  I think next we will try to find the Fairy Village mentioned on the sign.

I have many wonderful things to highlight today from this photo.  First, I want to go over the item's I used at the Boardwalk Event since it will end on the 15th of this month.  Adorably Strange Wares released the Beckett Collection.  I have used the trees with lights, the flowered walkway near the fairy sign and the flowers near the milk churn.  The milk churn and garden fork are by Petit Chat.  My dinner table, stool and chairs are from Old World's Medieval Seating Set. The beer barrel is from Circa's Galloway Collection. 

So new events open tomorrow. The first one being Redeux runs from 14th to the 21st.  My campfire is from Myth as an event exclusive along with the Greek Planter.  Another event is Midsummer Enchantment that also starts on June 14th and runs until the 30th.  Raindale has some event exclusives and has a beautiful Meadowtwirl fairy inspired swing and Medowtwirl sign that is a hunt item. 

Campfire | Myth - Campfire*
Flower Planter | Myth - Greek Planter*
Swing | Raindale - Meadowtwirl Swing*
Sign | Raindale - Meadowtwirl Sign (hunt gift)*
Adorably Strange Wares - Beckett Collection *
Milk Churn/Garden Fork | Petit Chat
Table w/ seating | Old World - Medieval Seating Set* (used Table V2, Bench V3 & Stool V1)
Beer Barrel | Circa - Galloway's Beer Barrel Redwood*
Soup | Nobel Creations - Soup Dish
Dinner Set | The Half Moon Market - The Lord's Feast III Set
Unicorn | Love - Water Unicorn
Base Scene | Felix - Mesh Primavera Wonderland
Gazebo | Xtal - Fantasy Faire Gazebo

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Beautiful Morning Stroll

I put on a new summer dress, grabbed my sun hat, slipped on my sandals and ran out the door this morning in search of a beautiful morning walk.  I had heard that Whimberly received a seasonal makeover and I was not disappointed.   Today I am wearing my Summer Dress by Virtue in Bloom that can be found at the 2nd Chance Sale.  It comes in a large variety of different body types.  I paired it with Tysons Corner Sandals in white by Heels that can be found at On9

Dress | Virtue - Summer Dress Bloom*
Shoes | Heels - Tysons Corner Sandals White
Hair | Truth - Taren with Hat
Pose | An Lar Poses - The Polly Series One (m)
Photo Taken at Whimberly

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Alone In The Garden

For the first time all evening I found myself standing alone in the garden pondering what you may when you are alone lost in your own thoughts.  What was I waiting for I do not know, but I had to wait.  When the clock struck midnight my prince did come to seek me out.  Was my prince worthy?  Do have a choice in these modern times?  Of course I do what a silly question is that. 

I choose the most splendid dress at the ball which was a vintage inspired cocktail gown.  Memories Gown in Maitreya Sky by Virtual Diva was released at the Vintage Fair.  My perfectly matching lace up Eto shoes by Heels in cornflower blue compliment the dress so well.  They can be found at the The Fashion Zone Event that opens tomorrow.

Gown | Virtual Diva - Memories Gown*
Shoes | Heels - Eto*
Hair | Limerence - Samanta Hair
Necklace | Pure Poison - La Rose Necklace
Ring | Kunglers - Sabine Ring Crystal/Gold
Backdrop | Pseudo - The Greenhouse Scene Ultra Rare @ Backdrop City

Monday, June 10, 2019

Sunkissed Summer

Nothing beats being in the tropics than a sunkissed look.  I played up my eyes with Dulce Secrets new Night Queen Eyeshadow.  It comes in six colors with a Catwa or Omaga hud.  I paired it with Livia's new release called Zarina [v2] Bento Nails it's hud has with six unique colors.  Both of these great items can be found at the current round of Designer Showcase.

Eye Makeup | Dulce Secrets - Night Queen Eyeshadow*
Nails | Livia - Zarina [v2] Bento Nails*
Lipsitick, Eyes, Contuour | Euphoric - Layla Beauty Set (Powder Pack April 2019)
Skin | Fiore - Lua
Rings | Kibitz - Wonders rings
Necklace | Nanika - Lilo Necklace Light Gold
Hair | Rama Salon - Jenner Hair

Sunday, June 9, 2019

One With Nature

Everyone likes to feel sexy every now and again.  However, it takes a very brave person to sit in nature in your undies lol.  Anyways the Sinful Set by Sexy Princess is an original mesh release for Frou Frou which opens on the 10th.  It is available for Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and Slink Physique Shapes.

Lingerie | Sexy Princess - Sinful Set*
Pasties | Psycho Barbie - Cross Mesh Pasties*
Hair | Limerence - Camila Hair
Rings |  SpotCat - Angel Wings Bento Rings
Belly Ring | RealEvil Industries - Dolce Belly Piercing
Makeup Set w/eyes | Euphoric - Layla Beauty Set
Skin |  Fiore - Lua
Chair | Kokoro Poses - Adele Chair
Garden | Felix - Mesh Primavera Wonderland 160 Li=48x32m 

Saturday, June 8, 2019

The Boardwalk

Boardwalks are always fun this time of year and Second Life is no different.  Raindale has been hard at work on their summer releases.  Of course everything works well together so some grid hopping is required to obtain this boardwalk.  The Sandwood Gacha (shown Loungers 8 & 9, deck w/steps) has 10 commons and a rare beach cabin.  It is at the Arcade from now until June 30th. 

The really cute Shellrane Beach Shower with or without doors has 18 solo and 6 couples animations in the PG version.  In the Adult version it adds 15 MF animations.  Join the group at Cosmopolitan and get the free gift.  The event runs from now until June 15th.  Lastly from Raindale is an exclusive for Vintage Fair that runs from today until June 16th.  The parasol and towel are color changeable on a hud.  The towel comes with 26 solo and 2\23 couples animations in the PG version.  In the Adult version it adds 27 MF animations.  Have fun grid hopping and make sure to check out all the fun new items at the events.

Raindale - Sandwood Gacha *
Beach Shower | Raindale - Shellrane Beach Shower w/mirror*
Towel Set | Raindale - Southern Shore Set*
Bike | Dust Bunny/Consignment - Emma Balloon Bicycle Decor
Pillows/ picnic basket | Dust Bunny - Dreamy Outing
Plant on deck | Hive - Oversized alocasia plant
Various Tropical Plants on ground | Adorably Strange Wares - The Oahu Forest Roadside Plants
Ribbons | Half-Deer - Windblown Ribbons Rainbow Cluster
Seagulls | Blossom Mesh Object Shop - Seagull Set*
Palm Trees | Bee Designs - Palm trees with lights

Thursday, June 6, 2019

A Classic

I feel like black and white is just classic.  There is no denying the colors pair well together.  Then you throw in some sparkle and we have it made.  I found the Valentina Dress with Jacket from zOOm at the new round of Designer Showcase.  It has a great color HUD as always and is compatible with Maitreya, Slink Hourglass, Belleza Freya & Isis.  I used statement earrings named Zana Earrings in Diamond by Shanghai that can also be found at the event.  To round out my look I used cute two toned boots called Karl in Houndstooth Black by Heels.

Dress | zOOm - Valentina Dress & jacket*
Earrings | Shanghai - Zana Earring Diamond*
Shoes | Heels - Karl Houndstooth Black*
Hair | Besom - Pesha
Backdrop | Seul - Opulent Staircase Rare
Pose | EP - Ilysm #2

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Greetings from........

I decided to to an SL stay-cation.  You know in RL they are all the rage.  Plus if I stay home I can dress as I like.  I sat down to watch the ducks and let my imagination run wild as to where I might be.  I am shaded by the sun with my new hair style called Soleil from Jumo.  The hat has great HUD with lots of different sayings available and two textures.  I also have some fresh ink called Sweet Flower by A.T. Mainstore.  It has a front and back design with slight variations.  I used the 70% tattoo, but there is an option for a 40% more worn tattoo.  It comes in Maitreya, Omega or Belleza.  Both of these new released can be found at this round of Designer Showcase which has a new location this month.  This round opens today and runs until the 30th of the month.

Hair | Jumo - Soleil Hair w/hat*
Tattoo | A.T Mainstore - Sweet Flower*
Pose | Alright - Killer Looks
Geese | 8f8 - New Beginnings First Swim 14
Garden | Felix - Mesh Primavera Wonderland 160 Li=48x32m 

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Bikini Revolution

Virtual Diva Couture just put out an amazing new original mesh Liberty Bikini.  This suit is not only hot but creative and will definitely turn heads when your walking the beach even with a man on your arm.  This suit will fit the Maitreya, Freya and Slink Body.

Bikini | Virtual Diva Couture - Liberty Grape*
Hair | Letituier - Zoey Hair
Pose | Manifeste - Model_898
Surf Boards -  Headhunters Island - Decor Old Surfboard Rack
Plant | Mesh Plants - Bird of Paradise Tall

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Sunday Picnic

Sundays are the perfect day for a picnic.  Thanks to the new finds at Boardwalk that are great for this picnic theme.  In the background are peach tulips from Lynns Flowers & Gifts.  They can be purchased in five different color variations. 

I also used the Galloway BBQ set by Circa.  It includes a main structure in 3 colours, an oil drum style barbecue, 2 side table givers full of food items and a couple of accessory extras.  The pavilion build has 10 stand animations with male and female positions.  The barbecue itself has 6 animations for bbq grilling and standing, male and female.

All of this paired great with the Salacity Pick-a-Nick table and accessories.  The table is aged/sun-bleached wood, with plenty of animations for both solo and couples use. Some props are also included. It comes in a PG or Adult version .  A set of accessories is also available to make your picnic experience fuller! A tablecloth, picnic basket, drinks, condiments, and two coolers (one with simple sitting animations and the other with a drink-giver) are all included here.  

I also used some various decor from other designers as noted below.  That completes this great Sunday Picnic with tons of poses, and food/drink for everyone.

Tulips | Lynns Flowers & Gifts - All Seasons Tulips 1*
Statue | Tm Creation - S39 Kiss Me Again Scene*
BBQ Set | Circa - Galloway's BBQ Set*
Picnic Set | Salacity -  Pick-a-Nick Set*
Chimes | Lucas Lameth - Harmony Glass Chime Frozen
Candle | Dust Bunny - Dreamy Outing Net Candle Gold
Fruit Basket | Merak - Cherry Basket
Sandwiches | Merak - Wrapped Sandwich Tray
Vase w/ Flowers | Apple Fall - West Village Spring Tulips White