Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Isle of Shadows

I visited Isle of Shadows.  It is sponsored by Seanchai Library.  This region hosts Fantasy Faire Radio and the dragon-borne FaireChylde where the dance parties take place.  It reminds me of an old viking shipping village.  I went with a few friends and we took some photos and had a dance party while dressed up.  Being in costume is the best way to visit Fantasy Faire.  The fair benefits The American Cancer Society.

So what am I wearing you ask?  I wanted a gacha outfit and ended up getting lots of pieces so I had to finish it on marketplace.  I ended up with four different colors and passed them all to friends.  I kept the Luas Lilith in Blue.  I was lucky to have the perfect wings in my inventory by Harvest Moon.  I then added some bold makeup.  I love Dotty's Secret for this reason and choose the Vita Von Tchothke (full face).  These pictures were also taken using the Annan Adored Dark Red Sky windlight.

Luas - Lilith Blue
Dotty's Secret - Vita Von Tchothke (Full Face)*
Harvest Moon - Azrael Wings*
Kunglers - TDRF #053 Earrings
Chain - Alice Belly Chain
Letituier - Nebula Hair Hair
Aisling - Simple Nosechain Gold

Vintage Basin

Decor Junction/Shutterfield have released the Vintage Basin and Stool at this round of Uber.  It is perfect for your vintage bathroom or bedroom.

DJ.SF - Vintage Basin & Stool*
Nutmeg - Rug Blue Group Gift
Dawn - Hanging Towel White
UP - Carved Wood Mirror Light New
Hive - Hanging Devil's Ivy Plant Pink Variegated
Apple Fall - Bathroom Lotions
Dutchie - Bowl With Soap
Tarte - Primrose Skybox

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Boho Heaven

Claudine's Boho Heaven is by Infinite and can be found at the main store.  I am really in love with the unique wall piece and the rugs.  Lately, I have had a fascination with layering rugs.  This is a light relaxing space.  Grouchy the cat is not happy that Pipper wants to play so she has jumped up on the armrest on the couch.

Infinite - Claudine's Boho Heaven*
Claudine Rug - BlueBoho
Claudine Rug - PinkBoho
Claudine Rug - Green
Claudine's Boho Couch - Neutral
Claudine Boho Wall Hanger - Neutral
Claudine Ceiling Fan Blades (White)

Sources - Jasydo Chair
Tarte - Ivy Chevron Trellis Stained
Knick Knacks Shop - 2 Lace Curtain 2 Straight
Rezz Room - Grouchy Cat Grumbling
Rezz Room - Boxer Dog Puppy Bark
MudHoney - Books Advice
Ariskea - Malyn2 Philodendron Plant & Table
TBF - Klondike Solitaire
Fancy Decor - Concrete & Wood Coffee Table
Tarte - Primrose Skybox

Monday, April 27, 2020

Agra Adara

I ventured to Agra Adara on Sunday.  It is sponsored by United InshCon & Bad Katz.  I enjoyed wandering around just enjoying the sim.  Fantasy Faire is a year event held by the American Cancer Society.  A horse rezer is at the landing point and there is a trail you can find to trot on.  I am wearing a past Fantasy Faire Exclusive by Storybook that I really like.

Storybook - Shelke (FF 2018)
Whatever - Three Pearl Bindi
Paper Couture - Fanny Earring
Amias - Sana Gold
eXxEsS - Asha B Breeze+Materials

Ginniji-san (silverfox.rainbow) Owner of Touryuumon Store

Sunday, April 26, 2020

It's Fantasy Faire Time

There is no better time to be in Second Life than when Fantasy Faire comes around.  The press release states, "Celebrating its twelfth year, Fantasy Faire 2020 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, role-players and performers in the virtual world. From Thursday, April 23 to Sunday May 10, treat yourself to shopping, dance and theater performances, DJ parties, auctions, questing, our Literary Festival, fantasy art, events and role-playing as thousands of Second Life residents and creators bring their own visions together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer."

Check out the full event schedule, shopping guide, and daily blogs at With 18 sims to roam this year there is plenty to do.  My photo was taken at Lunafae and is sponsored by The Looking Glass.  It is a beautiful sim filled with magic and pixies. See you at the Faire.

Aleutia - Vasilisa
Osmose - Diamonds/Umber (retired store) 
Caboodle - Sprite Wings Bento
The Mystic - Gothic Chain Choker
Chain - Alice Belly Chain
EarthStones - Crystal Hoop Moonstone
Michan - Celine Circlet

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Stay Home Comfort

All around the world people are being told to stay home and stay safe due to COVID-19.  That leaves us to do things from home such as Second Life.  I decided to design a bright and colorful room with cheery colors.  Ionic has released the At Home Gacha* that can be found at Equal 10.  Check out the credits to see all the items I used from the vast collection.  I included the Cotton Candy Maker in Pink from Code 8 because who doesn't want cotton candy.  This is a new release that can be found at the Mixx Event that opens today.  The bright and vibrant daisy photo is a gift from the Floating Lotus Art Gallery.

Ionic - At Home*
Concrete & Wood Table (resizable)
Time for Lemon cake!
Time to relax (sofa)
Spring will come (frames)
Time to exercise!
Spring chair (coral, turquoise,orange)
Palo santo : B)
Time to grow seeds
Time to call the loved ones
Time to meditate
Time to re-build
I stay home (sky box)

Floating Lotus Art Gallery - Reaching for Spring Gallery Gift
Code 8 - Cotton Candy Maker pink*
Dreamscapes Decor - Greta Crate with tulips C*
Con & Dust Bunny - Gracie Living Room Blanket Basket
Apple Fall - Cushion Cream
Ariskea - Fresh Air Round Pillow Rose
MudHoney - Books Women
Sway's - Panda Flowerpot with Succulent A
CdB - Seafoam Antique Indian Agra Rug
Jinx - Saluki Fawn 7
HopScotch - Paper Lanterns Patterns
Simply Shelby - Flamingo Planter copper 1 RARE
Chez Moi - Golden Mirror
Luc. -  Hibiscus Flowers Orange Potted

Friday, April 24, 2020

Beach House Swing

Raindale's promo this weekend for Manly Weekends is the Murlyn Porch Swing for 50L.  It has a land impact of 6.  There are 20 solo animations and 7 couples animations (+14 animations in adult edition).  Make sure you head to the main store and grab this steal before the weekend is over.

Raindale - Murlyn porch swing
Lacrime dell'anima - Pretty Braided Rug 6 Colors
Simply Shelby - Glass Top Branch Table
Darkmatter - Washtub Dish Planter
The Black Forest - Mesh Bamboo Wind Chimes Faded

Thursday, April 23, 2020

I Got Dressed

This morning I got dressed.  Now how often can we say that?  It seems lately that even my friends who change in Second Life regularly are not doing so quite as often.  I got dressed in a new outfit I picked up by Yasum.  I won this cute little putty from gacha by Rezz Room and was so excited.

Yasum - Dannie-Dungies Leather Noir
Yasum - Cutie Collar Noir
Phedora - Xena Heels
Kunglers - KC&FA Calendar Silver Earring V2 (vintage)
Kuni - Hera
Rezz Room - French Bulldog Animesh (Companion] RARE
Saintstreet - Subway Corridor Basic taken @ Backdrop City

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Magic Gate

I followed the unicorn that appeared by the well this morning.  It led me to an area through the meadow that I had never seen.  The grass seemed to get greener as I got closer to the gate where the unicorn stopped.  I can tell this gate is magical.  The gems pulse and crystals glow as I get closer to them.  I know that I am meant to go through it.  On the other side I have no clue what awaits me, but magic will be waiting.  I know I will be guided by forces that can not be seen just as I was today.  Rockpass Arch* is by Raindale and can be found at We <3 Role-Play.

Simply Shelby - Enchanted Unicorn Garden Purple
Lunaria - Tree of Dreams
Two Moon Gardens - Grass

Monday, April 20, 2020

Double Trouble

Double the trouble is what I am.  Not really but I love this look so much I double myself.  I absolutely love the Anya dress in navy by Belle Epoque.  The folds of the fabric in the mesh give it so much character and the color is so vivid.  The dress can be found at this round of Collaborator 88 in a variety of colors.  The charlottesville Hippie shoes by Heels go great with the dress and add some funk.  100% of the profit from the sale of Heels Shoes goes towards the Care and Hope Center in Second Life.  I have not talked about the center for a while and with everyone staying home some situations may not be the best.  Know that there is help and resources available.

Morgan, the owner of Heels and founder of the Care and Hope Center states, "Founded in 2014, the Care and Hope Center is a not-for-profit information hub to instill awareness on the horrors of domestic violence.  The Center provides, in a  free and safe environment, informational boards on topics such as "What is domestic violence", "Emotional Abuse", "Teen Dating Abuse", "What to look for in a partner", etc. as well as videos.  Additionally, the Center offers free and confidential classes where we discuss topics such as "Warning Signs of an Abusive Partner/Relationship".  The Center is with the approval of, The National Domestic Violence Hotline,, The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, and Joyful Heart Foundation.

Please stop by the Center at any time. It is open for all. I designed the Center to be comforting and friendly.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me inworld (mmorganwhitfield) or email.  Thank you for your interest in the Care and Hope Center and please spread the message that survivors of domestic violence should never feel shame or helplessness.  They are never alone."

Belle Epoque - Anya Navy*
Heels - Charlottesville Hippie 1*
Dotty's Secret - My Nudes Glitter Eyeshadow*
Donna Flora - Blue Sky Set
Mina Hair - Alison
RealEvil Industries - Witchy Rings

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Glam Living Room

I recently posted my Hollywood Glam Bedroom so now I thought I would show you the Hollywood Glam Living Room.  Swank is running Hollywood Glam event and some of these items are from the wonderful designers such as Park Place and the Haviland Collection.  Kaerri also has the Haviland Collection.  I used pieces from each collection to style my room, but both collections have more pieces that what is pictured here.  Refuge released the Drips Sideboard with Neon Torsos at Famished.

Kaerri - Lapis Collection*
Lapis Armchair White
Lapis Banana Palm
Lapis Gold Side Table
Lapis Lamp
Lapis Coffee Table
Lapis Orchids
Lapis Horse Head
Lapis Chandelier
Lapis Rug

Park Place - Haviland White Sofa Adult*
Park Place - Haviland Drapery Set
Refuge - Drips Sideboard*
Refuge - Neon Torso Pink, Green, Blue
Jian - Cuddly Corgis 5. Black Tri Companion
ChiMia - Marais Apartment Gilded Black

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Geen Ivy

Belle Epoque has a new Gacha out at Epiphany called the Chlorophyll.  The whole outfit consists of six pieces and comes in a variety of colors.  It is just in time for you to wear to Fantasy Fair that opens on April 23rd.  I wanted bold makeup with this look and there is no better place to find that then at Dotty's Secret.  Miss 420 Eyeshadow comes in a variety of bold colors with or without marijuana leaves.

Belle Epoque - Chlorophyll Gacha*
Dotty's Secret - Miss 420 Eyeshadow*
Dotty's Secret - Lipstick* (no longer available)
Salem - Medusa's Revenge Armband
Swallow - Magic Pixie Ears
RealEvil Industries - Witchy Rings
Kuni - Hera

Photo taken at: Picklemoon Sim

Friday, April 17, 2020

Spring Porch

The perfect spring porch has color and a great bohemian vibe.  Colors make us happy along with plants and light.  This porch has it all.  Chez Moi released the Nantucket Patio Set at this round of Cosmopolitan that ends on the 18th.  It has a great color hud as always with tons of poses which can be demoed at the event.

Chez Moi - Nantucket Patio Set
Nantucket Lounger (Adult)
Nantucket Accent Table
Nantucket Appetizers
Nantucket Armchair
Nantucket Sofa

KraftWork - Dream Catcher Vivid
Tarte - Hanging Trailing Jade Plant
Tarte - Hanging Marble Pothos Plant
Hive - Hanging Devil's Ivy Plant Dark
Love - Bay Leaf Planter
Jian - White Chubby Cat Bird Bus
QE Home - Throw Rug Bohemia
Out of Order - Stay At Home Club - Cushion
Trompe Loeil - Searock Cottage

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Leather Mini

This hot little number is a new release from Giuliadesigns called Rotaru and comes in a handful of different colors.  It comes with the hot mini skirt with a slight split, sunglasses & earrings/boots (not pictured).  I also included the current Karma nails from Cazimi.  I love the neutral tone packs.  I also included the vendor picture for a more detailed view.  These items can be found at the current round of Designer Showcase.

Giuliadesigns - Rotaru 03
Cazimi - Karma Ballerina Short
Romazin - Sparta Set
GingerFish Poses - Coquette 1mirror
Foxcity - Photo Booth Gradient Pinks

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Spring Blooms

Spring is just starting to bloom.  The weather is starting to warm and we can get that good vitamin D we need.  I do love spring despite the allergies that come with it.  Second Life is a great place to experience spring with all the vibrant colors.  The Angelica Dress by Virtue is a perfect addition to such a beautiful season.  I am also wearing my new Ballerina Soloan Nails from Avada which can be found at Designer Showcase.  Enjoy Spring Everyone!!

Virtue - Angelica Dress Yellow
Avada - Ballerina Sloan Nails
Navy+Copper - Ellyn
Secret Poses - Girasol 6
Photo taken at MadPea Easter Egg Farm

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Spring Swing

It is always nice to sit on a swing in the spring breeze.  All your worries just melt away and you feel like a kid again for a brief moment in time.  The Spring Swing by CJ Creations allows you to do just that.  The swing is at the current round of Swank for your purchasing pleasure.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Hollywood Glam Bedroom

This is the ultimate Hollywood Glam Bedroom. I love the richness of the wood and the fabric choices on the bed.  I also love gold accents throughout the room.  Swank started a new round called Hollywood Glam.  Mirage made the Art Deco Bed while I included furniture from Casa de Bebe is the Simone Living Room Collection.

Casa de Bebe - Simone Living Room
Antique Chinese Black Velvet Rug
Male Nude with a Glass and Snake (Asclepius)
Hurricane Lamp
Maidenhair Fern in Cast Iron Urn
Brass Drum Table, large
Brass Drum Table, small
Harrods Vintage Cocktail Shaker
Cocktail Napkin
Cardinal Book
Simone Louis XVI Chair Adult

Mirage - Art Deco Bed Adult
Disorderly - Rosy Vintage Books
Black Nest - Alasti Hanging Light Oval, Halves Gold
Dahlia - Jacqueline Centerpieces Cream/Gold
Apple Fall - Hydrangea Bunch Sakura, White
Apple Fall - Cushion Satin Trellis Black
Fancy Decor - Colleen Box & Books Gold
Jian - Bunny v3 Wanderer
Scarlet Creative - Rwah Rustic Barn RARE

Friday, April 10, 2020

Staying Afloat

A new round of Swank just opened with another great round of home decor items for sale.  We are all just trying to stay afloat right now so why not let this raft help?  The Bali Raft Bed is by Dreamland Designs.  I also included Concrete Letters by Harshlands to say Hi this morning.

Dreamland Designs - Bali Raft Bed*
Harshlands - Concrete Letters Post Apoc*
Two Moon Gardens - Avalon in Summer

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Lean Back

Sometimes you just need to lean back and let life come at you.  You can't guide it or direct it because it just happens.  I decided to lean back today and take a few moments to just be.  This cute little number is Zoya's Collection by Tori's Stylez.  The short romper comes in a white or black with a ton of neon accent colors.  It is at the current round of Designer Showcase.  I have used the Genus Strong Head because right now they are giving it to group members for FREE.  You read that right FREE so go pick yours up.  I did make my shape, but I think I am in love.

Tori's Stylez - Zoya Collection*
Besom Hair - Jordan
Fabia - Gacha Mandy/Margie Gold
Evani - Jenny Choker
Genus - Strong Face
Mila - Samira Skin
Foxcity - Phot Booth Fifty Five
Photo taken @ Backdrop City

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Anonymity of Second Life

The other day I spent a few hours redoing my website and I was so proud.  I figured out how to put sponsors on the front page as well as link my photos to flickr and while that does not seem like a major accomplishment it was for me.  I wanted to share this enthusiasm with people.  I told my handful of Second Life friends and hopped all of you would notice.

Then I thought about sharing it with my friends in real life.  At that point I realized that only a handful of people know that I play Second Life or that I blog.  Second Life is full of Anonymity.  I guess I choose not to share my Second Life with others because it's something that is just mine. We can be and do whatever we please without someone knowing us or anything about us if we choose not too.

Ok so on to the reason your all here today.  It is what I am wearing right?  Today's outfit comes from the current round of Designer Showcase that just opened.  I picked the Kuuda Tunic Dress to show you today by Artizana.  It has a great bold pattern in color changing options.  Here is to a great hump day in Second Life.

Artizana - Kuuda Tunic Dress*
KC Couture - Varis Heels
Bauhaus Movement - Bella Necklace
Navy+Copper - Ellyn
Genus - Strong Head

Fancy Decor - Flora Window Prints
LISP - Piano With Sits Teak (With Music)
Apple Fall - Carriage Clock
Pixel Mode - Rustic Candle Charcol, Gray
Pixel Mode - Rustic Frames
Roawenwood - Easter Morning Table Deco
Tuesdays - West Frame
Mithral - Bird of Paradise Pack C
Sahi Designs - The Executive Den Round Rug*

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Rustic Glamour

March went out with a bang and April approached as just another month.  More than likely we will be self isolating through Easter instead of celebrating with communities, families and friends.  I have purchased Easter items so the day does not go unnoticed in real life.  In Second Life we are full swing on to the next holiday.  Events have released new items and I am here to show you some of my favorites.

Decor Junction/Shutter Field added to the Jax Couch I previously posted about.  The new addition to the collection includes the Jax tables and chair.  They will be at Cosmopolitan when it opens today.  The cutest little bunny decor named Spring Gathering is by Old Barn Door.  Swank also will be opening tomorrow.  You can find the Hollywood Glam Chandelier by Swank & Co.  This also is available in a lamp form.

You might also be wondering what I am wearing.  Well that would be a new release from Belle Epoque which is the Megan in Beige.  It can be found at the current round of Famished.  Like my makeup? Check out the Lavender Love post for more details.  Belle Epoque aslo has a quairnetine hunt going on right now.  The hunt contains 40 items at 10L.  See below for photo.

Old Barn Door - Spring Gathering*
Swank & Co. - Hollywood Glam Chandelier Gold*
DJ.SF - Jax Side Table Rustic*
DJ.SF - Jax Chair Natural*
Infinite - Ashley's Rug - Yellow Diamond
Dust Bunny - Fiddle Leaf Tree
Trompe Loeil - Searock Cottage

On Gem:
Belle Epoque - Megan Beige*
Moon Hair - Smile
Swallow - Charm Ears
Meva - Lisa Necklace Gold
Alme - Chrome French

Sunday, April 5, 2020


Blue Moon
Dotty's Secret has released the new Goddess Makeup Set that puts a little myistal love in your life.  I used a few of the looks on the hud.  The creator writes "this pack is inspired by Pagan representation of "The Goddess", often symbolized by the moon. This pack include 3 eyeshadows, 2 brows, 2 blush options, 3 lipsticks and 5 tattoo designs.  Included in the pack is (Genus +HD Lipstick), Catwa, Lelutka, Omega and BOM. On another note I updated the blog with a new look.  Let me know what you think?

Lunar Phase

Lunar Phase:
Dotty's Secret - The Goddess*
Swan - Juliana Face Jewel
ME Jewelry - DarkMoon Earring
Unorthodox - Maddy Hair Auburn & Maddy Braid Clamps

Blue Moon: 
Dotty's Secret - The Goddess*
Fabia - Vesta Gift
Besom - Moonlight
Swallow - Dragon Ears
Tarte - Ivy Chevron Trellis

Friday, April 3, 2020

A Touch Of Easter

Easter is fast approaching so I wanted my Greenhouse to reflect that.  I placed the new Alice Set by Chez Moi.  I really love the hud on this set.  It comes with 15 chair metals, 25 fabric colors and three table metals.  It has PG or Adult versions.  Old Barn Door has the cutest Bunny Wreath out that matches most decor.  Raindale released the Fallhallow Greenhouse that I put everything in.  It has a really cute front with lights of course (see pic below).

Chez Moi - Alice Set*
Alice Accent Table
Alice Arch Fence
Alice Armchair
Double Topiary Ball

Old Barn Door - Bunny Wreath*
Moss & Mink - Bunny Platter Cupcake
Commoner - Pom-Pom Flower Pillow
Apple Fall - Potting Shed Book
Adorably Strange Wares - The Ostara Painting Cart
Jian Floppy Ear Bunny - Static Look Up
Simply Shelby - Bunny trails w/grass and eggs
Raindale - Fallhallow Greenhouse*

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Gem Dress


I have been blogging for Virtue for a while and as I was going through all her new releases (which she has many of at the moment) and I noticed that one was named after me.  That is such an honor for me.  In all the time I have been a model and a blog no one has ever named anything after me.  So here is the Gem Dress in a great coral color.  It also comes in more muted spring tones.  This dress comes in Freya, HG, Isis, Laura, Med, Ocacin, Phys, T. Curvy, T.Fine, Venus, and Vol.

Virtue - Gem Dress Coral*
Sintiklia - Hair Fiona Browns
Kunglers - Ilaria Set
Dotty's Secret - My Nudes Cut Crease Eyeshadow*
Lisa Walker - January Gift Lipstick 0.3 (old gift)
Simply Shelby - Turkish Fireplace
Lumino - Apothecary Candle*
Madras -  Ariel Flower Vase Yellow