Saturday, February 29, 2020

Coffee and Tea Bar

My little ones in Real Life keep me going and on my toes all day.  To combat that I drink what some consider too much coffee with a side of tea.  Caffeine keeps me going and while I know this is a bad habit for now it will stay.  Why not bring that bad habit into Second Life as well with a nice cozy coffee and tea bar area.  

For my coffee and tea bar I started with the Delight Coffee Station* by Chez Moi.  Then I added the Jax Sofa* by Decor Junction/Sutter Field.  Both of these items are at the current round of Cosmopolitan.  I added some greenery with the Lamb's Ear Wreath* and Farmhouse Irish Frames* by Old Barn Door that can be found at Shiny Shabby.  

As we know the Second Life Home and Garden Expo is still going on that benefits the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.  Korpokkur House has the Wooden Table and Chair Set* (shelf not pictured).  They can be found on Hope 6.  Mean while my tulip and daffodils* and the tree of roses* are by GCS over on Hope 9.  Make sure you check out this great event as there is so many designers participating and so much to discover.  Don't forget tomorrow the home decorating contest opens on Hope 3.

Other Items Used:
Ice Tea | Luc. - Iced Tea
Pretzels | Dust Bunny - Sweetheart Lunch Soft Pretzels
Basket | Con & Dust Bunny - Gracie Living Room Blanket Basket
Tray | Apple Fall - Book & Nectarines Tray
Light | Roiro - Saten Branch Light

Friday, February 28, 2020

Forest Queen

I found more than just Home and Garden at the Expo that benefits The American Cancer Society's Relay For Life in Second Life.  Normandy's Forest Queen Dress and Horns* come with a great color hud for a wide variety of color combinations.  Ashbourne & Co. has jewelry pieces like the Key to my Heart Ruby Pendant I am wearing.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Terrace Garden

I wanted to showcase a few more items that can be found at the Home and Garden Expo that benefits The American Cancer Society's Relay For Life in Second Life.  I used an assortment of items that can be found on various sims.  EC Designs put out the Garden Patio Set which is perfect to decorate for St. Patricks Day in a few weeks.  Flying Arts released the Terrace Garden which the patio set is sitting on.  The Recycle Bin Organic is by Unflat Stuff which offers just decor pieces with no scripting.  The Lavender Sakura Tree on the right in the background is by Thus Magic.

Lastly, the Palomor House in the background is by Mavin Homes.  This is also the house I was given to decorate in the home decorating challenge.  We now have 450 prims to decorate with so I did get to add some extra touches and it opens for voting on Sunday, March 1st with voting ending on Saturday, March 8th.  Make sure you head to the competition and vote when it opens.

Hope 3
House | Mavin Homes - Palomor
Hope 4
Recycle | Unflat Stuff - Recycle Bin Organic*
Hope 7
Garden | Flying Arts - Terrace Garden*
Hope 8
Patio Set | EC Designs - Garden Patio Set*
Hope 5
Purple Tree | Thus Magic - Lavender Sakura Tree*

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Game Day

Some people love football so much that they represent their colors all year long.  If you are one of those people then this post is for you.  Infinite released Lombardi's Game Day which comes in a bunch of different team colors and a few solids to.  Growing up in Northern California of course I would be a niners fan.

Infinite - Lombardi's Game Day*
Beanbag 49'ers
Books Group 1
Books Group 2
Speaker Dark
Table Dark
SLFL Trophy Gold

Frame | Framed - SF 49ers Frame
Light | Ohemo - Odense industrial Lamp Gold
Potted Tree | Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Cypress in sack A*
Tray | CJ Creations - Fiesta Tequila with Snacks Set
Table | Fancy Decor - Wire Side Table
Mexican Food | Dust Bunny - Spicy Fiesta Tacos & Loaded Nachos

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sunday Picnic

Sorry my blog has been quiet for a bit.  I have been working on big things.  I decided to have a Sunday picnic today.  I packed up my picnic basket and headed out the door.  I spread out my blanket and accessories under the most colorful trees with a dancing elf statue.  I want to dance my way through life and this is what the statute reminds me to do.  Not to take things too seriously and to enjoy everyday.

Designer Showcase current round is just about over but I managed to snag the Neomi Set.  The outfit consist of a cropped knit sweater and tweed short set from Zoom.   The Home and Garden Expo opened last week with items benefiting the Relay For Life's American Cancer Society.  My lovely garden log and decorations come from Partners in Crime.  It has a bunch of single and cuddle animations.  This is located on Hope 4Harshlands has some great wooded trees such as the Ancient Obelisk and Relayer Sapling that come in fun fairy colors.  The Dancing Elf Statue is also an exclusive to this event and they can be located on Hope 6.

Now on to my big news.  I am just so excited to share it with all of you.  I was chosen to to be decorator of the Home and Garden Competition this year and I am house 10.  Fourteen homes have been placed out for decorators to come in and do their magic.  We have until the 26th to complete our homes.  After the 26th voting opens to the public which is located at Hope 3.

So what does this mean?  My house was provided by Maven Homes and is named The Palomar.  It is a large two story home with two bedrooms and a bath.  I love the openness of the house and all the windows.  I have been decorating it for the last few days, but the catch is that I only get 400 prims to decorate both inside and outside.  In addition, we must use three items purchased from RFL vendors which is not hard due to the size of the fair and all the talented designers.  While 400 prims goes a lot further than it use to in early days of Second Life for a home that large to get every room decorated with little touches and the outside was a challenge.  Stay tuned for updates on my progress as the competition goes forward.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Good Vibes In The Greenhouse

The best thing about having a hang out in the greenhouse is when it rains I don't have to worry about getting wet.  I found some great things at the Home & Garden Expo 2020.  First, comes the Lena Greenhouse from CJ Creations.  It has cute little flower boxes and hanging flower planters on the outside.  On the inside it has stepping stones and a bird bath.  Next, I used Wishbringer's Boho Green Collection.  The pieces in the collection I used include wall frames, boho drum, side chest, sofa greens, throw rug and lounge chair.  Lastly, I included the Washtub Dish Planter and Spiral Bell Chimes (hunt item) by Darkmatter.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Spring Colors

It is time for the Home and Garden Expo 2020 to benefit Second Life Relay For Life for the American Cancer Society.  Designers bring out exclusives just for the event with proceeds of some items going towards the American Cancer Society.  The event opened February 13th and runs until March 4th.

Thus Magic has beautiful spring trees out.  I used the Sakura Trees in white and lavender.  I also found the cutest pigeon stand from EED Home & Garden.  Growing up we had pigeons and it was always my dad's hope to raise homing pigeons although we never did.  I also placed the Havana Wicker Couch from Chez Moi so I would have nice place to sit while eating my brunch.  I love the way pigeons coo.

White Tree | Thus Magic- Sakura White*
Purple Tree | Thus Magic - Lavender Sakura Tree Round *
Dove House | EED Home & Garden - Dove Cote*
Couch & Bench | Chez Moi - Havanna Wicker Couch*
Food | Nutmeg - Midsummer Brunch
Other Garden Decor | Two Moon Gardens - Avalon in Summer

Monday, February 17, 2020

Rustic Cabin Living Room

Old Barn Door just put out the cutest rustic cabin living room set called Whitetail Cabin.  It goes great with the Whitetail Cabin that they previously released.  See the outside of the cabin in my previous post.   

Old Barn Door - Whitetail Cabin Living Room Set*
Whitetail Cabin End Table
Whitetail Cabin Lamp
Whitetail Cabin Curtains Cream
Whitetail Cabin Chandelier Med
Whitetail Cabin Bear Picture
Whitetail Cabin Deer Picture
Whitetail Cabin Sofa W/ Facial
Whitetail Cabin Coffee Table
Whitetail Cabin Runner
Whitetail Cabin Tray
Whitetail Cabin Rug
Whitetail Cabin Screen
Whitetail Cabin Arm Chair/Pillow
Whitetail Cabin Drum Table [Lrg]
Whitetail Cabin Drum Table [Sm]
Whitetail Cabin Figurine

House | Old Barn Door - Whitetail Cabin Green Roof/Open*
Books | Apple Fall Books - Arrangement 8
Plant | Thor - Dracaena Plant
Candle | Ayla - Rustic Living Candle B
Tree | Little Branch - Potted Birch

Sunday, February 16, 2020

For The Birds

I was ready to head out this morning in the new Aleshia outfit from Belle Epoque (at Collaborator 88) when I remembered I had not feed the birds.  I grabbed the feed bucket and dashed out in my new Maia Shoes from Heels hoping they wouldn't get dirty.  Lucky for me the geese were by the fountain where there is little mud.  I commenced my chores and then ran into town to do a little home and garden shopping. The backdrop I used is from Irrisistible called the Romantic Valentines Backdrop with three different sky textures which is at this round of Swank.

Dress | Belle Epoque - Aleshia*
Shoes | Heels - Maia Valentine's Day Red*
Hair | Firelight - Isela
Backdrop | IrrISIStible - Romantic Valentine Backdrop 3 Sky Textures*
Pose | Le Poppycock - Buttercup Farm Wild Goose Chase Geese

Saturday, February 15, 2020

The Masculine Bedroom

Every now and again it's nice to have a masculine bedroom.  Men are simple and like to keep their rooms simple as well.  At least Magnus dose.  I found the Stephanie Bedroom at Infinite and fell in love.  The detail on the headboard is very whimsical while the colors of the bed are very masculine.  I used a variety of items from the set.  As you know a new round of Swank recently opened where I found the Simply Drapes by Idea.  I also picked up a few things from Park Place such as The painting, Chaise, Side table and wooden decor.

Infinite - Stephanie's Bedroom*
Stephanie's Table White
Stephanie's Bed GreyWood
Stephanie's Lamp Black
Stephanie's Sun
Stephanie's Rug Black Zagz
Stephanie's Skybox
Stephanie's Books Group 1
Curtains | Idea - Simply Drapes Trellis Texture Chg*

Photo | Park Place - "Tulips" Still Life*
Chaise  Park Place - Lumina Charcoal Chaise A*
Side Table | Park Place - Drum Table Black Laquer*
Wood Decor | Park Place - "And" Table Decor
Plant | Moss & Mink - Plant Hostas Grey
Basket | Dust Bunny  - Gentlemen's Treats Basket
Dog | Jian - Boston Terrier

Friday, February 14, 2020

Love Me

Everyone just wants to be loved.  February is a perfect time to display romantic affections.  Lots of love themed items and clothing come out.  The Ygritte outfit in Pink Floral is a new release by Ana Style at this round of Designer Showcase.  The boots come attached to the pants so you don't have to worry about finding shoes to match!  

Outfit | AnaStyle - Ygritte Pink&Floral*
Necklace | Supernatural - Karina Set Gold
Hair | Analog Dog - Ermine Mix
Bird | Half-Deer - Ice Creamaholic Birdy Cake Cone Sherbet
Ladder | Disorderly - Lovewood Love Ladder Pink
Pose | GingerFish Poses - Bad at Love 3

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Dessert Buffet

Wouldn't this be a great thing to have set up in your home?  Everyone loves dessert and it seems Disorderly has been making a few sets that go together recently for Valentines Day.  I don't do food pictures often but I am starting to practice since I have them set up all over my home.

Chocolate Deserts | Disorderly - Rose Au Chocolat Dark Chocolate Set
Diamond Decor | Disorderly - Diamond Formal
Flower Vases | Celestina Weddings - Vanilla Party Centerpiece*
Wall Greenery | Mithral - Living Wall Display

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The Lake Bed

Designer Showcase is not just for fashion any more.  They also have home decor items.  Dreamland Designs released the Deja Cabana Bed.  It has a ton of animations for singles and couples.  I love the bright vivid colors of the bedding.  I added some valentines flair with pieces from Evolving Images 50 Shades Collection including the Red & White Valentine's Bouquet, Mesh Red Heart Ribbon Present and the Bordeaux wine, cheese, and fruit tray V5.  This collection can be found at Swank.  I placed it inside the Avalon in Summer 2 by Two Moon Gardens.

Monday, February 10, 2020


Designer Showcase started a new round a few days ago.  I picked up the Night Grooves Dress by I.M.C.  It comes with a  color hud that allows for 51 possible combinations with this hud as you can change the skirt and the top to mix and match, or to wear a solid color dress.  I also wanted to mention the boots that I found.  They are by Essent with a color change hud.  The whole store is free on marketplace, so check them out.

Dress | I.M.C. - Night Grooves Dress*
Boots | Essent - Anthea Skirt-High Boots
Hair | Rama Salon - Noemi Hair
Necklace | Codex - Necklace Prentyss
Nails | Ascendant - Dirty Money Nails 07
Rings | Cult - Queen Bee Rings
Backdrop | Minimal - Fameshed Exclusive Gift Backdrop

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Romantic Breakfast

I awoke to a romantic breakfast.  Magnus snuck out early this morning and decorated the garden for our lovely meal.  Most of this scene is from the Capolona Garden Set by CJ Creations and is at this round of Swank.  This set includes the garden greenery, wall, paving stones w/grass, tree, chairs and table with rezable decor.  I added the True Love words in wood by Raindale.  They are part of the Enchanted Signs Collection that is currently at Enchantment.  I also included the tulip crate and the candles by Dreamscape Art Gallery.

Garden | CJ Creations - Capolona Garden Set*
True Love | Raindale - Enchanted Signs*
Tulips In Crate | Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Greta Crate With Tulips A*
Birdbath | Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Bird Bath With Candles Pink*
Monkey | Hive - Sweet Plushies Heart Monkey

Saturday, February 8, 2020

A Float

I am a float on my raft.  I was on a pirate ship when they threw me and a bunch of other women over.  I was able to climb upon this little raft in the lagoon.  I dried off and worked my way to the shore.  I was surprised I managed to keep my Sisterhood Boots by Heels on during the whole ordeal.   The dress is available in an array of colors.  While the raft has a ton of sitting, cuddling and swimming animations.  Both the Anne Dress by Belle Epoque and the Dazzlebay Raft by Raindale can be found at We Love Roleplay which just opened.  Head on over and see what other fun things you may find.

Outfit | Belle Epoque - Anne Pink*
Necklace | Supernatural - Loise Set
Hair | Rama Salon - Trixie Hair
Boots | Heels - Sisterhood Boots White*
Raft | Raindale - Dazzlebay Raft*

Friday, February 7, 2020

Where Love Meets

There is this little spot I know where love meets.  It is my secret spot in my garden that just the two of us know about.  The wise old tree over looks the lovers statue where the bench sits.  The Woodgrace Bench in Black is by Raindale and is at Cosmopolitan for two more days.  The little Valentines Basket with the bear is also by Raindale and currently at Cupid Inc.  The Lovers Statue is an event exclusive at Swank by Harshlands.  The event runs from the 7th until the 30th of every month.  If you want to know more about the tree or grass check out the I See Spring Post.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Good Day

Today will be a good day.  Every day we are given the opportunity to make it our best or worst day depending on how we view it.  Yesterday my young kids were a challenge (aren't they everyday).  Today is fresh and new.  It will be better because I will make it better.  So I got dressed nicely with makeup in both worlds and thought I would share my Second Life look with you.

Virtue just released the Raquel Dress.  It is a mesh dress with jacket that comes in a few different colors and lots of body types.  Everything this store designs is modest, so if that is your thing make sure to head on over to the mainstore.

Dress w/coat | Virtue - Raquel*
Hair | Rama Salon - West Hair
Necklace | Supernatural - Carmen Necklace Gold
Shoes | ChicChica - Dita Noir
Purse | ED - Flora Clutch Curvy
Location | Wimberly

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Valentines Queen

Designer Showcase opens today and runs until the 30th with lots of newness.  7 Deadly Skins released the Svea skin which I have shown in  Apricot from the light skin and Chestnut from the dark skin.  The skins were photographed without added makeup.  Stunner Originals new bento mesh stiletto nails in Long Appeal were released in an array of Valentines colors.  Lastly, Moondance Boutique Victoria Crown Jewels full set is bound to make any woman in your life feel like a queen.

Skin| 7 Deadly Skins - Svea Apricot and Chestnut*
Nails | Stunner Originals - Mesh Bento Nails Stiletto Long Appeal*
Jewelry | Moondance Boutique - Victoria Crown Jewels Full Set*
Hair | Rama Salon - Sandra*
Background | Bazar - Crete Door Decoration

Monday, February 3, 2020

I See Spring

I see spring in Second Life.  The great thing about Second Life is it can really be any season you want.  In real life I look out my window and still see winter as spring has not appeared here yet.  The weather is slowing warming up and the sun is appearing more.  So in Second Life I will live in spring.  Raindale just released the Faeheart Gacha that can be found at the Gacha Garden.  I hear there are lots of gifts at the event as well.  I also used some charming little lanterns that look like they have magic fairy dust from Refuge and of course lot of greenery.

Faeheart Gacha - Raindale*
Faeheart Gazebo Rare
Faeheart Bench Pink
Faeheart Swing Green
Faeheart Stool Purple
Faeheart Stool Green
Faeheart Hanging Chair

Lanterns | Refuge - Mystic Lantern*
Tree w/lights | Lunaria - Tree of Dreams Seasons
Small Tree | Thus Magic - Enchanted Tree_3 Bright Green
Grass, walkway and bushes | Two Moon Gardens - Avalon in Summer 2

Sunday, February 2, 2020


Don't we all love to daydream.  I love the Lulu Window Seat from Chez Moi that is at this round of Cosmopolitan.  It gives me a great vantage point to see Cubby and what he is up too.  He came through the window with the birds hijacking a ride in the house.  He is supposed to chase them.  Now the birds, the cat and I are all going to snuggle up while I work on my planner for the month.

Seat | Chez Moi - Lulu Window Seat (PG) with planner and roses
Cat | Jian - White Chubby Cat Bird Bus
Hanging Planters | Moss & Mink - 2 Tier Planter White
Window | Goose - Lil'Bug Window