Thursday, December 26, 2019

Winter Cottage

While Christmas has come and gone it does not mean that we must pack up all snow related items.  Raindale has a great section of winter cottages.  This is the Longhaven Cottage* that comes with or without snow and lights.  I paired it with the Winter Wonder Sled Set 2* from CJ Creations and Thanio Designs White Forest* from this round of Swank.  Tomorrow is the last day of this round of Swank so make sure you head over to grab these great finds before they moved to the main stores.  I also picked up some great frosty grass form Two Moon Gardens.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Cozy Snow Day

I have not posted in a bit since a real life cold virus invaded my house about two weeks ago.  The whole house was under the weather and it has taken a while for everyone to feel better.  We are still on the mend but the kids are back to arguing and disagreeing instead of clinging to me, so I know they are starting to feel better.

Christmas preparations are well underway in both worlds with just a few days to finish up your shopping, decorating and wrapping. Virtue just released the perfect winter day outfit called Daisy.  It is a thick knit turtleneck with coordinating leggings.  The set can be worn separately.   I found a nice cozy spot to sit in my new Vellard Lounger by Raindale which comes with a great color hud and wonderful animations.  I don't know if I will post again before Christmas.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Pant Set | Virtue - Daisy in Latte*
Lounger |Raindale - Vellard Lounger*
Necklace | Kunglers - Adele Necklace Gold Exclusive
Hair | booN - Lab.057 Hair
Cat in Box | Moss & Mink - Kitty Party
Tree | Swallow - Shabby Chic Christmas Tree White

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Shabby Chic Bedroom

This is the shabby chic bedroom I promised that accompanies my previous post of the shabby chic sitting area post I did yesterday.  I have some more of my favorite designers to showcase today.  Decor Junction/Shutterfield released the Ski Stands Coat Rack and Sleds bench at TennenbaumRaindale seems to be all over second life with new releases this month.  I used a couple of items from the Hollyfrost Gacha found at The Liaison Collaborate as well as the Joyeux Set which can be found at Tlalli.

I also used a bunch of decor from Casa de Bebe.  This includes Raziel's Secret Chamber Sleigh Bed.  It has beautiful angel wings on the sleigh headboard and is done in shades of white and cream.  I just want to melt into this bed.  My colorful Elf Tree from Mindgarden Creations and Christmas Gifts in Sled by Park Place add that holiday touch to the room.  All of these items can be found at this round of Swank.

Sled Bench and Coat Rack | DJ/SF - Ski Stand & Sleds*

Hollyfrost Vase Gold
Hollyfrost Candles
Joyeux Noel Sign with Lights
Joyeux Noel Deco Tower

Casa de Bebe*
Raziel's Secret Chamber Sleigh Bed
Antique Persian Palace Scene Tabriz
Grafik Art
Line Drawing
Min Karlek Jar
Monstera Leaf
Potted Grass
Red Bird Wall Plate
Swedish Ivy
Silver Opaline Sconce

Christmas Tree | Mindgarden Creations - Elf Christmas Tree*
Gifts | Park Place - Christmas Gifts in Sled*
Ladder | anc - Christmas Tree Ladder Gold
Dresser/Night Stand | Apple Fall - West Village Eleanora Cream
Bed Tray | Apple Fall - Honey Apple Bed Tray
Cookies | Disorderly - Cookie Box Squash & Earth

Monday, December 16, 2019

Shabby Chic Sitting Area

I put together a really nice shabby chic room.  I am going to show it to you in two posts.  This first post is the sitting area in the room.  It is full of shabby chic Christmas decor from a few of my favorite stores.  Old Barn Door has a ton of Christmas items out that can be added easily into your holiday decor stash for those little touches.  Casa de Bebe released a new set out at Swank that just screams shabby chic and comes with beautiful chairs and a magnificent bed that I will post about tomorrow.  Evolving Images released a ton of christmas wreaths and themed trees at this round of Swank as well.  That little dog just steals my heart.

Old Barn Door*
Holiday Sled Decor White
Holiday Cards on a String
Merry Christmas Picture
Holiday Garland Burlap Bow
Wooden Farmhouse Trees
Rustic Chandelier

Case de Bebe*
Raziel's Secret Chamber Lounge PG
Raziel's Paint & Marble End Table
Yuletide Stories
White Poinsettia Basket
Candy Cane Jar
Raziel's Candlestick Large
Raziel's Candlestick Small
Antique Persian Palace Scene Tabriz

Evolving Images*
Evo's Red & Gold Flowered Wreath R2
Bull Dog

Fireplace Stockings | Heart Homes - Christmas Fireplace Sock A, B, C, D
Pillow Bucket | Heart Homes - Christmas Fireplace Pillows
Night Light | Anam Cara Designs - Kawaii Xmas Nightlight Glow
Plant Tin | Minimal - Advent Calendar 2019 Day 1
Present - Minimal - Advent Calendar 2019 Day 4
Cart | BackBone - Winter Bar Cart Full
Hanging Pails | Athenaeum - Hanging Pails with Lights Red
Clock | The Looking Glass - 2015 Xmas Clock
Lighted Sign | Fantasy China - Mesh Joy Lights C*
Fire Place | ChiMia - Ephemeral Fireplace White Rust

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Tropical Vacation

All this snow made me want to go back to a nice warm island.  I took a little break from winter to visit the island.  Evhah just released a really cute Tower Set which has tons of poses.  Dictatorshop has put out the Cove Rocking Bench also with tons of poes and is part of a larger set.  Keep an eye on them as they keep releasing new pieces.  Both of these new releases can be found at the current round of Swank.

Evhah - Tower Set*
Tower Bed and Seat
Tower Stone
Tower Surf Sign 1 & 2

Bench| Dictatorshop - Smugglers Cove Rocking Bench*

Morgan Sim Designs - Tropical Vegetation
Tropical Barrier Garden Maku
Tropical Coastline Garden Mori

Beach Grass | Adorably Strange Wares - The Crimson Cay Beach Grass
Island | Beachstore - Decor Island w/trees A, B, & D

Friday, December 13, 2019

Lights of Hope Decoration Contest

The9th Annual SL Christmas Expo is still going strong until the 15th.  I visited the  Lights of Hope Decoration Contest to check out all the wonderful homes that had been decorated.  I was dressed in the finest fashion available at the event for a casual stroll along the lane.  I took my photo inside Potomac Signature Homes.  My top from Drac tells the truth when it says this mama is tired.  My ever so cute pants from Hot Elegant Clothing are very warm.  I added a cute animated bento scarf by Dream Addition DAS to complete strolling outfit.  I hope to see you at the Expo.

Shirt | Drac - Ladies Tee*
Pants | Hot Elegant Clothing - Pepper Christmas Leggings 03*
Scarf | Dream Addition DAS - Scarf Bento Animated ACS*

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Enchanted Wedding

We wanted an enchanted wedding and that is what we received.  The whole screen seemed to radiate a white warmth.  The Altar from Sam's Studio was perfect for the minister and out small bridal party.  It even has poses included and is currently at the SL Christmas Expo.  The bridal party said their goodbyes and we had a romantic dinner for just the two using the Romantic Xmas Table by BS House.  It includes animations and food/beverages as well.  The ambiance included Pine trees by Old Barn Door and Winter Fairy Moon Set by Enchanted Fantasy which can be found at the current round of Swank.

Wedding Alter | Sam's Studio55 - Altar Table Feast Day*
Table | BS House  - Romantic Xmas Table*
Fairy Set | Enchanted Fantasy - Winter Fairy Moon & Frozen Flowers Fairy Grass Starfall Set*
Pine Trees | Old Barn Door - Snowy Pines Set*
Ferns | Love - Winter Fairy Ferns Collection
Light Tree | Myth - Frosty Light Tree

Monday, December 9, 2019

Holiday Music Room

I put together a little holiday music room in my house for winter.  The piano and bench by Vidarr's Legacies plays festive holiday music.  The puppy by Naughty Bits seems to want to get into trouble and is part of  the Naughty List Decor Set.  I included twinkling lights by Aluora to make it magical.  These items are part of the 9th Annual SL Christmas Expo.  Check out all the activites and events happening here:   My little cottage I used is by Raindale as well as the curtain which I tinted.  You can read all about it in my previous Christmas Loft Post.

Piano & Bench | Vidarr's Legacies - Black Sands Piano*
Light Strings | Aluora - Strings Curtain Snow Lights*

Naughty Bits - Naughty List Decor Set*
The Christmas Puppy
The Naughty List Christmas Tree
The Naughty List Area Rug

Saturday, December 7, 2019

The Christmas Loft

I love making little cozy lofts.  The down covered bed and silky canopy are from Raindale's new Northsong Gocha as well as the coco mug, curtain and cabin.  I will feature the outside of the cabin in a post later in the week.  This collection can be found at the current round of Arcade.  I also used new releases from Old Barn Door's Farmhouse Christmas Items.  I included a wreath and a christmas tree in a tin.  It also comes with the option of a tree skirt.  I used a tinted a rug I had from Circa on the floor to keep my feet nice and warm.

The remainder of my items come from the 9th Annual SL Christmas Expo that benefits the American Cancer Society.  It not only has fashion items available, but a ton of home decor items.  You can find out more about the expo here  Featured are the 100% donation items from PurpleMoon, Fantasy China, Dekute Dekore, Junk Food, Spargel & Shine Homes and Naughty Bits.  Check out the links and descriptions below.

Raindale Northsong Gocha
Northsong Bed White Rare*
Northsong Cup of Coffee (Deco)*
Northsong Drape White*
Northsong Cabin Rare*

Christmas Tree | Old Barn Door - Farmhouse Christmas Tree Tub/Spiral Lights*
Christmas Wreath | Old Barn Door - Farmhouse Christmas Wreath*

Crates | PurpleMoon - Snowflakes Crate & Snowman Crate*
Sign | Fantasy China - Mesh Joy Lights C*
Fire Place | Dekute Dekore - Candle Fireplace Santas*
Table | Dekute Dekore - Poinsettia Coffee Table*
Cookies | Junk Food - Gingerbread Cookie Plate*
Chair | Spargel & Shine Homes - Arden Armchair Tintable w/Pillow*
Presents | Naughty Bits - Naughty List Decor Set - Stack of Presents Decor*

Rug | Circa - Madame Gypsy Area Rug - Solid Weave Ruby (tinted)*

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Night Wolf

The 9th Annual SL Christmas Expo opened today.   I found the perfect items for a cold winter's night scene.  I wanted to show you the animesh wolf wanderer by CKF Falconry and the great winter grass by The Velvet Moon.  Both of these items are 100% donation items. The following is the official press release on the event:

Believe in the Magic of Christmas, the 2019 SL Christmas Expo in support of the American Cancer Society opens across 12 regions Thursday, December 5th. The 9th Annual Expo runs for 10 days and concludes with the Annual Holidays of Hope Ball, Sunday Dec 15th. The Expo is dedicated to children with cancer, and this year will be providing 100% of its fundraising to help provide Virtual Reality Headsets to children undergoing treatment for cancer.

This year Linden Lab has joined the Expo, and will be revealing the 4th edition New Linden Homes, taking part in the popular Lights of Hope house decorating competition, introducing the first ever Ebbe Linden Bear and offering an epic ONE OF A KIND LINDEN HOME AUCTION including a 6 month Premium Membership with Exclusive Seasonal Content.

Other Highlights of the Expo include:
More than 170 Merchants across 9 shopping regions
Nearly 100 hours of non-stop Entertainment at the Holly Jolly Cafe
OOAK & Breedable Auctions
L$300,000 Shopping Spree & Gift Card Raffles
All I Want for Christmas Kids Fashion Runway Show
Gachas Galore
Stocking Stuffer Hunt
Lights of Hope House Decoration competition featuring SL’s top builders and Linden Homes
Snowman Contest - Christmas Tree Lot - Pictures With Santa

In addition to the Linden home reveal region, the American Cancer Society will showcase its new Second Life® campus, which will be connected to the Expo.  The new, open design region was created using buildings by Colpo Wexler of Digital Cult, features a special tree donated by Mitsuko Kytoni of Hayabusa Design, and is the virtual home of the American Cancer Society. The region provides residents of Second Life® with support for survivors and caregivers, information and help with cancer and includes a direct text link to trained cancer specialists.  It will also be home to the Society’s virtual fundraising activities, Relay For Life and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer as well as areas for teams. The Catt Gable Memorial Garden is also undergoing a redesign and the Relay Museum will make its home on the region.  Annual Mega-Events, the SL Christmas Expo, Fantasy Faire, the Home & Garden Expo and the Sci-Fi Con, which support the Society, will also have areas at the new campus.  Check out all the information at their website: 

Wolf | CKF Falconry - Black Wolf*
Grass | The Velvet Moon - Grass in shades of green*
Wisp | Cube Republic - Light Wisp
Tree | Fundati - Autumn Tree III (Snow)
Back Ground |  Dysfunctionality - Heavy Snow Backdrop

Monday, December 2, 2019

First Coffee

I don't do anything in the morning without my cup, or two large cups I should say, of coffee.  Why should Second Life be any different.  So this morning I am patiently waiting on my SL coffee from the Messy Morning Set by Old Barn Door.  This is a great coffee corner set.  I did not include the pumpkins and instead added the banana hanger by Dust Bunny.  I am kept warm by my new Holiday Onesies by Virtue.