Friday, May 31, 2019

The Beach House

Every few years growing up in RL we would go to a beach house where my Dad would exchange work for a stay.  It was literally two boxes put on the edge of a cliff, but boy did we have a good time.  This house reminds me of those stays.  I love the coast and Boardwalk had the perfect items to help recreate this memorie in SL.  What a grand beach vacation this will be.......

As it stands the house built by Cinoe has been left empty in SL for sometime and is waiting for it's new inhabitants to enter.  The husband has purchased this property for his blushing bride and wanted to surprise her with the purchase.  He decided to go big or go home by hiring M.Law Designs to provide a hot air balloon trip around the surrounding land in an evening sunset spectacular.  The palm trees by Little Branch sway in the wind as we take off into the crips evening air. 

Palm Trees | Little Branch - Tropical PalmAnimated*
Sand Dunes | Little Branch - Beach Sand*
House | Cinoe - Housekeeper's House*
Hot Air Balloon | M.Law Designs - Anne Soft Ballon 05*
Wild Flowers | Felix - Flower Ground Cover

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Reading Space

I made a new reading space up.  This one uses two new collections that are exclusively at Boardwalk IsurreKtion and Casa de Bebe both released sets that can be combined for yet another sitting area or entry way that would be stunning.  It is masculine enough that my husband might even sit here to watch read or take a nap.

IsurreKtion - Ellen Living Collection*
used Chaise Lounge, books, vase, plant, reading lamp and wall lamp.
Casa de Bebe - Sedona Arabella Collection*
used Sedona console, books, cactus, digital abstract 1 & 2
Misc. Decor | Lucas Lameth - Extinct Flyer, Mine Heart, Forecast Globe,  Picture Frame & Antique Butterfly Candle Holder
Laying Down Books | Loft & Aria - Dixie Books
Pot | Simply Shelby - Copper Pot Distressed
Fireplace | unKindness - Spring Lattice Fireplace Light
Fireplace Photo | Henly Studio's - Yose 17 (currently showcased at the art walk)

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Zen Room

Remember how I said I liked to design sitting rooms in my last post?  Well here is another sitting room for you to delight in.  This room is very zen and makes me feel relaxed.  It is an area that I like very much.  I again choose to use pieces from the Joolee Tee Designs Summer Living Room Set which include the chair, side table and plant.  I also used a new release by Z.O.E.  The set is Asian Inspired and is sold individually.  For my photo I used the  Pagoda Sculpture, Asian Fans Decor and the  Asian Cabinet Cream Jade.  Both of these new items can be found at this round of Boardwalk.

Chair/Side Table | Joolee Tee Designs - Summer Living Room Set*
Oriental Decor | Z.O.E. - Asian Inspired Pieces*
Bells | Luc - Hanging Meditation Bells Long
Table Top Fountain | HJM Designs - Adagio Indoor Water Fountain*
Frame/Incense | Frag.ment's - Rose Aroma with Frame
Vase | Ariskea - Clarity Small Glass vase with Plant Blue
Vases | Artisan Fantasy -  Bookcase Clutter 1 Pottery
Lamp | Moda - Pipe Dreams Floor Lamp

Monday, May 27, 2019

Sitting Corner

I really like making little sitting corners in different styles.  This corner has a boho chic feel to it.  Joolee Tee Designs released a new living room set at Boardwalk.  It is a large set and I used the chair, table, dresser and shelf in this photo.  Dreamscapes Art Gallery released a potted cypress tree that comes in three different colors.   

Living Set | Joolee Tee Designs - Summer Living Room Set Boxed*
Potted Tree | Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Cypress in sack A1*
Light | Loft & Aria - Ingram Chandelier
Wall Plants | Mithral - Wall Pipe Display Gold
Rug | Circa - Madame Gypsy Area Rug Velvet Quad Violet*

Friday, May 24, 2019

Evening By The Lake

Raindale has released a lake themed gacha set called River Break.  It has the most amazing things to make a cute scene by the lake.  I used the boat daybed, bridge in white, candles, cattail by the boat, lanterns, gold leaf boat that spins, lotus leafs and the pond (rare).  It creates a nice little romantic spot by the water.

Raindale | River Break Gacha assorted pieces*
Grasses | Lunaria - Fluffy grass, moonlit grass

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Day At The Shore

As you know I love the coast and we recently went to visit it.  Our version in RL was a little more rainy and cold than my SL version.  I found a whole bunch of new things at this round of Boardwalk that were just right for this scene.

The Romantic Stilt Fort is by Kozy Korner and comes with a ton of animations and four different color variations.  I put seagulls from the Harbor View set by BMS around it because seagulls are always at the shore.  They are pesky and nosy. However, we all love to watch them and in SL they are cute.  Lastly you must have a shower to use to wash off all that sand.  The Bungalow Beach Shower by Naughty Bits does not disappoint.  Not only are you able to use it with your partner, but it has a bunch of single shower animations.

Beach Hut | Kozy Korner - Romantic Stilt Fort*
Seagulls | BMS - Harbor View Set*
Shower | Naughty Bits - Bungalow Beach Shower*
Palm Trees | Bee Designs - Palm trees with lights
Plants | Adorably Strange Wares -  The Oahu Forest Roadside Plants
Grass | Adorably Strange Wares - The Crimson Cay Beach Grass
Sign | Hive - Falling coconuts sign
Rocks | DaD Design - Coraline Barrier (outsim)
Sky Box | Sominel Edelman Landscapes Unlimited - The Mirror Box 2.0
Suit | Belle Epoque - Nahina Violet
Hair | Truth - Lisette

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Spring Garden

I took a vacation in RL to go visit family.  During that time I did not log into SL which was a change of pace for me.  I love SL and the creativity my blog gives me.  However, it was nice to step away and not log in for over a week.  So now I owe you guys some blogs which is a good thing since I have a ton of new things to show you.

Today's blog was a combined effort by myself and Lady Whitefalcon although most of it was her.  We have a lovely spring garden set up with a daybed for those lazy afternoon naps.  Raindale just released the Collfield Gatcha at Gacha Garden that runs until May 31st.  It was paired with some new things that can be found over at this round of Boardwalk like the Vesna Palette Bed by Chalupa Digs Design and the Potted Hibiscus Flowers by EED Home and Garden.  The event runs from May 15th until June 15th.

Raindale - Collfield Gatcha -  Pergola (rare), arm chair print 2 & 3, sofa, lantern, hanging lamp, branch w/ribbon, tea pot*
Day Bed Set | Chalupa Digs Design - Vesna Palette Bed*
Flower Pots | EED Home and Garden - Potted Hibiscus in yellow and pink*

Thursday, May 16, 2019

A Walk Before The Ball

It has been a while since I styled a formal look.  The Mia Gown from Celestinas Weddings can be found at this round of Designer Showcase.  I was all ready to go out for a night dancing when I decided to take a quiet moment in the garden.  I adore this garden by Felix as it always feels relaxing to take a stroll or sit in one of the many locations.

Dress | Celestinas Weddings - Mia Gown Dress*
Hair | D!va Hair - Aria
Necklace | Cae - Arden
Pose | Entangled Poses - Nova 1
Garden | Felix - Mesh Primavera Wonderland 160 Li=48x32m 

Monday, May 13, 2019

Spring Flowers

I found these cute Spring Break shortalls by I.M. Collection that are at this round of Designer Showcase.  I went on a walk through this patch of grass.  It looked like the most comfortable place to lay down.  The curious bunnies came around to see what I was doing. 

Shortalls | I.M. Collection - Spring Break 3*
Necklace | Slavia Choker Naomi
Hair | Exile - Storm
Pose | Fashiowl - Mr. Rabbit RARE Pose*

Thursday, May 9, 2019


Don't let domestic violence break your heart.   It has been a while since I told you about Heels Shoes and their purpose in Second Life.  Heels shoes are sold to help fund the Care and Hope Center in SL.  Per it's founder Morgan Whitfield, "It was founded in 2014 and is a not-for-profit information hub to instill awareness on the horrors of domestic violence. 

The Center provides, in a  free and safe environment, informational boards on topics such as "What is domestic violence", "Emotional Abuse", "Teen Dating Abuse", "What to look for in a partner", etc. as well as videos.  Additionally, the Center offers free and confidential classes where we discuss topics such as "Warning Signs of an Abusive Partner/Relationship".  The Center is with the approval of, The National Domestic Violence Hotline,, The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, and Joyful Heart Foundation.  Please spread the message that survivors of domestic violence should never feel shame or helplessness.  They are never alone." It is open for everyone and is designed to be comforting and friendly.

On to what I am wearing this new monochrome outfit from AnaStyle called Mel.  These great shades are Haysuriza's newest release called Cats.  The frame and shades are color changeable.  Both of these great finds can be found at this round of Designer Showcase.  I am wearing Heels Shoes called Martine in black.  They can be found at Good Mix Event until tomorrow.

Pant Set | AnaStyle - Mel*
Shoes not pictured
Sunglasses | Haysuriza - Eyewear Cats VC2*
Shoes | Heels - Martine Blk*
Hair | Iconic - Gaia Hair
Pose | Juxtapose - Lonely Heart
Background | RAMA - #selfie Circles Studio
@ Backdrop City

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Rompers Galore

I love rompers lately and this new one by Wild called Lexi is no exception.  It comes with a nice color hud in a variety of colors and designs which can be found at this round of Designer Showcase.  Included is a romper, choker and thigh high boots(not pictured).  I paired it with the Sequane Shoes by Heels that give an edge to the outfit.  These shoes are currently at the Good Mix Event until May 10th. 

Romper | Wild - Fashion Lexi Romper*
Shoes | Heels - Sequane Blk*
Hair | Truth - Lisette
Nail | Slack Girl - JJ Stilleto Mesh Nails 
Ears | Swallow - Princess Ears 
Pose | Image Esentials - Shoe Showcase 6 Curve*
Background | MI Graffiti Backdrop Natural Limited
@ Backdrop City

Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Thinking Garden

I love this the new Dean Gazebo by Dreamscapes Art Gallery.  It gives me the perfect space to think in my garden.  The gazebo comes with two stools and the candle table.  I also included the Roses Tree In Sack which can be used both inside or outside.  It comes in a handful of colors. 

Gazebo | Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Dean Gazebo Light* 
Roses | Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Rose Tree In Sack Dark Pink*
Purple Tree w/ Flowers | Simply Shelby - Spring Tulip Meadow Blue & Yellow
Grass | Lunaria - Fluffy Grass v2 Mesh
Purple Flowers | Lunaria - Purple Tulip Field*
Tree On Rock | ImagiNits - Tree with Rocks & Flowers*