Thursday, January 31, 2019

Happy Rez Day

Today is my 11th rez day in Second Life.  A lot has happened both in Second Life and in Real life during that time.  I joined SL because my mom saw an add on TV and thought I would enjoy it.  You forget how hard that learning curve is.  I went from not being able to attach hair properly (it flew behind me for a month) to being able to adjust prim eyelashes.  Oh the places SL will take you and the friends you will meet.  I would not change my SL for the world and look forward to many more years.  When the CSI sim closed they gave away props and I was able to get this guitar in 2008.  I sure have hung onto it a long time.

Dress | Valentina E. - Cheryl Satin Dress & Shrug
Hair | Besom Hair - Taz

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Fabulous Free Dove Finds

I am approaching my eleventh second life birthday in a few days.  I remember the strong learning curve of Second Life and how hard it is to be new.  In those eleven years second life has changed. One thing that is still the same is Free Dove.

Free Dove is a place for people to acquire free clothing and accessories from designers all over the grid.  All that is required is for you to join the group.  You then can pick up whatever you would like from the wide selection that they offer.  My friend Lady and I went to Free Dove and assembled an outfit to feature on the blog.  We both picked out spring looks and it made for a great photo shoot.  I guess spring is in the air.

On Lady From Free Dove:
Dress | Glitter - Roses Yellow
Hair | Firelight Hair - Mini Essentials Leslie Hair
Panties | Kaithleen's - Panties With Color Hud
Skin | Alaskametro - Serenity skin
Nail Polish | Mani Pedi - 21st Century Polish
Other Items Used:
Hair Wreath | Lode - Blossoms and Royalty Wreath
Body: Maitreya
Head | LAQ

On Gem From Free Dove:
Jumpsuit | DM - Donna Jumpsuit
Hair | Charme - Rachel
Nail Polish | Mani Pedi - 21st Century Polish
Necklace & Bracelt | Chop Zuey - Beads & Bobbles Set
Eye Makeup | Shiny Stuffs - Blink!
Other Items Used:
Lipstick | Luxrebel - Mattemoiselle Lipstick (Powder Pack Jan. 2019)
Body | Maitreya
Head | Catwa

Tree | Love - Camp Tree
Rose Pose | Pepper's - Pose Friend #1(adjusted)

Friday, January 25, 2019

Tropical Nap

I am so tired and ready for a nap in my tropical paradise.  The new Bridgwood Daybed from Raindale provides just that comfort and more.  The daybed comes packed full of animations that include 20 solo, 20 couples in the PG set.  In the adult edition you get an additional 27 MF animations.  It comes with a great texture hud that lets you change the chaise to suit your mood and can be found at the current Boardwalk Event as an exclusive until February 16th.

Chaise | Raindale - Bridgwood daybed - PG*
Dog | Witch)O(Craft - Frenchie Dog
Palm Tree | DaD DESIGN Single Palmetto Mesh 1L gift

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Clean Slate

How often do we actually leave our skin naked?  When I say that I mean without any additional makeup appliers.  I always pile on the high lighters, eye shadows, lipsticks, moles and so forth.  In my each of my Catwa Powder Packs I usually get a skin or two.  Sometimes they have body appliers and sometimes they don't.  I decided to pick a skin to show you and to leave it naked.  So today I am showing you Go&See Vera in Cola.  The skins in this set are all light but very nicely done.  Ok, so now go pile on those appliers......I know I love to.

Skin | Go&See - Vera (Powder Pack Jan. 2019)
Body Applier | Go&See - Cola (Powder Pack Jan. 2019)
Hair | Moon Hair - Bloom
Nails | Ascendant - Meet the Queen Nails 09
Septum Ring | Dreamlight -  Septum Diamond Ring
Eyes | Euphoric -  Kylie Eyes  
Lashes | Michan - Ashley Makeup 
Pose | Ana Boutique - Bento Portrait Set 2 ADV
Body | Maitreya
Head | Catwa

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Smokey Purple

Here is another makeup look from the current Powder Pack by The Face.  I really like the color set that the designer gave us this month.  I love highlighting on makeup and this is top notch.  I used the eyes, lipstick, eyeshadow and highlighter for my look.  My skin is from Studio Exposure and is an older release called Michele.  This is my normal skin and the one I often use.

Makeup | The Face - Beautie (Powder Pack Jan. 2019)
Skin | Studio Exposure - Michele
Hair | Firelight Hair - Jamie
Hair Flowers | LF - Romantic Flower Headband Purple (2014)
Necklace | Elysium - Neck Piece Female Black (2013)

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Cold Outside

While it may be cold outside it is nice and toasty in this house.  Then when you add this sexy new dress from Sexy Princess to the equation it really heats up.

Dress | Sexy Princess - Floral Scent *
Fur Stole | Insomnia Store - Rhinstone Fur Stole
Bracelet | Slack Girl - Era Bracelet
Hair | Lamb - Fate
Rings | SpotCat - Angel Wings
Nail Polish | Cazimi Nails - Glitter Tips Grayscale
Eye Makeup, Lipstick, Eye Lashes - LeLuck - Annabelle Set (Powder Pack Jan. 2019)
Pose | Manifeste - Model_891

Monday, January 21, 2019

Glitz and Glam

I love getting the Powder Pack set for Catwa when it comes out.  I love seeing what new wonderful things I get each time.  I sometimes the items I receive become my favorite things.  The designers always make it worth your time and money to purchase the set.  Here is a close up of the items that Shiny Stuffs put in this month release.  They include lashes, contour, eye shadow and lipstick in big color sets that everyone will love.  I also used the eyes that are included in Euphoric's set this month.  I know I don't do close ups often so I am trying to do more of them.

Eye Makeup | Shiny Stuffs - Party Poppers (Powder Pack Jan. 2019)
Lipstick | Shiny Stuffs - Spiked Punch (Powder Pack Jan. 2019)
Lashes and Highlighter | Shiny Stuffs - Happy Hour (Powder Pack Jan. 2019)
Eyes | Euphoric - Vivian Eyes  Applier (Powder Pack Jan. 2019)
Nail Polish | Cazimi - Dan's Metallics & Glitters
Skin | Fiore - Lua
Hair | Opale - Linda Hair V.2
Necklace | Amias - December Gold
Rings | Swallow - Aphrodite Bento Rings
Pose | Ana Boutique - Bento Portrait Set 2 3
Pose Adjuster | Animare HUD Plus V2.07

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Seek me at the ball

I will be at the ball waiting for you.  You might want to seek me out.  I will be in the gorgeous haute couture Elite Dress by Virtual Diva waiting for you. 

Dress | Virtual Diva - Elite Dress 
Hair | Mina Hair - Chantal
Hat | Bliss Couture - Miah Hat Black (2014)
Eye Shadow | Pink Fuel - Powder Pack (Powder Pack Jan. 2019)
Pose | Manifeste - Model_896
Background | Aubrey Cosmetics - All Eyes On Me Rare

Tiki Hut

In my pool haven I have a little tiki hut.  The tiki hut is by Bee Designs and swapped out a few things here and there.  It's basically a place to sit by the pool and relax while eating cheese and drinking some fine wine.  I love my little piece of second life land and the sanctuary it provides me.  If I could I would have a place like this in real life.

Tiki Hut
Tiki Hut | Bee Designs - Kalaoa Tiki Hut
Hut, Coffee Table, Couch, Rug, Cat, Pillow, Wall Octagons, Vines (Shown)
Wine Photo | Artisan Fantasy - Cheese Slate 10 Poster
Cheese Plate | Artisan Fantasy - Cheese Slate 2 Brie
Wine Cart | Peaches - Lech Lecha Wine Cart Rustic

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Pool Haven

Today I am going to show you my pool haven at my home.  I picked up this pool in December when I was at Bee Designs and I just love it.  I patiently waited until the day after Christmas to rez this baby.  I am going to show you the pool area and a little of my backyard.  The pool includes a hot tub on the back.  The rocks and some trees/plants are incorporated into the design.  It also has two beach chairs, a few pool floats and a beach blanket (not shown).  Keep an eye posted on my blog for the items used in the tiki hut.

Pool time
Pool corner
Side view of pool w/tiki hut

Pool | Bee Designs - Paradise Swimming Pool
Rocks w/crashing waves | DaD Design - Coraline Barrier
Picnic Set | Dust Bunny - Dreamy Outing
Tropical Pants, Banana Tree | Adorably Strange Wares - The Oahu Forest Roadside Plants
Sculpture | Cammino e Vivo Capovolto - Che Ci Importa Del Mondo
Lighted Palm Tree | Bee Designs Palm trees with lights
Sky Box | Sominel Edelman Landscapes Unlimited - The Mirror Box 2.0
Water Fall | Landscaping by Felix - Realistic Waterfall
Tiki Hut | Bee Designs - Kalaoa Tiki Hut

Friday, January 18, 2019

The Pondering Corner

Everyone has a little corner tucked away in their home where they can ponder things.  I like to keep my corner very minimalist with plants.  I feel that plants help to cheer up the space and bring life to it.  The Saundell Bean Bag Chair from Raindale is a new release at this round of Cosmopolitan as an event exclusive.  This chair is offered in both PG and Adult versions while offering 15 colors and is loaded with animations.

Chair | Raindale - Saundell Bean Bag Chair - PG*
Plant | Bazar - Bathroom Plant
Backdrop | MINIMAL - Mood Salon
Outside Tree | Thus Magic - Enchanted Tree 3 Green

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Nature's Beauty

I went over to Gulf of Lune at  Calas Galadhon Park looking for a spot to take a picture and found the most beautiful scene of nature.  Please help keep the park open by donating to the upkeep of the sim because that's what keeps it up and running.  I recently found the store Nobel Creations in my adventures.  I absolutely love the amount of detail they put into their creations.  Abaddon Aftermath is one of their newer releases.  It comes in four different colors.

Outfit | Nobel Creations - Abaddon Aftermath
Body Tattoo | Chameleon - Amrita
Crown | Yummy - Golden Laurel Leaf Crown
Eye Makeup, Lipstick and Eyes | Euphoric - Vivian Beauty Set (Powder Pack Jan. 2019)
Nail Polish | DMZ - Icing On The Cake
Body | Maitreya
Skin | Studio Exposure
Pose | Manifeste - Model_892

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Pink Dreams

I have been looking for a new bed for a while.  At the Equal10Event the Elliston Bed is a new release by Raindale.  It comes in both Adult and PG editions.  It comes with a color HUD with the following: five colors for the wood frame, five colors for comforter, five colors for headboard fabric and ten colors for the pillows!

Bed | Raindale - Elliston Bed PG*
Rug | Raindale - Lovington Rug w/ pillows placed on bed*
Table | Raindale - Lovington Tabouret*
Wall Photos and Sign | Raindale - Lovington Wall Sign*
Wall Branches | Raindale - Laverton Branches Wall Art 2 Gold*
Lamp| Peaches - Imagine Faeries Unicorn Light

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Strap Me In

The Wicked Games Harness is strappy number made by Sexy Princess is an exclusive item that can be found at the XXX Originals Event that opened today.  I found the perfect back scratching Damiana Stiletto Nail to pair it by Slack Girl over at Event Crazy Fashion.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Blue Campaign

Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day and the Blue Campaign.  It is encouraged today to wear blue to raise awareness of human trafficking and that it does still exist in todays society.

Sweater | Blueberry - Sweater Dress Tight Fit
Shoes | Heels - Ann Boots Blue/Silver
Necklace | Chop Zuey - Garuda Mens Necklace
Lipstick | Lisa Walker - Happy Xmas Lipstick .4
Eye Lashes | POUT! - Sweet Lashes
Eye Shadow | POUT! - Moon Dust Eye Shadow
Hair | D!va - Samantha Roots
Body | Maitreya
Head | Catwa

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

LTD Christmas

I ran around all of December picking up various advent calendar gifts.  One of those happened to include Love To Decorates many talented home decor designers who participated.  I put together a baking kitchen to showcase some of the wonderful items that I found.

Sink | Velvet Whip - Sam Kitchen Sink
Nativity Scene | InsurreKtion -Peg Dolls Nativity
Hammies | MishMish - Hammie & Icing, Hammie & Rolling Pin
Cookie Tree |  Kawaii Couture - Sugar Cookie Tree (w/shadow) White
Cookie Bars | Elm - Christmas Cookie Bars Classic
Cookie Jar | Moss & Mink - Christmas Cookie Mix
Swag | Bygone - Swag Pepper & Pomegranate
Mistletoe & Christmas Ball Ornaments | Kix - Christmas Present 
Photo Balls | Refuge - Bauble Photo Holder Green & Red
Wooden Statue | Chez Moi - Wooden Angel Decor
Roll Cake | What Next - Chocolate Yule Log
Cake | ChicChica - Peach Caramel Cake
Cup Cake | Astralia - Muffin stool (LTD gift)
Baking Pieces | Dust Bunny - At Home Baking (frosting bowl,  bag of sugar, butter)
Backdrop | Figure 8 - Candy Cane Courtyard Backdrop

Monday, January 7, 2019

Friday, January 4, 2019

The Sitting Room

When growing up my grandma's sitting room comes to mind.  It was adjacent the living room with the tv and we only were allowed in there when company came.  Of course no sitting room is complete without a flowered couch.  Raindale just released a new gacha set called Laverton that is available at Lootbox.  It has nice whimsy touches and was perfect for my sitting room.  The sky box offers lot of room and a great color palette to compliment any home decor you may add.

Raindale - Laverton Set *
Pictured - sky box, branches wall art, chair, mirror, armoire
Table | Fancy Decor - Fulton Coffee Table
Rug | Fancy Decor - Fulton Rug
Candle Lamp | Home Whimsy - Helleborus Ringed Hurricane Candle
Tea Cup | LISP - Grandma Cup of Tea Decor
Planner | Peaches - Mon Desir Planner
Cat | DarkendStare - Cocoa Kitties - Chibi Spill
Book Stack | Anc Ltd. - Garden Oldbook
Hat Box | Apple Fall - Designer Hat Box
Roses In Vase | BJK - Vintage Garden Roses
Couch | BJK - Vintage Garden Double Couch
Telephone | Madras - Vintage Telephone Decor
Fern | Soy - Voluminous Potted Ferns [A] With Gold Stand

Laverton Ad by Raindale

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

What A Situation

What a situation I seemed to have found myself in today?  What a great way to start 2019 by being stuck in  stump.  I could not believe my luck.  I fell and tripped over a rock and ended up landing in the stump.  I found this stump with backdrop at  Reina Photography for the Naughty VS. Nice Event that has a few more day left to run.  This is one of the elven items available that you can win.  Read all about how the event works on my previous blog here.

Background with pose |  Reina Photography - SG0025*