Monday, November 25, 2019

Thanksgiving Parlor

Evolving Images put out a ton of fall decor items at this round of Swank.  They are just right for a Thanksgiving Parlor.  The items I picked are all decorated with fall theme and come in different versions of the item that you can purchase. Head on over and take a look at all the different pieces available.

Evolving Images*
Thanksgiving Sideboard R2
High Back Chair V
Fall Table ROUND TOP 2
Gold Frame with LIght V
Bonsai Bookcase 3 V
Fall Red Orange Patchwork Rug
House | Hive - Simple Skybox

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Cuddling In The Park

So the hubby set up this cute little Cosy Tent in Red by Shutterfield/Decor Junction at the park as a romantic gesture.  It can be located at this round of Cosmopolitan.  It comes with a ton of animations both single and solo as well as a few colors to choose from.  It looks so lovely set out there against the landscape by Felix.  This is the Mesh Autumn Wonderland which I absolutely love and I am excited it comes in winter.  Since I am using it in a park theme I placed the new Lightstorm Street Lamps along the path by Raindale.  They can be found at the current round of Access.  These lights also come with a hanging sign option that would be really cute at Christmas with old time photos placed in them.  See below for the shop ad.

Tent | Shutterfield/Decor Junction - Cosy Tent MF PG Red*
Lamp | Raindale - Lightstorm Street Lamps*
Landscaping | Felix - Mesh Autumn Wonderland

Thursday, November 21, 2019

In The Frost

I was doing some shopping in my my new outfit called Virginia in blue by Virtue trying to think where would be a good place for a photo opportunity.  This outfit is currently at the 2nd Chance Event.  I found a beautiful set up at the Disorderly sim where winter has settled in.  This outfit keeps me pretty warm due to the wool skirt and button down shirt.  It comes in a variety of color options.

Dress | Virtue - Virginia Blue*
Necklace | Supernatural - Trina Necklace #1 Silver
Hair | Elikatira - Maren
Shoes | Pure Poison - Janna Heels White & Silver

Tuesday, November 19, 2019


What more can I say about fall.  I love all the colors that fall brings us.  The new Bohemian Autumn Outdoor Set by Dreamland Designs at brings all those fun fall colors to life.  It has fun patterns and colors while offering that bohemian feel we all love.  I tossed in some more little furry friends with their fall pumpkin cleaning by way of the Fall Forest Helper Mouse from Enchanted Fantasy.  Both these items and many more can be found at Swank.  To light our night after the sun goes down I placed Old Barn Doors new Garden Pathway Lights which also come with a snow capped option for winter.  All this blogging has made me tired so I am just going to sit right here for a while.

Dreamland Designs | Bohemian Autumn Outdoor Set*
Autumn Boho Stool
Autumn Boho Chair
Old Shabby Autumn Doors Decor
Swaying Bent Autumn Tree
Pumpkin Stack | Enchanted Fantasy - Fall Forest Helper Mouse Sweeping & Brush*
Outdoor Lights | Old Barn Door - Garden Pathway Light*
Old Oak | Fundati - Autumn Tree II
Colored Bushes |  Dysfunctionality - Swaying Spring Bush
Grass | Raindale - Meadow Grass Summer Soft*
Green Bushes | Alirium - DwarfForest OldGold
Yellow Ground Cover | Alirium - Nanohana

Sunday, November 17, 2019

No Friends

I was walking around Swank when my real life daughter who is four woke up from nap and came to sit in my lap.  I was looking at all the display's seeing what I wanted to blog when I stopped my camera upon the The Autumn Guardian by HarshLands.  She told me that he was sad because he had no friends.  I promised her when I blogged this piece that I would give him a few friends.  So the wise old owl came out of her den to chat for a while and cheer up the guardian.

Tree | HarshLands - The Autumn Guardian Mossy*
Owl | JIAN - Barn Owl
Colored Bushes |  Dysfunctionality - Swaying Spring Bush
Grass | Raindale - Meadow Grass Summer Soft*
Green Bushes | Alirium - DwarfForest OldGold
Yellow Ground Cover | Alirium - Nanohana

Friday, November 15, 2019

Day Date

Date's can happen any time.  I am ready for my day date with Maguns.  I found the most versatile top called Mira from Totally Random.  It comes with a great color hud for fall.  The back is mostly open and in a U shape for all those wonderful back tattoos we like to wear.

Shirt | Totally Random - Mira Maitreya Lace Top*
Necklace | Pure Poison - Chrystal Necklace
Eye Makeup | Colivati Beauty - On The Go Makeup (Powder Pack October 19)
Lipstick | Revoul - Glossed N' Bossed Collection

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Holiday Joy

I know everyone is still doing a ton of fall but I really like Christmas decorations.  Shutterfield and Decor Junction just released a bunch of new items in a few different color patterns that are great for any house.  I decided to make into a little living room.

Cosy Ottoman Black
Cosy Sofa Black

Decor Junction/Shutterfield*
Fireplace V2 Red (tinted)
Pillow Pile Black

Joy Sign | Moss & Mink - Joy Wall Art
Wreath | Apple Fall - Winter Heart Wreath
Tree | Dust Bunny - Mini Christmas Tree
Side Table | Soy - Plaster Side Table (tinted)
Curtains | Myth - Stripes Drape
Cookies | Artisan Fantasy - Cookie Swap 09 Platter 3

Monday, November 11, 2019

Frosted Forest

I woke up this morning and our little house in the hills where we stay to get away from it all had frosted over and turned into winter during our sleep.  We know a storm was predicted in a few days, but it must have came early.  Our Smallbury Hut was constructed by Raindale with the utmost care.  You can find the same one at this round of We Love Role-Play.  The hut is 45Li in default size.  You can switch between summer and winter styles via HUD.  I also spotted some fox and a pair of rabbits out the window on the rocks.  These are crafted by TM Creations for the current round of Swank.  They also come with a weather hud.

House | Raindale - Smallbury Hut*
Foxes on a Rock | TM Creations - GS1 Nature Scene Seasonal*
Deer | RedMoon Designs - The Hind Stands In A Field Of Frozen Grass

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sunday Baking

Sunday is great day to bake.  I had a great little helper when it came to the icing.  I held all my baking supplies in the Farmhouse Canister Set by Old Barn Door.

Canisters | Old Barn Door - Farmhouse Canister Set*
Cookie Plate | What Next - Gingerbread Cookies Plate
Cookie Dough | What Next - Gingerbread Dough Baking Decor Marble Pin
Recipe Cards | Pixel Mode - The Vintage Chef Grandma's Secret Recipes (closed)
Hamster | MishMish - Hammie & Icing

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Fantasy Forest

Magnus and I were on a stroll through the forest when this romantic little chestnut stand appeared.  There was a romantic little hut and a bench for us to sit upon.  The fall foliage is in abundance.  A new round of Swank just started and it is packed full of autumn goodness.  I used creations from Mindgardens Creations and BS House.

Mindgardens Creations*
MG - Lil Autumn Fairy Garden
MG - Autumn Ground Leaves Scattered
MG - Sunstone Mossy Footpath - Curved
MG - Autumn Ground Ivy
MG - Sunkissed Sunflower & Clover Patch
MG - Elephant Ear Plant v4
MG - Lovers Retreat - Autumn v2
MG - Gnarled Lantern Autumn Tree w/Vines
MG - Autumn Oak Tree - Blinking Lights & Lantern
MG - Enchanted Autumn Bench - Animated
MG - Enchanted Autumn Forest Leaf Table
MG - Enchanted Autumn Lovers Picnic - Animated

BSHouse - Cart  Roasted Chestnuts*
Colored Bushes |  Dysfunctionality - Swaying Spring Bush
Grass | Raindale - Meadow Grass Summer Soft*
Green Bushes | Alirium - DwarfForest OldGold
Yellow Ground Cover | Alirium - Nanohana
Drinks | Granola - Cider Hot Toddy Tray

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Dogs Will Be Dogs

My dog loves to go outside and smell all the different scents in the yard, so why should Second Life be any different.  This great new collection came out from CJ Creations at this round of Swank that opened today.  This month's theme is Fall Into Autumn and this collection is just that.  Below are item descriptions and everything it can do.

CJ Autumn Fence Vine + Hay Set for Single, Couple*

Child can play in the Cluster of Leafs! (Single Part + not linked)
- Most Dog, Cat or Birds are animated by touch
- diff. Props by sit
21 diff. Single Animations for Him/Her
2 Friends
11 Couple (PG)
AND diff. Groundtexture by touch!

Cluster of Leaf with 1 Anim for Him/Her raking (not linked!)
4 cute Child Animations with Props 
Prims: 13 for the full Set and 2 for the Cluster
M/F sit for raking first - then Child if you have one
Child sit first? Use SWAP please!
Permission: Copy + mody  (Props copy)

CJ Autumn Cluster of Leafs raking + child play (Tree not linked!)*

Set with Cluster of Leafs PLUS Autumn Tree with moving Leafs
2 Prims Cluster + 3 Prims Tree - Copy + mody (props copy)
M/F sit for raking first - then Child if you have one
Child sit first? Use SWAP please!
5 Animations inside (4 for playing Child)

CJ Hand Water Pump with Water Drop + digging Dog*

10 Prims copy + mody
Animated Dog on/off by touch the Dog (please touch Dog again if not work)
Water Drop by touch the Set!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Finding Fall

I took a lovely stroll into the fall foliage.  It turned out to be the perfect place for a photo.  This new release called Clara in Peach from Virtue comes in a range of colors that are perfect for the season.  It is only available in the Lara body and can be found at the Dressedella Winter Event that runs until November 30th.

Dress | Virtue - Clara Peach*

Hair| Kuni - Juliet

Necklace | Pure Poison - Aisha Necklace Gold

Pose | An Lar Poses - The Noir Series Vendor

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Day Of Rest

Sunday is a great day to rest.  My resting place is tranquil and the perfect spot to just relax and reflect from one busy week into the next.  It seems life is picking up and not slowing down.  Old Barn Door is where most of these furnishings came from.  I used the new Farmhouse Entryway Set and Cierra Curtains.  I also mixed in some of their older released stuff to finish the looks.  I love how their designs can be combined for something new and fresh.

Old Barn Door | Fall Farmhouse Entryway Set*
Farmhouse Entryway Candle 1, 2 & 3
Farmhouse Entryway Chair w/Pillow
Farmhouse Entryway Flowers
Farmhouse Entryway Frame 1 & 2
Farmhouse Entryway Frames
Farmhouse Entryway Pumpkin Sm. & Lg.

Magnolia Wreath
Magnolia Plant
Magnolia Pillow Basket
Magnolia Rug
Fall Farmhouse Bunting
Cierra Curtains

Fire Place | ChiMia - Ephemeral Fireplace White Rust
Tall Vase Plant | Ariskea - Australia Olive Twigs
Table | Pixel Mode - Under the Sun Endtable (Retired)
Package | Nutmeg - Lavender Secret Package
Lamp | 22769 - Minimalist Floor Lamp

Friday, November 1, 2019

Fall Barn

Just because Halloween is over does not mean we have to pack up all the wonderful fall decorations.  The new Roll In The Hay Barn set from Old Barn Door is a perfect place for fall cuddles while watching the horses.  This set includes the rustic stables, animated horse, stable lights, lantern, wagon wheel, bento hay bale and the hay cuddle blanket.  I also added the Julia Table from Dreamscapes Art Gallery that contains some treats and fall decor.  This is a perfect place to spend a lazy day.

Fall Treat Table | Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Julia Table Brown*
Wall Art | Luc - Quiet Life Wall Art Bronze
Barn Scene | Old Barn Door - Roll In The Hay Set*
Flowers | OA-MEO - Eternity Daisies
Grass | Raindale - Meadow Grass Summer Soft*