Sunday, November 30, 2014

Where Did Time Go

I went shopping at a few events and I realized that today was the last day for this round of  the My Attic Event where I picked up this dress and hair.

What I am wearing:
Dress: Dead Dollz - Pola Pink 
Hair: EMO-tions - Valerie
Bracelet: Kunglers - TDRF 052 - Silver
Eye Makeup: Madrid Solo- April Group Gift Girls 14
Lipstick: Glance Skins - Anais - October - Glossy 07

Sexy Styles

As promised I am showing you some of the sexier designs that can be found at this round of Sneak Peak.  They range from day to evening attire and the designers also make matching shoes which makes find the right pair a snap.  These outfits range from cute sexy to scalding hot.  Take a look for yourself and make sure to hit up the event as it is ending December 5th. Sneak Peek Event

 Fatal Beauty
 Copenhagen Jewelry Set
What I am wearing:

Outfit includes skirt, shirt, shoes, and clutch: WANT.TO.BE - Betty
Hair: Exile - Locomotion

Outfit includes pants, jacket with five shirt options, and shoes:  Linealrise Design - Gossip
Hair:  Bizarre Hair - La Vie

Fatal Beauty
Outfit includes three dress variations, shoes, clutch and headpiece(not pictured): D&G - Fatal Beauty
Jewelry Set: Elysium - Copenhagen - Onix
Hair: Argrace - Kaoru - Dark Brown

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Glorious Evening Wear

A new round of SNEAK PEEK is out.  I decided to showcase some of the evening gowns first from three talented designers.  These are exclusive items that are unique to this event.  SNEAK PEEK wants to put YOU, on the fashion forefront!!  The event runs from November, 25th to December, 5th. Find these stunning evening gowns and more at SNEAK PEEK.  Stay tuned for my next blog as it will feature some sexy designs for day or night that can be found at the event.

Full Measures 
What I am wearing:

Dress: SHEY - Demi Exclusive Series Gown (at event)
Necklace:  Mandala - Legacy - Kilimanjaro
Hair: Elikatira - Marnie

Full Measures
Dress: Dead Dollz - Full Measures - Gold (at event)
Fur: Indyra - Claudette Fur Shrug - Coffee
Hair: booN - SCO052 hair - Chocolate

Dress: Lyrical B!zarre Templates - Callico (at event)
Necklace/Earrings: Maxi Gossamer -  Part-Time Boho Princess
Hair: Exile - Loveshack - Pecan

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fierce Formal

I love this new dress from Jumo.  The fur makes it great for the winter that I feel is now upon us.  The dress comes with the dress, headpiece, and bracelets.  It's definitely a show stopping design that will make you the envy of the ball.  It comes in different colors, but I don't blog a lot of green, so I thought thats the color I would show you today.  

What I am wearing:
Full Outfit (Dress, Head Dress, Bracelets): JUMO - Carlton Forest Gown
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Valentin Hair  - Winter
Makeup: Madrid Solo - Winters Song Full Set

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Western Japanese Couture - MVW 7th Challenge

This weeks challenge was in tribute to our reigning MVW Anjelica Carling and was the theme of Western Japanese Couture.  I met Anjelica when the Partyculars theater opened.  She was very nice and pleasant to be around.  Through the year she has shown us her impeccable styling abilities and her sophistication.  My outfit inspired by her personality. I loved that Anjelica was there with us today on the run way and really appreciated her message to the group as a whole and to us.  It was a wonderful personal touch.  I loved the build for the set so much that I snuck back to take some pictures as you see here.

What I am wearing:

Pants: DIRAM - Gabby Pant - White
Shirt: Fendty - Chanel Frillblouse - White/Black
Earrings/Ring: Elysium - Denmark 
Shoes: Miamai - Armoniu Wedges - Coal 
Hair: Miamai - Nju F - Dark Brown
Bracelets: FLite- Commanders Cuff
Hat: LODE - Headwear - Valle I

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Shopping

I love going to events.  Right now the Secret Affair and L'accessories just started new rounds.  I picked up some new stuff yesterday from Collabor88.  I put together my finds from yesterday and decided to do some more shopping.  I am a sucker for shopping and can't help myself.  I feel my blog kind of makes up for my habit because not only do I get to see the things I purchase you get to as well.  These pictures were taken at the Secret Affair event.  They always have such a wonderfully decorated event.

What I am wearing:

Jacket w/shirt: Atomic - Modern Kimono
Pants: ISON - Side Lace Pants - Black
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer -  Zulaikha Lattice Long
Hair: LeLutka - Colleen - AlmostGoth
Shoes: Pure Poison - Evelyna Boots - Gray

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Where My Road Ends

No one quite knows where their road will end.  I came to second life due to the CSI sim.  I ended up staying for quite a different reason.  What will happen after MVW only time will tell.  I am extremely happy to finally be allowed to be part of that journey.  MVW was my only goal as a model and on the way to that goal I have learned a lot.  I also started this blog and just love that people actually read it and that it's good enough now to have some really great sponsors.  I just want to thank everyone that has helped me along the way.  If you can't tell I am feeling a little nostalgic today.  Ok past all that look at this hot number I picked up that Enzo made a few weeks ago.  If you take off the coat it’s all just chains and bare breasts.

What I am wearing:

Outfit: CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture - Blind - Red
Shoes: Dirty Princess - Hooker Boots
Hair: LeLutka - Inverted - AlmostGoth

Body Art - MVW 5th Challenge

This weeks challenge for MVW was body art.  I had a really hard time with this challenge.  I love the inspirational looks they gave us, but found it hard to duplicate in Second life with out using multiple tattoos or a colored/textured skin.  

When presented with this challenge I gravitated towards the body art that encompassed nature.  It's very challenging to take a concept outside of second life that is unique.  

It's not like I could hand over my body and say paint me.  I didn't want to use multiple body tattoos and the pieces I found were not what I envisioned.  

After scouring second life I found the perfect body art and it just so happened that the butterflies agreed.

What I am wearing:

Swimsuit: FABOO - Scales Mocha
Eye Liner - Belleza - Eyeliner 2
Eye Shadow: Glow - studio Crazy eyeshadow - Blue,Yellow,White
Butterfly Attachments: no. 7 butterfly eyes  - multi 
Shoes: Severed Garden - Alba - Ballet strap
Hair: Plume - Mademoiselle Butterfly - Soil
Color Tattoo: Para Designs - Jungle Vine Color - Dark 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Amid the Fog

Amid the fog you may just find me in one of my new smoking hot Zanze looks taking a walk on the pier.  I no longer live near the coast and I find myself missing it.  I guess photos on a pier in SL are just going to have to do for now.  These brand new releases from Zanze are from a new addition to their design team, Ms. Fuzz Lennie.  I can't wait to see what new things come out in the future.  P.S. If you can't tell I am really into these picture collages.

Blue Dress: Corazon                 Gold Dress: Elena

What I am wearing:


Dress: Zanze - Elena Halter - Dark
Hair: Truth - Thalia
Eye Makeup: MUA - MakeUp Set - Jeff - Eyes Only 
(check out whos on the vendor board)
Arm Bracer: Aurica Store - Mage Bracer - Gold
Rings: Zenith - Geometry Ring


Dress: Zanze - Corazon Dress - Blue
Hair: LeLutka - Alexand - AlmostGoth
Hair Accessory: Plastik - Muse Deco - Mortal (Rare)
Eye Makeup: Mons - DarkHorse - Dream
Shoes: Zanze - Corazon Shoes 

Find these looks and more:

From Morning To Evening

These looks will take you from a morning stroll, to afternoon tea, to an evening dance.  Jumo has it all.  On this lovely fall day I wanted to showcase all the amazing new designs that have been released at the store.  I found myself wanting to go for a walk this morning in my little red dress.  Then I met up with a friend for tea and I found the white dress appropriate.  Lastly, I had a wonderful evening of dancing with the hubby.

White Dress: Addison              Red Dress: NorthSore  
Brooklyn Gown
What I am wearing:

Dress: JUMO - NorthSore Dress - Cerise
Hair: Spellbound - Toothbrush - Brunettes
Necklace: JUMO - Yotta Diamond Necklace
Eye Makeup: Glamorize - Insanity Eye Makeup - Chocolate

Dress with Jewelry: JUMO - Addison Set - Pearl
Hair: booN - HYA209 hair - Chocolate (hair base sold separately)
Lipstick: Fishy Strawberry - Kokeshi Gloss - Bronze
Eye Makeup: MONS - Burning Eyeshadow - Navy

Brooklyn Gown
Dress: JUMO - Brooklyn Gown - Cerise
Jewelry Set: Lazuri - Fall Romance 
Eye Makeup: MONS - Eyeshadow Missy - Autumn
Hair: EMO-tions - Daisy - Darkbrown

Find JUMO here:

MVW Interview Outfit

Saturday I had the pleasure of doing my voice interview with the MVW panel.  We were supposed to wear a casual look and below is what I styled.  I think the interview went well despite my nerves.

What I am wearing:

Dress: *LpD* - Luly Dress Special Ed.
Hat: Miamai - Stratus hat - Luxe - Cream Canvas
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer -  Kara Wooden Beaded  - Long
Ring: Finesmith - Engagement/Wedding Rings - Precious
Hair: LeLutka - Alex - AlmostGoth
Shoes: Ricielli - Lasercut Ankle Boots - Caramel

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Vampiress - MVW 5th Challenge

Our fifth challenge was what kind of a Vampiress did we want to showcase, that inspired your styling. I researched my country and vampiress to find the following:

In Greece vampires are referred to as Vrykolakas.  Someone becomes a Vrykolakas by leading a sacrilegious way of life.  I was inspired by Queen of the Damned movie 2002.   My look is a reflection of Vampire Queen Akasha, but has a more romantic feel to it.  Vrykolakas are known to wander the streets at night and knock on doors of houses at night while calling out the names of the residents inside.  If no one responds the Vrykolakas will pass.  

However, if someone does respond they will die a few days later and become a Vrykolakas themselves.  This outfit is meant to tempt them and lure them out of the house and into responding to the Vrykolakas as she walks the street at night.  The lace skirt along with the pearl encrusted bustier and the velvet cape all add luxury to the look.  Superstition still stands in to this day in certain villages that you should not answer a door until a second knock is heard.

What I am wearing:

Crown - ieQED - Gloriana Crown - Copper
Eyebrows: Madrid Solo - Eyebrow Designs - Gothic Brow 1
Skirt, Cape: Fantasy Creations - Shahrazad 
Top, Corset, Wrist Wraps, Earrings, Necklace: Devious Mind - Satine 
Shoes:  JUMO - Persepolis Sandals
Fangs: - Cain - Realistic Vampire fangs
Eye Makeup: Freekz - Mascara Tears - Bloody
Hair: Vanity - Alien - Dark Browns

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sneak Peek Event

There are only a few more days until this event is over.  The exclusive designs from this event will be gone, so don't miss your chance to own them.

.:JUMO:. - Detroit Sequin Dress 

 CST Designs - Classe Blackberry 
What I am wearing:

Photo One
Dress: .:JUMO:. - Detroit Sequin Dress - Silver 
Shoes:  HOLLYHOOD - Haley Heels - Black
Hair: LeLutka- Colleen Hair - AlmostGoth
Necklace: 22769 Casual Couture - Fracture Necklace Black
Bracelet: Kunglers Extra - TDRF #031 - Silver

Photo Two
Jacket: !CST Designs - Classe Jacket - Blackberry
Pants: !CST Designs - Classe Pant - Blackberry
Shoes: !CST Designs - Blackberry
Bracelet: Kunglers Extra - TDRF #039 - Silver
Hair: ANALOG DOG - 42 - Dark Browns
Sunglasses: S O R G O - Flint Carbon

To find these great outfits:

4th MVW Challenge

"Tell us who you really are" was sponsored by Journey McLaghlan the designer of PRISM.  We received four different dresses to choose from.  The styling was supposed to represent our personality and we were to pick one word to describe us.

The word that would describe my personality is classic.  I have a classic styling ability and I follow the golden rule in life.  This means that you do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  I follow this rule both in second life and in real life.  My styling is classic like in the stars from the 1950's.  I think that this would have been a great glamorous era to live in and I adore Audrey Hepburn.

What I am wearing:

Dress: Prism Designs Uli Dress - Dawn Sparkle
Fur Stole: .: ryvolter :. Mink Princess Stole - Brown
Necklace: .:EMO-tions:. * VARI* - necklace ( aqua )
Earrings:  Pixel Mode - Pearl Earing
Bangles: C h a r y . - Gaia Bangles - Gold
Shoes: Ricielli - Lasercut Ankle Boots - Caramel
Hair: ::Exile:: Loveshack:Pecan
Eye Makeup: Donna Flora - eyeshadow mina brown