Sunday, March 30, 2014

Our Day Shopping

This morning when I came on my good friend Scarlett nabbed me to go shopping.  We went to Lazuri's to pick up some gems.  I was wearing the outfit I was going to blog today and she wanted to get a couple of pictures.  Well I took some pictures as well and now I have my first blog with a friend.

What Scarlett is wearing:

Dress: Utopia - Kylie
Hair: Di!va - Ruri - Cat's Eye color
Ring:  Lazuri - MVW 2013 Nayomi Gartner  - color and texture chg ring
Earrings: Zuri Cameo Earrings -   Gluttony -Pink Daimond/Gold

What Gem is wearing:

Dress:  Zenith Fashion - Leather Manteau dress w/belt - Caramel
Hair: EMO-tions -  Amita
Earrings & Ring: Alienbear - Precious Queen Earring & Ring

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Awakening

I came up with this look for a contest of sorts.  Anyways I think it is the perfect picture to put up since spring has arrived.  I am so done with the cold weather and ready to change up clothes to spring and summer looks.

What I am wearing:

Blazer:  Diram - Blake Blazer White
Dress:  Dead Dollz - Cosette Gown Blush
Ring: Finesmith - Rita Ring
Head Piece: Miamai BL - Titania Headpiece Rose
Necklace: Virtual Impressions - Madison Dream Snow Pearl Necklace

Sunday, March 23, 2014

White Wonder

Here is yet another dress that I had to have when it first came out.  Of course that was a couple weeks ago.  I still love this dress and loved it when I first saw it on Shae in purple.  This would also make a great wedding dress in the new lighter colors that were released. I put a flower in my hair for just that simple touch.

What I am wearing:

Dress: Miamai BL- Shae Powder 
Hair: EMO-tions - Bella
Hair Flower: NSP Unisex Peony Boutonniere - Wedding White

Sunday, March 16, 2014

In the Clouds

I ran out and bought this dress when it was released in this color a few weeks ago.  Since then it has been patiently waiting in my inventory for me to blog it.  This marks my 100th blog.  I love this look and just may go out dancing after this post as my head is in the clouds.  

What I am Wearing:

Dress: Miamai - Harena in Sable
Hair: Vanity Hair - Opium in Soil
Jewelry Set includes a necklace, earrings, ring and broach(not pictured): Zuri Rayna Jewelry: Josephine in Tiger Orchid

As always Zuri Rayna Jewelry members get a 25% refund when purchasing jewelry (after purchase) on the first and second floors only when wearing group tag.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Great Finds

I was exploring SL the other day and ran a cross Old Europe.  I browsed through the stores and found a wide variety of items.  This dress was one of the things I picked up.  It's almost full lace and totally sexy.  When I was at the sim I noticed they will be having a Spring Market Fair.  I am sure this will be a great place to shop, so make sure you stop by the sim starting March 25th to enjoy the great scenery and wonderful vendors.

What I am wearing:

Dress: Ruxy  Design - Josephine Gown
Hair: D!va  - Hair - Ana
Shoes w/stockings: Gos - Carrie Pumps - Patent

Jewelry Set:  Zuri Rayna Jewelry - Sarah Set - Onyx /Strawberry Gold.
As always Zuri Rayna Jewelry members get a 25% refund when purchasing jewelry (after purchase) on the first and second floors only when wearing group tag.

The Spring Market Fair can be found here:

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Partyculars Opening

I meant to post this sooner, but have not had a chance.  A few weeks ago I had the honor of being a dancer for the opening of The Partyculars.  As you all know when Frolic does something he does it big.  This was no different.  I was in two different amazing dances for which two of second lifes top designers provided the outfits.  My first number was the Tango choreography by SexyS Quintessa.  The outfit was created by Diram.  The second number was the grand  finale was choreography by Galilla Sinatra, Rug Halberd & Diddy Hyun.  This outfit was created by Champagne!  I thought both outfits were great for the numbers they were used in.  Make sure to keep an eye out for future performances at the Partyculars Club as it is an event not to be missed.

What I am wearing:

Tango outfit:

Dress w/vail: Diram - Shine Dress Red 
Shoes: Gos - Halle Sandals - Ruby 
Hair: Amacci Hair - Misty - Dark Brown
Nails: Mandala - Medium

Jewelry Set: Zuri Rayna Jewelry - Czarina Earring - Ruby/Black Diamond Dark
Corsage: NSP Gardenia Lace Black Wrist corsage (red)

Grand Finale:

Outfit w/hat: Champagne- Chorus Line
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet High 
Shoes: Mon Cheri - Heartbreaker Sandals - Gold -
Hair: Vanity Hair - Sexy Kitten - Dark Browns
Nails: Izzie's - Metal Stripe Nails 
Ring: Donna Flora - Square ring topaz

Monday, March 10, 2014

Ruffles Make Me Feel Girly

Something about ruffles makes me feel girly.  Maybe its from childhood when you get to dress up in the ruffle dresses for special occasions like Easter, your birthday and Christmas.  This dress has lots of ruffles.

What I am wearing:

Dress:  Zanze  - Vivienne - Champagne

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Haley Mesh Hair - Chocolate
Hat: Elysium - McBee Hat  - Marrone

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Full of Color

Last weekend I went shopping and picked up a great dress by Mutresse.  The great thing about this designer is you get a color hud.  This allows you unlimited options color wise for the different parts of the dress.  Its like having 15 cocktail dresses in one.

What I am wearing:

Dress: Mutresse - Stilna Dress
Hair:  Epoque hair - Fighter - Earth
Shoes: Gos - Eva Slingback - Black Leather

Jewelry Set: Zuri Rayna Jewelry - Czarina ~Black Diamond/Onyx/Blk Pearl Bracelet

As always Zuri Rayna Jewelry members get a 25% refund when purchasing jewelry (after purchase) on the first and second floors only when wearing group tag.

Sexy In Red

I have this hair that has the sexy tousled waves.  I was thinking what I would wear with my hair which I know is kind of backwards.  Anyways I got this rocking dress to go with the sexy hair and this is the outcome.

What I am wearing:

Dress: Indyra - Merci BodyCon - Cerise 
Shoes: Gos - Halle Sandals - Ruby 
Hair:  Vanity Hair - Sexy Kitten - Dark Browns
Ring: Finesmith -  Here comes the sun - Smokey quartz
Bracelet: Finesmith - Shame Bracelet - Black

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Elegant Evening

I wandered into a strange park last night.  I loved the colors and the beauty of it all.  It was quite late, but thankfully my dress had a shrug that kept me warm.  Well that and  my new hat.  I absolutely adore the feathers on the hat. 

What I am wearing:

Hair: EMO-tions - Shelly 

Eye Makeup: Madrid Solo- Pearlina Eyes Only

The following can be found at:

Dress: Marianela's - Satine White
Hat: NSP Madame de Floria (Heather)
Earrings: Zuri's Bouquet - Earring Lavander (which is a set and includes a necklace).

As always Zuri Rayna Jewelry members get a 25% refund when purchasing jewelry (after purchase) on the first and second floors only when wearing group tags.