Monday, December 31, 2018

All In A Day

I was out and about today making my final present deliveries in a my VIP outfit from Trashed , my new Elliott Avenue Boots shoes from Heels and Amber hair from Astrology.  After being out in the cold I went home and got into my cozy cold shoulder knit dress from Trashed with my Aurora hair from Astrology near my water wall that I recently set up.  It is a unique piece of furniture from Unkindness.  Both items from Trashed and Astrology can be found at the Naughty Vs. Nice event that will wrap up on January 5th so you have a little time to pick them up.  To find out how the event works read my previous blog post.

VIP Outfit

Green Knit Dress

VIP Outfit
Pants Set | Trashed - Elle Outfit VIP Gift*
Shoes | Heels - Elliott Avenue Boots Red*
Hair | Astrology - Amber Hair*
Ring | AsteroidBox - Metal Promise Ring Dark Silver
Make Up - See Below
Necklace | AsteroidBox - Carmen Collar
Bike | Fashiowl - Xmas Bicycle w/pose
Phone Booth | Madras - Snow Telephone Booth Decor
Photo take @ Backdrop City

Green Knit Dress
Dress | Trashed - Cold Shoulder Knit Dress*
Shoes | N-core - Abby Black
Hair | Astrology - Aurora Mirror Hair*
Ring | AsteroidBox - Metal Promise Ring Dark Silver
Necklace | Footpaw Industries - Celtic Knot Necklace
Eye Makeup | La Boheme - Traci Set 2
Eye Lashes | Michan - Ashley Makeup (Dec. 2018 Powder Pack)
Lipstick | Pink Fuel - 90s Supermodel (Dec. 2018 Powder Pack)
Full Pose | Corpus - Moda Edition 001
Close Up Pose | Lyrium - Bento 1
Background | Unkindness - Lavish Falls Wall Fountain

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Unopened Gift

It seems that one unopened gift was left behind.  These modesty bows by Exposeur are quite nice in hiding bit that are not meant to be blogged.  The tattoo is Hummingbird by Nyklaus Store which you can find at the current round of Event Crazy Fashion.   There are a few more days left to the event if you want to head over and check it out.  Make sure you also pick up the gifts that are located around the venue.

Tattoo | Nyklaus Store - Hummingbird*
Gloves | Amias - Rani Black
Hair | Cubic Cherry - Bewitched TSS Anniversary Edition Gift
Eye and Cheek Makeup | Euphoric - Pixie Face Tattoo
Lipstick | Aurealis - Madamn Matte Lipstick Quad Gift
Bows w/ Pose | Exposeur - Modesty Bows 4
Head | Catwa
Body | Maitreya

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Snow Priestess

I am the Snow Priestess of these woods.  I keep watch over my forest friends and help them if they may need it through the cold winter snow.  My adorable snow trimmed outfit called Snowy Discipline comes from Zenith.  I also want to mention this is my 500th blog post since I started blogging on 7/20/13.

Outfit | Zenith - Snowy Discipline Fat Pack
Eye Makeup | Zibska - Shigeko (Powder Pack Dec. 2018)
Lipstick | Idtty Faces - Color Lipstick (Powder Pack Dec. 2018)
Nail Polish | Alaskametro - Snow Queen
Ears | Swallow - Magic Pixie Ears 
Nose Ring | Suicidal Unborn - Nose Piercing Set
Hair | Lamb - Fate 
Belly Piercings | Exqui - Vixen
Photo Taken @ Backdrop City

Monday, December 24, 2018

Crystal Powers

I have always been a sensitive person.  At one point I went into a store to get some sage and ended up talking to the shop owner who also suggested I use crystals.  I do have crystals scattered through out my real life home.  Second Life should be no different in my opinion.  I have set some of these out at my home and what a wonderful scene it does make.

Raindale put out a new table set for the Sense Event.  It includes the table, ornaments underneath and the two table lamps.  Then from the Naughty Vs. Nice Event I found the crystal table decor by Candle and Cauldron.  I have pictured the Binchotan Bottle, Elixir Bottle, Incense Boat, Vintage Candlestick Crystals, Ethereal Diffuser, Jar of Charcoal (VIP Grand Prize).  The framed photo is the VIP prize from Space Oddities.  Read all about Naughty or Nice on my previous post.

Table Set | Raindale - Evansford Full Set*
Framed Photo | Space Oddities - Stitchery The Unicorn in Captivity (VIP Grand Prize)*
Crystal Table Decor | Candle and Cauldron*
Plant | Simply Shelby - Hydrangea Home Decor Apricot Special Edition
Background | Minimal - Instagram Background 5

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Snow Bunny

The ski slopes opened by my house so I thought I would symbolize that with a photo.  Here is my snow bunny look complete with a comfy blanket and pillow on my lift. The Winter Wolf outfit comes from Robbie Roo's Whatchamoaoos and is part of the POE 11 hunt.  It also has a male counterpart so your men can get in on the matching outfit.

Outfit | Robbie Roo's Whatchamoaoos - Winter Wolf for Her* 
Hair | NYNE Hair - Xaii
Eyes & Lashes |  Euphoric - Zahra Beauty Set (Powder Pack Dec. 2018)
Makeup | Euphoric - Zahra Beauty Set (Powder Pack Dec. 2018)
Ears | Swallow - Punky Ear 
Ring | Meva - Sally Bento Ring Silver
Nail Polish | Alaskametro - Snow Queen Nail Art
Head | Catwa
Body | Maitreya
Swing | Vagabond - Monty's Ski Lift (PG)
Taken at Backdrop City

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Sexy Santa

I put together the cutest sexy Santa look I could muster up for a dance video.  Denali and I dressed up in holiday cheer to participate in Queens video.  I wore the VIP gift from Sexy Princess.  When the video comes out I will update the post with the link.

Gem and Denali

Gem and Denali
On Denali:
Necklace | Holly Jolly Christmas Necklace
Earrings | MaGmA- Christmas Snowflake
Body | Maitreya 
Head | LAQ - Bento Head: Ana 2.3

On Gem:
Body | Maitreya
Head | Catwa
Photo taken at Backdrop City

Friday, December 21, 2018

More Naughty or Nice

TRS Designs is participating in Naughty or Nice.  They have a variety of clothing available in both naughty styles and nice styles.  The silver sequined dress pictured is the exclusive VIP gift that is available.  To see more on how to play check out my previous post here.

Clothing | TRS Designs - Naughty vs. Nice 
Hair | Limerence - Snowy Hair with Snowflakes
Necklace | Chop Zuey - Equestrienne Womens Necklace TxChnge
Lipstick | Zibska
Body | Maitreya
Head | Catwa
Wings | Sublime - Wing 2 Silver
Pose| Manifeste - Model_213

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Opera Night

I found the perfect Opera outfit.  I look smashing.  I grab my loves arm as we rush for the door fashionably late as always.  I did pose for a quick photo near one of the trees they had out.  I could not resit showing you the new Camelia outfit that I picked up from Nala Design.  I was in such a rush I forgot my purse in the car but not before apply my new lipstick from Dulce Secrets called Coy.  Both of these must have items can be found at the current round of Yin/Yang which is now a hud event. On December 23rd at 2pm slt is Deja Vu is presenting the Christmas Carol at the Royal Opera Garnier Auditorium.  It is an event not to be missed.

Dress | Nala Design - Camelia Outfit (includes dress, shoes, necklace, earrings and clutch)*
Hair | Little Bones - Chel
Lipstick | Dulce Secrets - Coy Lipstick*
Tree | JIAN - Christmas Tree 2017 Bare
Pose | Poses | Manifeste - Model_833
Back Drop | Foxcity - K-POP Star 2 The Boys Gold
Photo taken at Backdrop City 

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Have you been Naughty or Nice?

Have you been naughty this year or nice?  The newest event to hit the grid is the Naughty vs. Nice Event.  This event is a little different from what we are use to.  A kit is required which is the free kit or the VIP kit for a $100L.  Once you have the kit it is a store to store, shop to shop, play the game till you win the lot!  Shoppers will teleport to main stores and pay to play for a collection of new gotcha items.  You get a different item every time you play until you purchase them all.  Items may cost $25L or $50L per play.  At this point if you have the VIP Kit you can purchase the extra prize.  All items are no transfer.  I am wearing A Winter Nomad Top and Skirt by Arcadia.  My necklace is by Accolade and is the VIP prize special color. 

Naughty vs. Nice Items:
Top | Arcadia - A Winter Nomad Top Crimson*
Skirt | Arcadia - A Winter Nomad Skirt Crimson*
Necklace | Accolade - Grand Prize*

Other Items:
Hair | Wasabi Pills - Alicia Mesh Hair
Rings | Swallow - Aphrodite Bento Rings
Pose | Po^Z - Against All Odds
Tree | JIAN - Christmas Tree 2017 Bare
Candles | Paper Moon - Dripping Candles Red
Wreath | SoraxTree - Rustic Pine Cone Wreath Ae
Backdrop | 8f8 - Silent Light Winter
Taken at Backdrop City

Monday, December 17, 2018

Winter Gift Exchange

I set the table for two.  I found the gifts and put them at our chairs.  I'm all dolled up with no where to go but a quite evening in just the two of us.  What a great night tonight will be as we do our winter gift exchange. 

My table set is from Also Known and is sold in individual pieces.  You have the option of purchasing the  table, chairs, chandelier, two Christmas tree in basket (two kinds), hydrangea in basket, poinsettia dinnerware, rug and window with curtains.  The three decorative candle houses are by Simply Shelby.  My fabulous Glitter Ballgown is by Monument and comes with a great color hud as an event exclusive.  All of these great finds can be found at a discount at the current round of Redeux  that runs until December 21st.  

Dress | Monument - Glitter Ballgown*
Hair | No Match - No Thanks
Necklace | Lyrical B!zarre Templates - Lisa Set Necklace
Ring | Meva - Sally Bento Ring Silver 
Pose | Manifeste - Model 840

Wreath | Circa - Woodlands Holiday Wreath Red Deer
Plaid Gifts | Junk Food - Plaid Two Presents and Plaid Present
Table Runner | Lyrical B!zarre Templates - Noelle Fireplace Runner
Dinning Set | Also Known - Assorted Pieces*
Houses w/candles | Simply Shelby - Metal House Lanterns Set*
Gifts w/Gold Bows | Dust Bunny - Christmas Presents Type A, E, F
Photo Box | Foxcity - Photo Booth The Grid Bronze

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sledding For Two

The hubby decided to surprise me.  We went on a winter stroll that lead to this little sledding picnic for two.  This is the most adorable Snow Day Picnic set by Raindale.  It comes in Decembers round of Builder's Box.  In this set you get the sled in three versions and ten sits.  The snowman, arch with lights, hot drinks, picnic basket and snow balls.  The scene comes to 18L.

Snow Man Scene | Raindale - Snowday Picnic Set*
Tree | Hive - Fir Tree A
Grass | Keke - Fairy Grass Winter Swaying
Photo taken @ Backdrop City

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Winter Sleigh

I found the Elisea Gown with Cape from Luas at the current round of Redeux that runs until the 21st of December.  The cute little snow flakes that surround the gown are by Naminoke and are also at the event.  On top of all the amazing designs this round hold I heard there might be some wonderful gifts for you to collect as well.  Have fun holiday shopping.

Dress | Luas - Elisea Gown*
Body Snow Flakes | Naminoke - Snow Flake Princess*
Hair | Letituier - Dulce Hair
Crown | ieQED - Burst Metal Crown Gold
Lipstick | Slack Girl - Passion Red Snake Gold
Pose | Manifeste - Model 840
Sleigh | CODE-5 - Santa Sleigh Snow V.0.01
Rocks | HPMD - Dirt Road - Snowy
Tree | Hive - Fir Tree A
Tree | Harsh Lands - 3 Prim Pine Tree Snowy
Photo taken @ Backdrop City

Friday, December 14, 2018


Red its just that simple.  Red is a bold, fierce color and perfect for navigating Christmas shopping at events.  People become a little over stimulated this time of year and patience runs thin in both worlds.  Today I managed to snag the Santa Sweater from Sexy Princes over at the Versus Event.  My festive holiday nails in a rainbow of colors comes from Hall Nail over at the current round of 
Event Crazy Fashion.

Sweater | Sexy Princess - Santa Sweater*

Pants | Scandalize - Caitli 

Eye Shadow | Bossie - Elegance Eyeshadows 

Lipstick | Studio Exposure - 50'S Red Lips Collection Powder Pack 

Cheeks |  SlackGirl - Countured GG

Nails | HallNail - Foglia Oro*

Hair | Truth - Teila

Rings | SpotCat - Angel Wings Bento Rings 

Pose | Pink Hustler - Pose 09//3-2

Body | Maitreya

Head | Catwa

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Christmas Travel

The funnest time of the year to travel is at Christmas.  You get to see your wonderfully functioning family and all the people you love in one place while making a huge meal all day long.  Boy doesn't that sound like fun?  This year we are staying home for Christmas and enjoying our day, so in Second Life I loaded up my car and headed out.  At least for my picture anyways.  Travel is so exhausting and taxing in any world.  My computer went out on the fritz and I am working on a laptop doing best for the time being.

My cute jacket/skirt set with shoes is by Asia Fashion is at the current round of Event Crazy Fashion.  My loaded up car comes from Kaerri's POE 11 hunt gift.  It is derivable if you love to have fun driving it around.

Skirt Outfit | Asia Fashion - Charlene*
Hair | Truth - Ciara
Body | Maitreya
Car | Kaerri - Christmas Convertible* (POE 11)
Christmas Tree | Dench Designs - Bauble Christmas Tree 
The backdrop is @ Backdrop City

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Inviting Cottage Kitchen

Welcome to my final post on the Coldbrook house by Raindale.  As you probably have read Lady and I style this home together in a wonderful christmas motif.  Today we highlight the inviting cottage kitchen where creativity in this home happens.  Whether your cooking in the kitchen, wrapping a package or sorting through your christmas supplies it seems to all happen here. Lucky for us The Looking Glass's Festive Joy Gottcha keeps all our decor needs neat and tidy. 
Inviting Cottage Kitchen 
Christmas Counter Goodies

Cooking Corner
Christmas Counter Goodies (Left to Right):
Wrapping Set | Bigbully - Gift Wrap Set
Wall Kitchen Tools | Velvet Whip - Sam Kitchen Tools
Rug | Finishing Touches - Braided Round Rug Snowman Star 

Cooking Corner (Left to Right):

Outside Decor:

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Rustic Christmas Living Room

Welcome to the open concept living room in the Coldbrook house by Raindale.  Lady and I went on a decorating spree and made it a wonderful Christmas house.  We used simple holiday pieces to make a charming rustic living room.  Also included are gottcha items from the Coldbrook set at the Arcade.  This is my fourth post on the house.  Make sure to check back tomorrow for our final post about the kitchen.  You can see a sneak peek off to the side of the living room.  Tomorrow is our last post on the inviting cottage kitchen.

Open Concept Living Room
Cozy Fireplace
Christmas Corner
Christmas Corner:

Cozy Fireplace:

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Vintage Chic

As promised here is a vintage chic look for the front foyer area of the Coldbrook Cottage by Raindale.  With our combined inventories Lady and I styled this room.  The whole look of the decor goes great with the coloring of the white walls and the dark wood flooring.  It looks like the perfect place for a little coco and cookies while chatting the afternoon away with good friends.

Front Entrance:
Rocking Horse | Dust Bunny - Toy Horse
Table w/Decorations | Love – Christmas Table
Out the window:

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Winter Cabin

Raindale put out the cutest set of gatcha items at the Arcade.  The house is Coldbrook Cottage and is the rare item in the set.  I went and decorated the whole house at one time with my friend Lady.  What a job that is.  I love making a scene to photograph, but then taking all the information of every room on the items that were used was a little overwhelming with that size of house.  The house has a main entry, a open space living/dining area and two loft spaces.  You could make one loft a bathroom or office and the other a bedroom.  The ladders do slide to either side of the loft.

I was going to post all the pictures at once, but I changed my mind.  Instead I will do consecutive blogs about the rooms I designed.  So today I will introduce you to the outside of the cabin on this cold wintery night.  I used the Mirror Box by Landscapes Unlimited for the sky and frozen ice(not pictured).  I love this very versatile box as it has many scenes including winter, tropical, city, fog and night time.

I also used two items from the Peace On Earth 11 Hunt.  The garden cart from Captured Waters and ZOE's Alternative Christmas Wreath.  These items are both very versatile home decor items. 


Gazebo | Raindale - Builder's box gazebo + lights
Winter Pole | Myth - North Post