Saturday, December 8, 2018

Winter Cabin

Raindale put out the cutest set of gatcha items at the Arcade.  The house is Coldbrook Cottage and is the rare item in the set.  I went and decorated the whole house at one time with my friend Lady.  What a job that is.  I love making a scene to photograph, but then taking all the information of every room on the items that were used was a little overwhelming with that size of house.  The house has a main entry, a open space living/dining area and two loft spaces.  You could make one loft a bathroom or office and the other a bedroom.  The ladders do slide to either side of the loft.

I was going to post all the pictures at once, but I changed my mind.  Instead I will do consecutive blogs about the rooms I designed.  So today I will introduce you to the outside of the cabin on this cold wintery night.  I used the Mirror Box by Landscapes Unlimited for the sky and frozen ice(not pictured).  I love this very versatile box as it has many scenes including winter, tropical, city, fog and night time.

I also used two items from the Peace On Earth 11 Hunt.  The garden cart from Captured Waters and ZOE's Alternative Christmas Wreath.  These items are both very versatile home decor items. 


Gazebo | Raindale - Builder's box gazebo + lights
Winter Pole | Myth - North Post

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