Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Vision In White

The beautiful Maxim dress by Asia Fashion is a new release at Event Crazy Fashion.  It is perfect for that romantic night out of dinning and dancing.  The white color is a nice refreshing change after so much pink and red.

Dress | Asia Fashion - Maxim*
Necklace | Glam Affair - Lux Necklace Silver White (2014)
Head Flowers | Lode - Vanessa Cereus Duo 4
Ears | Swallow - Princess Ears
Hair | Iconic - Cynthia Bunfit Xtra Messy
Makeup Set | LeLuck - Lipstick, Eyeshadow & Lashes Set Annabelle
Pose | Lyrium - Celine Pack
Backdrop | Aubrey Cosmetics - All Eyes On Me Rare
Taken @ Backdrop City

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Nail Me

I love nails in Second Life and I always have.  These new Maudi Stiletto Mesh Nails come from Slack Girl and are at the current round of Event Crazy Fashion.  Taking pictures of nails is not an easy thing.  Stretched mesh hands don't always look the best, but this pose from Foxcity does a great job.

Nails | Slack Girl - Maudi Stilleto Mesh Nails*
Hair | #Besom - Blanket
Eye Makeup | Cazimi - Love Bites Eyeshadow Heart Breaker 
Lipstick | Lisa Walker - January Gift Lipstick 0.4
Pose | Foxcity - Spotlight 3

Saturday, February 16, 2019

All Hearts

It is the time of year for hearts.  Today we have heart hats and heart eye lashes.  The Archer Hat Spring version by Syralle is at the current round of Reduex which opens at 12pm slt on the 14th.  Per the designer the Archer Hat is a visual play on the heart theme and Cupid's arrow with the tiny gold quiver brooch holding the plumes!  The Valentine Eyelashes by XOXO are at the current round of Event Crazy Fashion.  Both of these additions would make a great statement piece to any wardrobe.

Hat | Spyralle - The Archer Hat Spring*
Eye Lashes | XOXO - Valentine Eyelashes*
Hair | Wasabi Pills - Dylan Mesh Hair Chocolate
Eye Shadow | Arise - Cara Makeup Set
Lipstick | Pangea - Juicy Lipstick (PP Oct. 18)
Jewelery | Donna Flora - Mirella Gold Set

Friday, February 15, 2019

Relaxing By The Water

I found the most lovely tree to sit and relax by.  This new release called Peaceful Pose by Fashiowl is the perfect prop to do that with.  I found some great Ombre Tights by Ghee and both of these items can be found at the current round of Redeux.  I also have coordinating red shoes called Cupie by Heels that are on special all month.  This red is the perfect color to go with most Valentines Day themed clothing.

Skirt | Pink Cream Pie - Caitlyn Skirt (Monthly Midnight Madness)
Shirt | Pink Cream Pie -  Caitlyn Shirt (Monthly Midnight Madness)
Tights | Ghee - Ombre Tights Omega Appliers & System Tatts*
Shoes | Heels - Cupie*
Hair | #Besom - Blanket
Tree Prop with Poses | Fashiowl - Peaceful Pose*
Backdrop | Milk Motion - Water's Edge Scene
Photo taken @ Backdrop City

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Outdoor Love

Happy Valentines Day!!!!  This is outdoor romance at it's finest.  You have beautiful flowers, great animal companions, a comfy blanket and wine.  What more do you need?  Oh yes, my love.  He set it all up and is waiting for me.  I took a sneak peek really quickly.

The Rosemount Blanket from Raindale comes with 10 solo and 20 couples (friendly and romantic) animations.  The Adult version has 32 extra MF animations which are perfect for Valentines Day!  The texture changing HUD has five colors that allows both blankets and all 4 pillows to be textured independently.  This blanket can be found at Sultry.  The beautiful Oleander Tree by Bee Designs smells like sweet apricots and perfumes the air.  It's available in light pink, pink, red and white with three different sizes.  It can be found at the current round of Reduex.  Both events just opened so make sure you head over to check out what is new around the grid.

Blankets | Raindale - Rosemount Blankets PG or Adult*
Oleander Tree | Bee Designs - Nerium Oleander Red*
Squirrels - Simply Shelby - Be Mine Squirrels
Dog | Simply Shelby - Cupid's Helper
Wine | MadPea - Wine Tray of Love
Love Sign | MadPea - Love Marquee
Broken Pots | Love - Perfect Home Nature Scene
Grass | Love - Grass Forest Green
Cats | Jian - Kissy Kitties
Potted Plant | Dust Bunny - Giant Palm Plant
Backdrop | The Bearded Guy - Wooden Love 1 Happy Valentines Day

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Floral Love

I saw the Leonor Outfit V3 by Liziaah on the Designer Showcase note card and fell in love.  I loved the color tone of the outfit and the flowered see through arms.  It is perfect for a day out grid hopping.  I also found the Catalina Set by Moondance Boutique who's jewels complemented the outfit nicely.

Dress | Liziaah - Leonor Outfit V3*
Jewelry | Moondance Boutique - Catalina Set*
Eye Makeup | La Boheme - Vega 
Lipstick | Revoul - Glossed N' Bossed Collection
Highlighter | Shiny Stuffs -  Happy Hour (PP Jan. 19)
Hair | Besom Hair - Taz

Sunday, February 10, 2019

A Glow

I love how makeup can give someone a nice glow without much photo editing.  I love being able to take close ups to show nails and rings while having bento hands with great bento poses.  I think the changes since I started SL have been in leaps and bounds.  I prefer to have the new advances of SL even though the fashion world is different than it use to be.

I am showcasing some new finds that are located over at the current round of Designer Showcase.  Bento rings are also a newer feature of SL and Vida Set by Livia is perfect for everyday wear.  It is simple yet elegant and not overpowering.  DMZ always has great nail polish and the new Crispy Days Polish does not disappoint with its variant colors.  Lastly, Dulce Secrets has a new eyeshadow called Aoi Si that is at the event.  I love the vibrant two toned colors that are perfect for spring.

Rings | LIVIA - Vida Bento Rings*
Nail Polish | DMZ - Crispy Days Nail-polish*
Eyeshadow | Dulce Secrets - Aoi Si Eyeshadow*
Lipstick | Revoul - Glossed N' Bossed Collection
Highlighter | Shiny Stuffs -  Happy Hour (PP Jan. 19)
Hair | Truth - VIP Kaijah
Ears | Swallow - Princess Ears Right
Pose | Lyrium - Bento Close Up 8
Tree | Love - Camp Tree