Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Bellwood Picnic

Even when living the caravan lifestyle we can still have a great Thanksgiving setting.  The Bellwood Picnic Set is brought to us by Chez Moi.  and can currently be found at this round of Cosmopolitan for all your outside Thanksgiving needs.


Trompe Loeil - Zenovia Caravan PG

Sunday, November 22, 2020



Even though 2020 has been a rough year (that's an understatement), I am still Thankful for every single thing (like my three year old says).  I am thankful for people both on Second Life and in Real Life that I call friends.  I am thankful that none of my family has gotten sick and that we still have income to continue on in life when so many are unsure.  I count my blessings every single day.  Lastly, I am thankful to blog.  That stores like my work enough to help keep my blogging going, so I have a creative outlet. 

Now enough on that.  What is pictured in this photo that I want to highlight is the rocking chair and this wonderful background.  Estwards Rockingchair is a promo with Wanderlust for $50L today only by Raindale.  In addition, she has 25L gochas set out and a gift reward for group members.  The backdrop is by Ionic and is named Toledo 3.  The great thing about the backdrop is you can use in a setting for home goods like I did or for avatar photos.  

Raindale - Estwards Rocking Chair Promo - Thankful*

For Wanderlust

Backdrop - Ionic - Toledo_3*

Apple Fall - Clay Cat Jour & Reading Pile

Kres - Mugs of Chocolate

Hisa - Lanterne D'aurora

Yumyum - Ivy B Green

Thor - Italian Clay Pot S

Simply Shelby - Tall Vase (inside clay pot)

Minimal - Velvet Gold Vase Small Plant

Lazy Day


Sunday's are lazy days and Grumpy cat is taking it easy as the sun streams in.  Decor Junction* released the Hall Table Decor.  I used version two but there are three designs to choose from.  I paired it with some finds from a new store called House Of Moose*.  These include the Modern Rug, "Circles" Painting 2 and Large Leafed Plant.  Grumpy Cat was adopted at from The Rezz Room. 

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Trimming The Tree

Some people I know have already set out their Christmas decorations.  It's just that type of year where we need more cheer.  I dressed in my new cashmere sweater and trousers called Cecilia by Belle Epoque to stay chic while decorating the house.  I pulled out a few of my older Christmas items from around the grid and got to work on my blog post while listening to Christmas Music.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Baby It's Cold Outside


Baby it's just a little cold outside. I decided to find a nice winter sim to take my photo at and explore.  I went to Second Life's Destination Guide for the week and went to Astoria. KiB Designs just released the beautiful Manisha Gown that is at this round of Designer Showcase that I wanted to showcase.  I then dug through my inventory to find a jacket that would keep me warm and the rest is history.

KiB Designs - Manisha Gown*

@Designer Showcase

Chop Zuey - Songerise Collection

Truth - Joy

Ryvolter - Trixi Shoulder Fur Coat Oxblood

Kunglers - Grazia


Thursday, November 19, 2020

Christmas Living Room

 I love Infinite Furniture.  The one thing that sets them apart from other furniture maker is the sit sequences in the sofa and chair.  These come in couples or solo's and can run for up to four hours. I used the Man Cave to display the Living Room which is either inside a rock or a skybox.  I have paired the Cole Fireplace with Carl's Living Room for a manly Christmas Living Room.

Infinite - Carl's Living Room*

Carl's Chair Lightwood

Carl's Sofa Lightwood

Carl's Table Lightwood

Carl's Rug Triangles

Carl's Frame Black Abstract

Carl's Frame Abstract Swish

Carl's Frame Mountains

Man Cave 

@Man Cave Event

Infinite - Cole Fireplace Fatpack*

Carl's Books

Cole Deer Linked Gold

Cole Fireplace Lightwood

Rezz Room - English Bulldog

Lisp - Newspaper and Coffee

Apple Fall - Birch Logs w/ Belt

Apple Fall Cushion - Satin Trellis Black

Apple Fall Cushion - Tudor Trellis Grey Large

Bazar - Fire poker

Half-Deer - Mini Ceramic Tree White A 

Old Barn Door - Holiday Cards On A String*

Stone's Works - Wreath Christmas Balls 

Dysfunctionality - Faux Mounted Deer Head

Bee Designs - Christmas Tree 2 PG

ACD - Holiday Ladders

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The Corset

 I am Second Life old as I like to call it.   I came into this world through the CSI sim in 2008.  I have seen many changes in this world.  I also have a large inventory full of old, but wonderful things.  I am starting to mix new and old items together in my photos.  Some things can no longer be found in Second Life as the creators are no longer in world or have passed in their real lives.  I am enjoying this new mix of items in my blogging.  So today's corset called Dorothea is from Jumo Originals and can be found at the current round of Designer Showcase.  I still remember when Jumo was a new store.  She is so friendly and I am glad her store has done well over the years.  She works so hard to bring us the best designs on the grid.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Just Be

This is a place where I go to take my mind off of things and just be.  I love the seating and really enjoy the fire pit.  I am soaking up as much fall as I can before the winter hits Second Life as well.  The decor I used today can be found at the current round of Swank.  Just visit the Harshland & Simple Reflections boths.

 Harshlands - Patio Furniture Set*

Patio Corner Sofa

Patio Sofa

Patio Table

Patio Chair

Simple Reflections - S'mores Leafy Firepit with Table Dispenser*


Monday, November 16, 2020

Autumn Breeze

The Autumn breeze blows through the living room while the sun lights up the space.  I love the light and neutral colors in this room with the hints of teal.  It is like a picture in a magazine of a fancy home.  I used items at this round of Swank paired with other new things around the grid.  Just take a moment and have a seat.

Bricolage (formerly Casa de Bebe) - Florence Living Room*

Florence Linen Bucket Chair_Adult

Florence Kilm Rug

Clay Pitcher

Florence Console Cabinet 1

Wicker Basket Square 2

Dear Books

Plaster Candlestick Small

Plaster Candlestick Tall

Plaster Candlestick Medium

Florence Books & Vine Balls

Florence Leather Sofa_Adult

CJ Creations - Pampas Grass with Papyrus in ceramic Vase*

CJ Creations - Autumn Wreath Table Hydrangea with Berrys*


Loft & Aria - Emerson Floor Lamp

Dahlia - Sophia  Wallart Black/Silver

HopScotch - Caged Lights

Pitaya - Flowing Curtains 02 Sheer

Apple Fall - New York Studio Apartment

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Telenovela Slap

 I really like using eyeshadow that is dramatic as it shows up really well on darker colored skin.  Dotty's Secret always hits the mark in this area.  Drama Queen which has been released at The Jail Event is no different.  I choose  Telenovela Slap as my color since it matched my dress so well.  Check out the color chart at the end of my post for more colors with awesome names.  Check out my Layers to Beauty post for other details about my beauty look.

Dotty's Secret - Drama Queen Eye Makeup*

Aurealis - Decade Choker V1

D!va Hair - "Lisa"

Baiastice - Woollen Outfit Sienna