Thursday, June 17, 2021

Summer Mountain Retreat Livingroom


Inside of my Jess Cottage by Décor Junction by and Shutter Field is a wonderful open concept space.   This is their second collaborative home which I am showing the shabby version of.  This house can be found at SL 18B which will be 25% for the duration of the event.  I have made this space a living room on half of the house with lots of room.  Today I am featuring the Mea Terra Collection by Chez Moi.  This sectional couch can be assembled in a few ways to make it the perfect sectional.  It comes with a hud that can change the wood and the couch cushions.   I placed Korpokkur House's Round Table as a side table.  It is a limited edition at SL18B.  I actually have a table that is somewhat similar in real life on my deck. The book and vase from Korpokkur House are the free gift for SL18B.

Chez Moi - Mea Terra Collection*

Carpet, Chaise, Couch, Plant, Settee, Table 

@The Access Event

Chez Moi - Jacob Shelves*

DJ.SF Jess Cottage Shabby*


Korpokkur House - Book & Vase(Free Gift)*

Korpokkur House - Round Table*


Heart - Wild Exotics Snake Plant Potted 

Jian - Legacy Husky Wanderer

Tarte - Ivy Chevron Trellis

What Next - Chloe Sheer Curtains

"Flying over the sea" by Duna Gant

Luc.- Bacon Jalapeno Poppers

Foodie X Majesty - Matron Cocktail Watermelon 

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Summer Mountain Retreat


Our mountain retreat is very peaceful and relaxing.  I enjoy sitting on the porch and listening to the birds sing in the early morning sun.  I added items from Jasper Bay Nautical Collection* to the porch by Old Barn Door along with Swank & Co. Rainbow Crystal Wind Chime* in Black that can be found at the current round of Swank.  

The Jess Cottage* is brought to us by Décor Junction in conjunction with Shutter Field.  This is their second collaborative home which I am showing the shabby version of.  This house can be found at SL 18 starting tomorrow.  It will be 25% for the duration of the event.  Another event that just started is Summer Carnival by Malus Park Events.  The Lunaria Goblin Meadow* is available there and adds colorful flowers to any landscaping you may need.  Check back tomorrow for the furniture I used inside the home.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

80's Glam @ Vintage Fair

Dotty's Secret has released the Glam Rock Series of makeup for the Vintage Fair.  I love how bold these colors are.  They consist of both BOM layers and appliers.  They can be mixed and matched however you see fit.  My bright lipstick is Karma Lip Gloss Reds from Dotty's Secret.  I am also wearing No. Match - No Eternity hair and Swallow Ears.  

Monday, June 14, 2021

Summer Time


Summer time is here.  I managed to pick up a new suit from Belle Epoque.  This the the Rafaella in White which is at Anthem.  I love summer and all it's fabulousness.  

Belle Epoque - Rafaella White w/Hat*


The Forge - Rosella Necklace Gold

Doux - Jennie Hairstyle

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Rustic Kitchen Sink


This rustic kitchen skin is a collaboration between Décor Junction and Shutter Field.  You can find it at the current round of Cosmopolitan for a few more days.  It comes with the sink and different tins for bread/biscuits and the like.  This adorable sink is perfect for any farm house.  The curtains have a hud for different colors. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Latex Love

 I love dressing up in Second Life and putting together look's.  It's like my very own 3d Barbie.  This hot little number is brought to us by Wild Fashion.  The new Cosmos Latex Mini Dress is at the current round of Designer Showcase. 

Wild Fashion - Cosmos Mini Dress*

@Designer Showcase

Kunglers - Malu Necklace Onyx

Kunglers - TDRF #031 Mixed Bracelet (2014)

Doux - Victoria Hairstyle

Avanti - Satima Nails

Dotty's Secret - Blake Eyeshadow*

Purple Beauty - Braba Lippie Collection 02

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Sunny Sunday


Good morning everyone and happy Sunday.  Our cold weather has seemed to disappear as quickly as it came.  We are in full fledged summer mode and going to hit the river this afternoon.  Although the water is still really cold snow run off the kids don't seem to mind.  I will be soaking up some rays.  

My little sunny farm house is part of the Millcreek Gacha from Raindale at this round of Arcade that just opened.  I also included other gacha throughout the photo.  I love how green and flowery everything is at the farm.

Raindale - Millcreek Gacha*

Millcreek bridge

Millcreek fence w/lights

Millcreek home sign

Millcreek tub

Millcreek water pump 

Millcreek wheel (photo display) 

Millcreek windmill (static)

Millcreek cottage RARE


Fundati - Giant Oak Tree I & II

Hayabusa Design - Vine Bushes M3

Hayabusa Design Georgia hackberry Shrub Sculpted N4 

Hayabusa Design Sorbus Aria N1

Felix - Wild Flower Ground Cover Set

Felix - Wild Flower Way Addon Set

Fourth Wall - Mossy Landform 06

Backdrop - Decorative wall for parcel - Forest Mountains

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Feeling Lucky

 Designer Showcase just opened a new round today.  The Gia Latex Suit by Le'La Designs is available now.  It comes with a fun undress me hud.  I'm feeling a bit lucky tonight and can't wait for Magnus to pop into Second Life.  Check out everything from the new round here.

Le'La Design - Gia Latex*

@Designer Showcase

Avanti - Satima Nails

Dotty's Secret - Blake Eyeshadow*

Purple Beauty - Braba Lippie Collection 02

Izzie's - Bikini Tan Lines

Doux - Rose Hairstyle

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Pride At Home


The pride at home event kicked off today and runs all month long.  The event celebrates pride, "Pride is still so very important. Equality is still being threatened around the world to this day. EVERYONE can celebrate Pride because Pride is founded in love, tolerance and acceptance."  The bottom line is we need to love and accept everyone just as they are and cherish each person.  This year a pride sim will run events.  Check out the in world group here for updates on events.  Check out all the awesomeness designers have created at their Flickr page.   My makeup was created by Dotty's Secret.  I am wearing the Pride Smokey Eye with the Queer Quotes and Karma Lip Gloss Reds. 

Pride Smokey Eye
Queer Quotes
Karma Lip Gloss


Thursday, May 27, 2021

For The Birds


In the morning I let out the birds and they always love to play with the cat.  If your birds are anything like mine they start singing outside about 5:30am in the summer.  My birds love to perch upon Korpokkur House's bird cage.  It is a wonderful décor addition to my the Old Rustic Dresser by Décor Junction.  

Korpokkur House - Bird Cage*

Decor Junction - Old Rustic Dresser*

Soy - Reed Screen Sudare Light Half Rolled

Broken Arrows - Bird Frames White Wood

Fetch - Messy Rug

Jian - White Chubby Cat Bird Bus

Foxwood - Boho Lounge Love Bird

DJ.SF - Kelly Cottage White*