Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Smart Shopping

I confess that I have a new addiction.  You can call me the demo queen.  I love shopping and the thrill of getting new clothes.  I have found a new way to do this.  I go to an event and I pick up all the demos that interest me.  Then I go home and I try it all on giving it a good look over.  I then pick one or two things to purchase.  This new form of shopping has been good for me.  Before when I had a disposable income with my SL spending habits I would buy it all and just delete what I didn’t like.

With that being said I went to Uber and found a new skin from Atelier Pepe.  It’s hard to find a good darker skin.  A lot of times the color may look off in different wind lights.  I really like this new skin.  The neck area and the armpits care clean and don’t have darker shading than the skin color.  Then I went over to Truth’s booth at LL’s Shop your Heart Out Event and found new hair at 50% off.  They also have a gift out.  It was a steal on the hair.  My next stop was at On9 where I picked up Giz Seorn’s new Gretta dress.  I love the soft velvet off the dress and the warm winter color options.

The last stop for my whirlwind day was to go window shop at Gos Boutique.  I love the store and wanted to drop in to see what was new since my brief departure of SL.  It seems that they have updated some of their old shoe styles to be compatible with Slink and Lara bodies.  This excited me since I own a small fortune of their shoes.  This is the page on what shoes have been updated.  With the update of mesh bodies and heads comes the loss of use of older items on newer technology.  I am glad that some designers recognize this and do update their items accordingly because they don’t have to, so thank you for the bottom of my heart.

Styling Credits:

 Giz Seorn Greta Dress Velvet Green Maitreya Lara
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Catwa Pink Mesh Head

First two photos taken at Backdrop City
The second one was taken at Gos Boutique

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