Sunday, November 9, 2014

Vampiress - MVW 5th Challenge

Our fifth challenge was what kind of a Vampiress did we want to showcase, that inspired your styling. I researched my country and vampiress to find the following:

In Greece vampires are referred to as Vrykolakas.  Someone becomes a Vrykolakas by leading a sacrilegious way of life.  I was inspired by Queen of the Damned movie 2002.   My look is a reflection of Vampire Queen Akasha, but has a more romantic feel to it.  Vrykolakas are known to wander the streets at night and knock on doors of houses at night while calling out the names of the residents inside.  If no one responds the Vrykolakas will pass.  

However, if someone does respond they will die a few days later and become a Vrykolakas themselves.  This outfit is meant to tempt them and lure them out of the house and into responding to the Vrykolakas as she walks the street at night.  The lace skirt along with the pearl encrusted bustier and the velvet cape all add luxury to the look.  Superstition still stands in to this day in certain villages that you should not answer a door until a second knock is heard.

What I am wearing:

Crown - ieQED - Gloriana Crown - Copper
Eyebrows: Madrid Solo - Eyebrow Designs - Gothic Brow 1
Skirt, Cape: Fantasy Creations - Shahrazad 
Top, Corset, Wrist Wraps, Earrings, Necklace: Devious Mind - Satine 
Shoes:  JUMO - Persepolis Sandals
Fangs: - Cain - Realistic Vampire fangs
Eye Makeup: Freekz - Mascara Tears - Bloody
Hair: Vanity - Alien - Dark Browns

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