Saturday, May 2, 2020

The Setting Sun

Another day has come and gone.  The sun is setting and tomorrow will be a new day.  Today in real life I was out on a walk with my two little ones and we stumbled upon a bear.  My daughter almost scootered right into his path.  Thankfully we stopped her before she could and I redirected the two kids the other direction. Usually we make enough noise to scare any wildlife in a hundred mile radius, but this bear didn't mind us.  So the ode to our day is the little cub in the picture.  They are much safer in Second Life.  You have one more day to go get the Little Courtyard Collection from Code 8 that is currently at Cosmopolitan.  I have included the couch, table, candles, plant, and courtyard with plants in this photo.

Code 8 - Little Courtyard*
Code 8 - Wind Chime Complete Set
Luc. - Leaves Array Wall Art Copper
Mithral - Rhaphidophora Hayi Pack C
Rezz Room - Baby Bear Scratching
Madras -  Tati Pot Decor Color
Infinite - Ashley's Rug Blue Diamond
The Artist Shed - Spring has Sprung Chair Violet

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