Saturday, May 9, 2020

Tiny House Cottage

This home is Old Barn Doors new Tiny House Cottage inspired by Tiny House Nation!!  The outside is fully customizable on color.  The inside boast so many options.  It has a cute little breakfast bar in the kitchen area.  It has a storage couch and a large screen tv adjacent.  When I saw this tiny home I thought it would be a great mother-in-law quarters.  Old Barn Door also put out some flowers and Mother's Day Cards, so I placed one on the counter.  It has a bathroom with laundry facilities and an upstairs loft.  Best yet this thing can be placed anywhere your heart desires since it's Second Life.  These items and more can be found at the main store.


  1. Actually, your links come up with "not found" and when I went to the main store, I could only find the lagoon beach cottage! Where is this particular tiny house to be found?

    1. The Tiny House Cottage is right beside the Lagoon Beach Cottage. It's right across the boardwalk. =]


      Great job on the blog post Gem! =]