Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day everyone.  I am celebrating my fourth Mother's Day with my two little ones.  I hope everyone's has a relaxing day like this picture.  I know that might be wishful thinking, but in Second Life anything is possible.  This gacha set comes from Chez Moi which is appropriately named De-Stress Time and can be found at The Gacha Garden.    

Chez Moi - De-Stress Time*
Alecrim Plant
De-stress Big Candle
De-stress Medium Candle
De-stress Small Candle
De-stress Massage Table 
De-stress Paper Lantern
De-stress Plant Vase
De-stress Roll Towels
Oil Bottle
Swan Folded Towel

Cazimi - Essential Oils
LOVE - Rose Scatter Long Red
Architect - Rug Pack III (B)
Krescendo - Amour Champagne Bucket Gold
MINIMAL - Advent Calendar 2019 Day 23 Gold Glass
Mithral - Geo Pipe Hanger Gold

Seeds of inspiration are NOT won by chance, they are earned by the players. The only way a player can receive a “Seed of Inspiration” is to play the creators machine at least 20 times. They will receive it once every 20 pulls.

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