Tuesday, March 31, 2020

For Company


This little boat shed is perfect for company to come over and visit.  Unlike real life in Second Life we can still socialize in number and not have to worry about getting sick.  I know these precautions are a must but it does get tiring and my kids are getting restless not seeing any of their friends.  It is hard to tell a two and four year old why we have to miss some of the few activities we use to go to.  Lots of playdough and scooter time seems to be a good distraction for now.

As for myself I sink into SL and pretend nothing is wrong in the evenings.  My blogging gives me a creative outlet that I love.  Raindale has been really crafty this month so I wanted to show you a few more of their releases before the events close.  At Arcade is the Lanmour Gacha.  It's last day is today so if you love the very girly bedroom set make sure you head on over asap.  At Bloom is the Springson Gacha and that runs until April 4th so you have a few more days to grab those items.  Lastly, is the Beaumon Teepee which will be moved to the main store if it has not yet.  The PG edition has 10 solo and 20 couple (romantic MF) animations.  It has 10 colours for the teepee, blanket and cushions to match any color scheme you have.

Raindale - Beaumon Teepee*

Raindale - Springsong Gacha*
Springsong bar stool - gold+teal
Springsong bar stool - gold+white
Springsong chair - blue
Springsong counter
Springsong jar with flowers
Springsong jar with flowers (wall)
Springsong table
Springsong umbrella - yellow
Springsong studio RARE

Raindale - Lanmour Gacha*
Lanmour bed (PG) CM
Lanmour curtains - pink CM
Lanmour mirror CM
Lanmour ottoman - pink CM

HJM Designs - Mixed Flowers Boat Planter
Paper Moon - Wildflower Wabbits Planters: Pink & Blue C
Apple Fall - Lemon Whip Drizzle Cake
Yugen - Feyre Tree 03

Monday, March 30, 2020



Chez Moi just released the Ilea Vanity at this round of Cosmopolitan that ends on the April 4th.  The thing I love about this vanity is that all the make is already set on the vanity and it rezes as one piece which is such a time saver.  It even has room left on it to add your own flair of accessories if you so wish.

Chez Moi - Ilea Vanity*
Tarte - Draped Curtain Leaves
The Bearded Guy - Everything Love in Letters
Apple Fall - Wild Thistles
Apple Fall - West Village Cotton Tote
Apple Fall - Bathroom Lotions

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Makeshift Living Room

Ashley's makeshift living room set by Infinite is a nice addition to any home.  It has a wide variety of different rugs colors available as well as wall decor colors.  The furniture comes with four woods and four colors for the pillows and blankets.  In the adult version you get unisex, male, female and erotic poses.


Infinite - Ashley's Makeshift Living Room*
Ashley's Rug Green Elephants
Ashley's Rug Yellow Diamond
Ashley's Rug Blue Diamond
Ashley's Makeshift Chair 1
Ashley's Makeshift Chair 2
Ashley's Makeshift Sofa
Ashley's Wall Blocks White
Ashley's Makeshift Table

Aphrodite - Easter Board 2
Jian - Cuddly Corgis 5 Black Tri Companion
Dust Bunny - Hanging Plants Cheese Plant
Dust Bunny - Hanging Plants Double Planter
DDDF - Wrapped Silks Standing Lamp Dandelion
(luc) - Ficus Potted Tree V2
Your Dreams - Mini Apartament Group Gift

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Breakfast Is Divine


Happy Saturday everyone and I hope you are well.  A nice breakfast spread is always appreciated.  Why should Second Life be any different?  We tend to do big breakfasts on the weekends when the husband is home to help out.  This breakfast spread makes me hungry.  Food in Second Life has come a long way since the early days of the game.  A tray like that use to run over 100 prims.  Now it runs about five to eight.  It allows us to customize our world even more.

Vespertine - Breakfast Pancake Tray
Vespertine -  Raspberry & Cream Pancakes
Peaches - Bee Sweet Tea Set Tea Platter
Peaches - Coira's Lovely Daisy Clutter Bowl of Peaches
Peaches - Bee Sweet Tea Set Honey Trike
Tentacio - Read More
Madras - 03 Honey Jar White RARE
Madras - 02 Honey Bee Orb White RARE
SpotCat - Tenderness of Relationship #13 Tulips
Apple Fall - West Village Grace Tufted Armchair Cream, PG
Dahlia - Gokotta Lace Table Blush 11

Friday, March 27, 2020

Cottage Kitchen

This quaint little kitchen set was put out for a smaller home.  Smaller homes seem to be making a come back in Second Life and Old Barn Door is meeting that demand.  This set has a ton of decor pieces to it in addition to the cabinet set.  The fridge can change colors as well as the stools.  In addition, there are three countertop choices.


Old Barn Door - Cottage Kitchen*
Cottage Kitchen Bakers Rack W/ Glasses
Cottage Kitchen Rondeau Pan
Cottage Kitchen Roasting Pan
Cottage Kitchen Fridge
Cottage Kitchen Small Cabinet
Cottage Kitchen Small Counter
Cottage Kitchen Utensils
Wine Rack
Cottage Kitchen [Main]
Cottage Kitchen Double Boiler
Cottage Kitchen Soap
Cottage Kitchen Groceries
Cottage Kitchen Plant
Cottage Kitchen Island
Cottage Kitchen Stool
Cottage Kitchen Placemat [Auto Clear]
Cottage Kitchen Pot Rack
Cheese Board
not in pack - Mason Jar Lemonade

Family Infinity - Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Dahlia - Highgarden Lemon Cakes on Platter
KraftWork - Taylor's Shelf and Clutter - Boards, Herbs & Books
Disorderly - Spring Fresh Lemon Bowl
Chez Moi - Kitchen Board
Artisan Fantasy - Herbals Herb Rack Warm
Dust Bunny - Kitchen Clutter - Potted Herbs Rosemary, Basil, Parsley
Unflat Stuff - Recycle Bin Organic
Ayla - Springtime Lemon Wreath w/Wall Hook
Apple Fall - West Village Belgravia Skybox

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Easter Is Near


Easter items are starting to roll out in Second Life.  I don't know how Easter will play out this year in the real world, but we will adapt and make it fun for the kids.  I am thinking real eggs, summer shoes and a chocolate bunny for their baskets.  This new gacha set is by Refuge and is appropriately named the Vintage Spring Gacha.  It is currently at Bloom until April 4th.

Refuge Vintage Spring Gacha*
Vintage Spring Bird Cage
Vintage Spring Bird Toy
Vintage Spring Book Stack
Vintage Spring Bunny Statue
Vintage Spring Crystal Lamp
Vintage Spring Dresser RARE
Vintage Spring Egg Basket
Vintage Spring Flower
Vintage Spring Paper Roll

Mithral - Wall Mounted Green Pothos

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Social Distancing


It seems nowadays the only place that items are readily available is Second Life.  Real Life is a complete pandemonium.  Times are hard as most of us are sequestered away and waiting.  Everything in Real Life is uncertain.  I hope you are all well in this time of uncertainty.  Please self isolate and stay safe.  I decided to rent a little cliff house as my getaway in Second Life for a time being.  I stumbled upon this little gem and could not pass it up.  It has a boho feel as I was inspired after my Retreat post.

I also want to point out that Mad Pea has put out the Spellbound Game for free as of the time of this release to help us take our minds off of everything that is going on.  Usually this is 1,000L.  Let's throw ourselves into an imaginary world of fun quests with prizes.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020



 The Aida Black Outfit from Sascha's Design is an elegant way to dress in formal wear with out wearing a dress.  It comes with a black jumpsuit and a oversized coat to keep you warm.  Of course black is always a nice formal color.  This outfit can be found at the current round of Designer Showcase for just a few more days.

Sascha's Designs - Aida Black Outfit*
Swallow - Punky Ear
Pure Poison - MeiMei Onyx Necklace
booN - HYA209 Hair Chocolate
booN - Cornrows Hair Base Chocolate

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Seeing Green


I am seeing so much green it must mean spring is near.  It seems winter has decided to come back where I live and give us a bit more snow.  Just in time to crush the flowers that were starting to bloom.  I took this photo at Whimberly.  This really fun dress called Amelia in Emerald is by Belle Epoque.  You can currently find it at this round of We Love Roleplay.  I paired it with some older hair I had.  I like to use things that maybe older from time to time.  After being in Second Life for 12 years I don't feel a need to always buy new things all the time.  However, I still like to shop the sales and events.

Belle Epoque -  Amelia Emerald*
Amacci Hair - Misty Dark Brown
Romazin - Earrings Sparta

Friday, March 20, 2020

The Retreat


This bedroom turned out absolutely amazing.  I started with John's Bedroom by Infinite.  It has a bunch of color options for the bedding, dresser sheets and clothing hanging out of the basket.  I settle on the color splashes and the rest of the picture just fell into place.  I added the Darlow Room Divider by Raindale in front of the window instead of curtains.  Kerri also released the Coloister set at Swank.  I used the Moroccan Hanging Lanterns and a few potted plants.

Infinite - John's Bedroom*
John's Bed Raw Wood
John's Geo Art Gold
John's Lamp Raw Wood
John's Dresser Raw Wood
John's Laundry Raw Wood
John's Skybox
Infinite Basics Laptop Silver

Karri - Coloister*
Cloister Hanging Fern
Moroccan Hanging Lantern Yellow Short
Moroccan Hanging Lantern Pink Short
Moroccan Hanging Lantern Pink Long
Cloister Lavendar Planter 1
Cloister Lavendar Planter 2
Cloister Camellia Planter Pink

Bee Designs - Indian Bedroom
Elephant Decor
Hanging Elephants
Elephant Wall Hanging

Zaara Home -
18 Rajastani Wall Hanging Elephant
9 Succulent plants
12 Jaipur blue pottery

Circa - Madame Gypsy*
Round Ottoman Velvet
Area Rug Velvet Quad Mixed

Raindale - Darlow Room Divider*
Apple Fall - Magazine Files
Dust Bunny - Quirky Planters 3 Giraffe Planter
Petite Maison - Priyanka Trunks Turquoise C

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

For The Birds

Sometimes I don't know where a blog post will take me.  I started with the Imela Dress in Royal from Virtue (at the Girls Heaven Event) since it paired well with the POE ankle boots from Heels.  Then I remembered that Irrisistible released the new Dust Spring Backdrop.  I also placed some Spring Planters from Park Place and both these items are at this round of Swank.  Lastly, I added some sparkle from Dotty's Secret by using the My Nudes Glitter Eyeshadow.  This is available at Skin Fair right now.  Then while I was taking my pictures my friends photobombed me with the chicken dance and an appropriate chicken hats which I had to include a photo too.  Then I found out about the friendship challenge which you can find out more about here.

Dress | Virtue - Imela Dress Royal*
Shoes | Heels - POE*
Eye Makeup | Dotty's Secret - My Nudes Glitter Eyeshadow*
Nails | Yasum - Chrome Nails
Earrings | Kunglers - Angelina Earring Crystal Silver
Tiara | Hethwen - Juliette Tiara
Lipstick | Revoul - Glossed N' Bossed Collection
Check Contour | Shiny Stuffs - Happy Hour (PP Jan 19)
Eyes | Mila - Nerissa Eyes
Hair | Moon Hair - Smile
Backdrop | Irrisistible - Dust Spring Backdrop*
Potted Plants | Park Place - Spring Planter Blue/White, Orange/Red & Pink/White*
Chickens w/pose | Le Poppycock - Buttercup Farm Home to Roost
Close up pose | Lyrium - Portrait 7 Mirror

Monday, March 16, 2020

Farmhouse Study

Farmhouse has been a big decor theme for a while now.  We have two great designers who released farmhouse decor recently that can be paired together for that mix and match style.  The Farmhouse Desk Set* in the center of the picture is from Old Barn Door.  It has 15 different chair textures.  The chair contains six singles and ten couples animations.  Dreamland Designs has a bunch of farmhouse releases this month at Swank.  I have used the White Farmhouse Console Set* on the left and the White Blanket Ladder* on the right.  I also included their Albeit Wrinkled Rug Set*.  I then placed all this wonderfulness in the new Gracelane Skybox* from Raindale that can be found at the current round of Access.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Lavender Love

I love the color soft lavender.  It is screams spring.  As we transition in real life from winter into spring this is a very practical outfit.  You have the spring dress with the cozy knit sweater named Lolita by Ema's Secret.  I also am wearing the Federika Set from Kunglers and Glam Tips by Cazimi.  All of these items can be found at the current round of Designers Showcase.

I also have some big news.  I was accepted as a blogger for Dotty's Secret.  Now if you don't know about this store then you are missing out.  They have highly detailed and pigmented makeup.  The best part of this makeup is that it shows up great on dark skin like mine.  They do bold drag makeup as well which is so fun.  My eye makeup today is from the My Nudes Collection currently at Skin Fair.  This is the Cut Crease Eyeshadow.  

Outfit | Ema's Secret - Lolita Sweater Grape*
Nails | Cazimi - Glam Tips*
Jewelry Set | Kunglers - Federika*
Eye Makeup | Dotty's Secret - My Nudes Cut Crease Eyeshadow*
Lipstick | Revoul - Glossed N' Bossed Collection
Check Contour | Shiny Stuffs - Happy Hour (PP Jan 19)
Eyes | Mila - Nerissa Eyes
Hair | Wasabi - Stormy Mesh Hair B

Friday, March 13, 2020

The Datura Gazebo

Color Alchemist released the Datura Gazebo.  The creator says, "The Datura Gazebo is a lovely fantasy gazebo which is ideal for that special place or hideaway in your garden or land.  It is decorated with Datura flowers and little lights, little squirrel and a lamp to make the magic happen."  Magical this gazebo is and I love the details of the flowers, lights and vines on the roof.  I included the Magical Flowers Field from Fantasy China as well.  Both of these items can be found at the current round of Swank.

Gazebo | Color Alchemist - Datura Gazebo*
Neon Flowers | Fantasy China Between The Stars - Mesh Animated Magical Flowers Field*
Tree | Lunaria - Tree of Dreams Seasons
Candles w/flowers | Disorderly - Garden Floral Full Pink

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Out and About

I have been wearing this body suit for the last few days so it was time I got around to blogging it.  This outfit is called Lizzo* by I.M.C. and is currently at Designer Showcase.  The shrug and the bodysuit are purchased separately and available in a wide range of designs/colors.  I was out and about at Copper Creek Wilderness Butterfly House where I took this photo.  It's really peaceful and they play great music.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Morningdream Cottage

When we play a gacha we all hope to get the rares especially when its something as grand as a little house.  This is the Morningdream* Cottage from Raindale that is at Arcade this round.  I included the key so you can see the other pieces more closely.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Tea House

The Hana Japanese Tea House from Chez Moi was released a few days ago at Tlalli - The Fair Around The World.  It has great poses both single and couple with rezable props.  Check out more about it here.

Also pictured:
(luc) Hanging Meditation Bells, Short
(luc) Kokedama, Unusual Growth
(luc) Kokedama, Lucky Plant

TMG - Rainbow Bridge 2

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Frog Pond

This lovely frog pond by CJ Creation was just released at the new round of Swank.  When you sit on the fence an animation menu with props is comes up.  There are seven female, ten male and 8 couple poses.  The ground of the pond is also texture change for a total of 20 prims.  Harshlands also released a Sap Tree with blue glowing sap pictured in the far right.  It is a large tree with solo and couples animation to complete any fantasy scene you may dream up. 

Saturday, March 7, 2020


Athena was an important goddess of many things.  She has a lot of power and Belle Epoque brought that to life with the Athena Gacha currently at The Arcade.  My photo was taken at  Bay of Bel - Calas

Friday, March 6, 2020

Princess In The Garden

I decided to go on a stroll.  I feel like a princess in the garden today.  It was such a lovely day as these winter days turn into spring.  The Halo dress by Virtue is the perfect gown for such a stroll.

Dress | Virtue - Halo Dress Peach*
Shoes | N-core - Eva Cream
Hair | Analog Dog - Evolve Dark Browns
Jewelry | Finesmith - Grace Set
Pose | GingerFish Poses - Cutesy 2
Decor | Two Moon Gardens - Rainbow Bridge 2

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Spring Has Arrived

Today, Designer Showcase, one of my favorite monthly events opens.  My dress that comes with a great color hud is the Yamka Outfit by KiB Designs.  I also picked up Moondance Boutique's Hikaru Pearl Set.  Dreamscapes Art Gallery has also released a bunch of really cute spring stuff at their main store including a new VIP Set if you haven't already gotten it.

Dress | KiB Designs - Yamka Outfit*
Jewelry Set | Moondance Boutique - Hikaru Pearl Set (necklace not worn)*
Shoes | N-core - Eva Cream
Hair | Sintiklia - Amelia Hair

Deamscapes Art Gallery*
Greta Crates B
Greta Crate with tulips E
Greta Cart White
Greta Tulip Vase G
Grazia Tulip Vase E
Greta Tulip Vase D
SueSue Picture Gallery Romantic
SueSue Hatboxes
SueSue Vintage Suitcase
(SueSue is VIP Gift)

Wall Macrame | Ariskea - Piper Boho Macrame Wall Hanging Neutral
Pose | Moon Rabbit - Pose 5
Backdrop | Paleto - Backdrop Vintage
Taken at Backdrop City

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Home Decorating Competition Living Room

Here is a peek into the house I did for the Home and Garden Decorating Contest.  The living room on the Palomar (house 10) is rather large.  I set up two different seating areas and had a piano in the corner to play. I used a bunch of items from the Home and Garden Expo that benefits the  benefits The American Cancer Society's Relay For Life in Second Life.  I used items from Laminak, Rumah Kita, Lumino and Eclectica Curiosities.  Take a look at the list below.  I want to know what the other items are in the pictures I guess you will just need to visit the house on Hope 3.

Hope 4 
Laminak - Pearls Parlor Gatcha Set (living room)
Floor Lamp Oak Black Shade
Coffee Table
Round Side Table
Cupboard Opening Doors
Rug 1 Dark

Hope 8
Rumah Kita - The Fancy (living room)
Chair with Cloth

Hope 4
Lumino - Sun Mirror Copper

Hope 6
Eclectica Curiosities- Edwardian Classic Vase Black (living room)

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The Nook

Every house has lots nooks and crannies.  This nook has a chic look to it.  I recently picked up the unique Vintage TV Mannequins from Refuge.  Another unique piece is the Lily Lamp A Peach by  Eclectica Curiosities that can currently be found at the Home and Garden Expo on Hope 6.

Mannequin | Refuge - Vintage TV Mannequin Reality*
Lamp | Eclectica Curiosities - Lily Lamp A Peach*
Chair Set | Architect - Sirio Set Dark (armchair, mirror, table)
Plant | Mithral - Wall Mounted Green Pothos
Rug | Newchurch - Arts & Crafts Area Rug 2
Books | Apple Fall - Books Arrangement 8
Coffee | Andika- Cafe Latte B

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Home & Garden Expo Decorating Contest

Today is the day that the Home and Garden Expo Decorating Contest kicks off and I am so excited for you to go check out the house I decorated.  I spent a ton of time working through the house.  We had 450 prims to do inside and out.  We needed to use three items from the event.  Head over to Hope 3 and check out all 14 houses.  I decorated home 10 The Palomar.  Love Nest Season Tree by Face Desk graces my front yard among other decor.  I have even created a story to go with my home which I hope you enjoy.

The mail had been delivered and I heard Magnus carry my boxes up to my dressing room.  I patently waited as he finished hauling up the last box upstairs while grumbling under his breath.  I took the day off from work today to since I knew my influencer items would arrive today.  I love sorting through all my new items and a creating a photo.  I heard him leave the dressing room and I ran upstairs.  I tore through all the boxes and dug through my wardrobe to find pieces of clothing to combine for tonight's dinner party.  I hauled my home goods to their appropriate rooms and sat down at the computer to contain my thoughts.  The oceans scent wafted up to the balcony and calmed my inner chaos.

I knew I didn't have much time to linger before I needed to head down stairs to cook up my dinner feast.  I was having friends over for appetizers, homemade pasta, fondue tonight and fresh ice tea with lemons off the tree.  I slaved away in the kitchen until afternoon.  I then decorated the table in a feast style and when I was happy with the look it was time to head upstairs to soak in the lovely tub.  I only had an hour before company arrived so I needed to be quick, but a glass of wine in the tub is always heavenly.

The house looks great, the food smells better and I look stunning.  What a great evening tonight will be.  I hope we have enough seating in the living room to enjoy the lively entertainment tonight.  If not there are a few quieter seats scattered around outside to enjoy the evening air.  I even laid a blanket and pillow out in the tree house.