Saturday, July 17, 2021

Country Kitchen Love


I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy in real life.  It seems good old Covid wants to rear it's head again.  I hope things get better soon and our society does not start closing again. At least the heat has died down in California for a bit.  It was beyond hot and I am glad our normal summer weather is back.

I really love how this kitchen turned out.  It is a nice country kitchen.  Decor Junction and Shutter Field did yet another collaboration for this round of Cosmopolitan.  They added a dinning table and cabinets to the sink they already made.  Now you can have a whole country kitchen.  

I can see this kitchen in a tiny mom-in law quarters on a farm.  It would be a hidden gem of a house.  Speaking of houses, this house is the Melroe's Place house from Old Barn Door.  I will have a blog of it soon.  It is such a cute build.  

DJ.SF - Vintage Kitchen Island*

Utensil Jar,  Vintage Kitchen Island Rustic Wood, Vintage Kitchen Stool Rustic Wood


DJ.SF - Vintage Kitchen Bench White & Vintage Kitchen Bench Add on White*

Apple Fall - Bohemian Coffee Press

Apple Fall - Tea Tins & Tea Books

Atelier Burgundy - Morris Rugs Green Flowers

Ayla - Country Kitchen Empty Basket

Convair - Disinfecting Wipes 

KraftWork - Taylor's Rack and Clutter Wicker Box with Cloth

Loft & Aria - Azibo Place Setting & Place Setting

Marke - Wine Giver Chablis 

Luc - Caviar & Salmon Lox Appetizer

Dust Bunny - Tiered Hanging Baskets Brown 

Hive - Chevron Arrows Wall Decor Ombre

Old Barn Door - Magnolia Valance*

Old Barn Door - Melrose Apartments*

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