Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Exploring Sindaria

Recently I was introduced to Sindaria by my friend Lady.  It is described as a CCS Elven, Fantasy Scifi Adult Role Play Sim.  We went to the sim for a hunt they had going on it's last day.  Lady and I completed the hunt.  In addition, we entered the photo contest they had going.  I did win for both of my solo pictures (thanks).  Anyways the sim has lots to explore and do.  I look forward to visiting it again.

Gem and Snow Leopard

Lady and Wildfire

My Look:
Arm Bands and Wings | Look@Me - Angel Of War
Picture One Pose | Jinx - Resting with the Snow Leopard

On Lady:
Wand | Ersch & Yokai - Making Magic  Wand RARE and Diadem RARE
On Wildfire: 
Horse Mod | Jinx - Arabian Add On

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