Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Our crew was prowling the sea for plunder when they forced me to walk the plank!  Can you believe those lily-livered scallywags?  They must have found out I was a privateer. I heard the mates talking about feeding the fish, but never did I think it would be me.  I guess because I am a landlubber I may not have understood.  Good Old Pete stuck with me until I hit the water.  I couldn't find my hat or sword as I swam to shore and watched the boat drift away into the sunset.

Lucky for me when I fell off the ship I had on the new pirate outfit that I had confiscated from some lass that just came from Look@me.  The gold in her pockets that is now mine did not come with this outfit, but it seems the boots, hat, parrot, and sword did.  Yo Ho Ho happy talk like a pirate day.

Nails | Slack Girl | Point Basic Maitreya
Eye Lashes | Besom - Pretty Lashes
Photo was taken at Calas Galadhon

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