Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone.  I was one of those lucky folks who had their power shut down for two days by PG&E to keep us safe.  My post is a bit late but you can still head out and shop for those last minute halloween items.  The Fallhallow Greenhouse is by Raindale and is at Seasons Story which closes today.  The rest of the items come from Dreamscapes Art Gallery and most can carry over into fall.


Dreamscapes Art Gallery*

Julia Ladders with pumpkin A
Julia Pumpkin A with leaves 
Frida Haybale with pumpkin A
Frida Halloween Bucket A
Frida Pumpkin Bucket A
Fall Tree A Purple/Flying & Ground Leaves
Fall Tree A Orange/Flying & Ground Leaves
Halloween Sign Hocus Pocus
Spooky Scarecrow Orange
Dancing Leaves Pile Red
Gracie Fireplace D Autumn

Raindale | Fallhallow greenhouse (lights+leaves)*

Friday, October 25, 2019

The Goddess

She is powerful and the keeper of the Vindicator Soul.  I put together this look for the Fallen Gods Anniversary Photo Contest.

Skin | Elemental [xx]+FGInc. - Dust Amethyst Luminar PG
Lipstick | Zibska - Arie Lips
Hair | Wasabi  - Mayra Windblown Mesh Hair A
Headpiece | Lode - Head Accessory Olivia Ice
Silks | E.V.E - Venus in She Lavender
Gem | Deadly Nightshade -. Vindicator Soul Gem
E.V.E. - Background Items
E.V.E Sunny Spells w/ Glitter [M1] TIR
E.V.E {MOD} Ivy Tree [M02-No leaves] Purple Night
E.V.E Cyber Flower Pins Rust Metal

Wednesday, October 23, 2019


I am all decked out for a whirlwind day of shopping!  Of course my shopping addiction happened before my photo since my outfit and purse are new.  Sexy Princess just released the Lauren Dress at the Curves Event that runs until tomorrow.  I also hit up Designer Showcase where I found my purse and pose set by Image Essentials named showbags.  Now that I am all glammed up I am ready to hit the town or at least the Second Life Grid.

Dress | Sexy Princess - Lauren Dress*
Hair | Truth - Shadow
Pose w/prop | Image Essentials - Show Bags*
Backdrop | BH9 - Cabo Villa Classic V1

Monday, October 21, 2019

The Baby

Gemma died in childbirth.  Little did she know that the father of her child was part vampire.  The little bugger clawed his way out of him mom.  Her husband is beside himself with grief so he sought a witch who animated the dolls to care for the child as time slowly ticked by.  

At Swank:

Baby Bassinet | C.M.D. Art and Furniture - Baby Boy With Dolls New*
Park Place | Halloween*
Dark Weave Small Area Rug
Candle Trio Set
Spirits Wait Picture w/ Animated Fog
Curtains | Simple Reflections - Silk Curtains*
Build |  Adorably Strange Wares - The Churel Backdrop*

At The Fantasy Collective:
Planter | Raindale - Demonroot Flowers Purple*

At Trick or Treat Lane:
Clock | Raindale - Spiritvalley Clock Black*

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Disaster Awaits

I went for a short walk through the trees.  As I went further I lost my way.  It began to grow increasingly dark and cold.  I pushed on through the eerie feeling hoping to escape the cause of the darkness.   When I stumbled upon the cause I was in shock.  Due to the sheer number of them I could not get around.  They knew I was there so I had to be fast at I dashed into the mausoleum and slammed the doors.  Can I keep them at bay and be saved.  Find this and more at Swank.

Tree | CJ Creations -  Halloween Twisted Sleepy Hollow*
Grave | CJ Creations - Grave of a Woman*
Mausoleum | Irrisistible - Mausoleum Grey*
Flowers | The Looking Glass - Glam Poppies in Gold and Silver

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Tricks or Treats

Tricks or Treats is the question they would like to ask you.  Would you like a treat?  Be quick deary or you may get tricked.  This unlikely trio is trying earn their dinners by tricking you with these tasty treats,  Don't be the fool to fall for that.  Our Spooky Treats Set by Sonder calls to the children.  Laying in wait is the ever so clever Scary Clown with his toy Scary Bunny both by Evolving Images.  Once he is successful on capturing a child the Animated Witches Cooking by C.M.D. Art and Furniture, prepare the child so it taste just right.  You better run now before they see you.  Check out Swank for these items and more.

Sonder | Spooky Treats Set*
Witches | C.M.D. Art and Furniture | Animated witches cooking*
Clown & Plush| Evolving Images - Scary Clown, Scary Bunny*
Cabin | Funky Junk - The Witch's Cottage

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Out Shop Breast Cancer Fall Abundance

Once again I am showcasing some wonderful items from the Out Shop Breast Cancer Event going on now.  My fall Jill Jeans Outfit is from Allure.  It has some great color changing options and comes with boots.  I also used a bunch of pieces from Dench Designs Sherwood Collection for the event.  I added in a fall hay bail by EED Home & Garden.  Which paired well with BS House's Garden Collection.

Outfit | Allure - Jill Jeans Outfit*
Hair | Kuni - Bonnie
Jewelry | Heartsdale Jewellery - Gloriana

Dench Designs - Sherwood Collection*
September Campfire
Sherwood Table with animations, food, drink and decor
Sherwood Tree Stump
Sherwood Tree Decor

BS House | Garden Collection*
Apple Tree Single 1
Pumpkin Plant
Swiss Chard

Hay Decoration | EED Home & Garden - 100% Donation Item Fall Decoration 1*
Owl | Jian - Barn Owl Companion Flying and Table Perch
Bushes | Alirium - DwarfForest OldGold

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Before Dinner

Before dinner I thought I might play a little piano for my company.  I had just got done playing when someone asked to take my photo.  I guess they liked my new outfit that I picked up from this round of Designer Showcase.  The Sylvie Dress is from Legendaire which means it has a great color hud with lots of different style choices.  The same goes for Moondance Boutique's Delphine Jewelry.  So here is a peek into my home on this wonderful Sunday.

Dress | Legendaire - Sylvie*
Jewelry | Moondance Boutique - Delphine*
Hair | Truth - Horizon
Pose | Deperla - Cosmopolitan Anniversary Gift x01
Piano | Fancy Decor - Spinet Harpsichord wood
Lamp | One Grid - Darwin Floor Lamp Full 1
Vase | Fourth Wall - Decorative Floor Vase

Luc |
Hanging Meditation Bells Long
Kokedama Hanging Orchid
Kokedama Hanging Sprigs with Flower
Antique Style Glass Frame Hanging

Friday, October 11, 2019

Fall Retreat

A new round of Swank just opened.  It has everything you need from delightful fall decor to down right scary Halloween.  I'm not big into spooky things so I decided to go with more fall decor.  Thaino Designs put out a ton of new exclusive items including the cabin, the sunflowered fence, the grave and the fall ladders.  I also pictured The Fall Deck from Evhah.  It come set up with all the decoration on and around it.  This includes the tree with rocks on the left, the cattails, and the grass with flowers on the left.  So head over to Swank and check out all the new wonderful items.

Thaino Designs*
A Very Sweet Ending 2
Autumn ladder display
Autumn Vibes
Fallow Hideaway

Deck | Evhah - The Fall Deck*
Trees On Right | Roawenwood - Autumn Leafed Maple Set

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Everyone loves a good dose of fantasy now and again.  I found the This round of Syndicate Sunday has just the right amount for you.  With all it's fantasy worthy colors.  The items are currently 50% off.  Stix has some really cool makeup out Called Gnomi Droplets.  Then I added nail polish by Dark Passion in the Autumn Pastel palette.  Lastly, I found the Imani Collar at Oxide.  It also comes with earrings that are not pictured.  Designer Showcase also just started a new round and is where I found the Tempest Eyes by Dulce Secrets

Choker | Oxide - Imani Collar (Earrings not pictured)*
Face Makeup | Stix - Gnomi Droplets for TMR*
Nails | Dark Passion - Koffin Nails Autumn Pastel*
Eyes | Dulce Secrets - Tempest Eyes Applier*
Hair | Olive - The Temptress Hair
Pose | Pink Hustler - Pose for Bento 4 HUD
Background | Architect. De Castelli - Wall Panel (burnt1) w/shadow

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Feeling Fall

Fall can show up in many ways.  It even can be in our clothing.  Well expecial our clothing as we pull out knit sweaters and sweater dresses.  Designer Showcase just started a new round with lots of fun fall items.  My new outfit is called Dad's Farm Stand (for obvious reasons) by I.M.C.  

Outfit | I.M.C. - Dad's Farm Stand*
Hair | Kuni - Bonnie
Word Canvas | Funky Junk - Shabby Wall Art Family
Chest | Storax Tree - Antique File Chest A2

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Fall Porch

We love fall with all the warm tones.  The colors are very welcoming and make it feel like home.  Old Barn Door just released the Harvest Bench Set which goes great with the Arlet Coat Rack from GranolaSyndicate Sunday also started this weekend where curtain items are half off for a week.  I found the following from Harvest Welcome Mats from Paper Moon and some Black Magic Pumpkins from Dragon Magick Wares

Old Barn Door - Harvest Bench Set*
Harvest Bench [A]
Harvest Crates
Harvest Lantern
Harvest Table
Mason Jar Lemonade
Pumpkins 4 Crate
Pumpkins 4 Crate 2
Country Mums & Squash
Fall Arrangement

Fall Mat | Paper Moon - Harvest*
Black Pumpkins | Dragon Magick Wares - Black Magic Pumpkins*
Coat Rack | Granola - Arlet Coat Rack*
Wreath | The Looking Glass  - Harvest Sunflower Wreath

House previously posted on Gem's Finds

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Out Shop Breast Cancer Fairy

I love blogging for events.  I take different things and put them together for a wonderful picture. Today's photo brought together things from Out Shop Breast Cancer.  I am wearing the elegant Nelia Gown which comes with a choker from Donni's Dolly.  I paired it with the beautiful Golden Glass Bento Animesh wings in Dawn Gem an Uncommon from Eclectic Muse.  I also incorporated the Cherished Hanging Bench in Pink from Simply Shelby into the scenery.

Dress | Donni's Dolly - Nelia Gown*
Eye Makeup | Zibska - Vali Eyemakeup
Hair Accessory | Zibska - Del Fascinator
Hair | Fabia - Satin
Wings | Eclectic Muse - Golden Glasswings Bento Animesh Dawn Gem Uncommon*
Bench | Simply Shelby - Cherished Hanging Bench Pink OSC*
Bushes | Alirium - DwarfForest OldGold

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Fall Coffee Shop

Fall is absolutely beautiful and it should be the same in Second Life.  Here is a fall coffee shop that I just had to share.  I love all the pops of color.  Most of this scene is from Raindale's new Dawnwood Collection at Lootbox.  I also used a few things from the Out Shop Breast Cancer Event.  These include the Warrior Wall Hanging by The Reckless Angel and the Pretzel Vendor by Balaclava

Raindale - Dawnwood*
Dawnwood square table
Dawnwood chair
Dawnwood wagon
Dawnwood chalk sign
Dawnwood table
Dawnwood chocolate dipped apples 
Dawnwood pumpkin dish
Dawnwood bag of apples
Dawnwood barrel
Dawnwood barrel with tap
Dawnwood paper cups (3)
Dawnwood paper cup
Dawnwood pot

Wall Decor | The Reckless Angel - Warrior Wall Hanging*
Pretzel Machine | Balaclava - Pretzel Vendor (full)*
Pumpkin Candle | Sway's - Pumpkin Candle Gift
Tassle's | Half-Deer - Tassel Garland Halloween
Pumpkin Decor | Follow Us - Gift Pumpkins Company
Grass | Raindale - Meadow grass summer soft
Trees | Roawenwood - Leafy Maple Trees Set
Bushes | Alirium - DwarfForest OldGold
Scarecrow | Primfection - Scarecrow w/ Raven*