Wednesday, January 31, 2018

I’m Old

Today I am officially ten years old on Second Life.  So much has happened both in SL and in RL in ten years.  I didn’t think I would last a month when I joined, but here I stand.  When I first joined SL in 2008 I came in on the CSI sim.  I went to store to get better hair.  Somehow the hair ended up floating behind me.  Here I was walking around the sim bald with hair trailing a good few feet behind me.  People would try to help, but I could not figure out how to get to the notecard that had instructions on how to fix it.  I was a wreak.  My husband said bear with it and I know you can do it.

That sim closed and I needed to find a place in SL.  I fell into modeling.  It started with store modeling, then academy’s.  Back then you only needed to put on what they gave you and walk a very straight line.  Then modeling evolved into styling the outfits and being more than just something to drape clothing over.  I have done it all and I am happily settled on my part time blogging gig.  Do I miss the runway and shows?  I do, but that dedication and time commitment is one I can no longer give.  Here’s to an ever evolving second life and many more to come……. Cheers!!!!!!!

Picture taken at Backdrop City

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Artful Adventure

I decided that I wanted to see and do more in SL.  I went to Kultivate Magazine & Windlight Art Gallery  look at all the wonderful photographers and artists.  The artists on display change every few months so make sure to pop in often.  Some of the artist have wonderful pictures for sale.  I picked up some cocoa from the cart.  They also have a little cafĂ© that you can sit outside and enjoy.

sYs Loko Jumpsuit
La Boheme Catwa Facepaint Blush&Contour
La Boheme Eyeshadow Vega
Suicidal Unborn Agatha Lipsticks
Yummy Raindrop Chain Necklace & Ice Ring
EMO-tions Martha Hair

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Backdrop City

I was browsing some blogs and came across one that stated they went to Backdrop City.  I had to check this out as most my backgrounds and poses are older.  I haven’t reinvested in new ones because the old ones still work.  Anyways I decided I needed to race right over in my new dress from Sexy Princess and find the perfect backdrop to use for my look.  They have a wide variety of backdrops and I will be going there again.  I also made a good decision in re-joining Truths VIP group.  Over the years you add and remove groups.  It’s a one time fee of $350L and you get a fact pack of exclusive hair every month.  You can’t beat that deal. I love the new style huds.

Sexy Princess Lucy Black Dress
Zibska Atisa Full Set w/HUD Gatcha Rare
Essenz Marseille Shoes in Black
Truth Tinsley Hair (group gift)
La Boheme Petra Eyeshadow
Suicidal Unborn Agatha Lipstick

Thursday, January 25, 2018


Yesterday I explored SL.  I found the perfect place while gathering landmarks for a different post to take my pictures.  I am trying to utilize locations in SL more often.  I figure that if the designer takes the time to make their sim pretty and unique that they don’t mind me taking pictures there as long as I let people know where they can also check out this awesomeness. 

I was excited to wear sYs Ano dress in Pink (that is currently at Shiny Shabby) and I found the perfect shoes from R.icielli in the same bright color.  I stumbled upon Yummy’s sim and knew I needed to take a picture in their perfect little town desert town.  The buildings are all brightly colored and you can visit the dinosaurs in the mountains.  Enjoy exploring the sim and don’t forget to check out all the little stores that call it home.

R.icielli - ZOELLE Sandals

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Forever Azul

Years ago, I decided to spend $5,000L at Azul to become part of the VIP group.  I that was the single best decision I have ever made in SL.  Every month I get a new released limited-edition dress.  Over the years this has added up to quite a bit of savings and inventory on my part.  Plus, I get beautiful gowns and casual dresses all year long.  I took this picture at the David Heather Store.  I went there recently to pick up a dress and loved how they decorated the land.  It just seemed like a great place for a picture.

Styling Credits:

Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Door

Every new year a door closes and another opens.  What you do with that year is up to you.  Only time will tell how this year will be for anyone one of us.  As I have mentioned I am trying really hard not to spend a ton of money shopping.  I did however pick up this dress from sYs.  How can anyone pass up something this sexy?  It is a must have staple for any wardrobe.  Mesh has come so far since it was first introduced.  Of course, I dug in my wardrobe for the accessories and found the perfect set of pearls. 

Styling Credits:
sYs FAME dress beige
LeLutka Colleen Hair Burnt
Mandala Pearl Rain Season3 White

La Boheme Eyeshadow Avery Set 2 Catwa Applier

Friday, January 19, 2018

Waiting on Spring

I love the creativeness on Flickr between the stylings of an outfit and the cohesiveness of a picture.  I recently found United Colors from a Flickr post.  I just had to have the Sara Bodysuit.  I love that it can be all lace or have a solid bottom.  The hud even allows you to just have just top of the body suit if you want to pair it with pants or a skirt.  The store has a nice variety of clothing.  It’s funny how one item of clothing can influence your whole styling of an outfit.  I definitely did not intend to be a fairy, but that’s how this photo came out.  The body suit is new and the rest of the items are old favorites from my inventory.

Styling Credits

Amacci Hair Maria Dark Brown Pack
Lazuri Cocoa Island  SE Violets
Fancy Fairy Wings & Things Gold Iridescent Fleur Tendril Wings
United Colors Sara Body Suit
La Boheme Traci Set 2
itGirls - Catwa Lipstick Appliers

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A picture

Sometimes all I want to do is to take a picture.  I don't want to identify anything or write words.....just a picture.  I love styling things and taking pictures.  My avatar will be 10 at the end of January.  I have a good amount of stuff.  I was cleaning and organizing my inventory and realized after ten years I have quite a bit of inventory.  I ran across things from my earlier years that I just can't let go.  Even after all this time they still have a special meaning.  Many stores who I loved are now gone and I have to keep that stuff too.  We are always scrambling to the newest and greatest things in SL.  I want to try to use things that I have instead of always buying new stuff.  Don't get me wrong I still love to shop in SL.  The only thing about older inventory is it may not be available to the reader anymore.  We will see how this mix of old an new goes.  I picked up this dress as a gift at an event.  I headed over to check out Desire Boutiques main store and this little setup was outside the store.

Desire Boutique dress Rebekah
LeLutka Jada Hair (older)
Kunglers Cintia earrings

Monday, January 8, 2018

I've Finally Found It!!!!

When coming back into SL I knew that I needed to update my look.  Mesh heads were just coming out when I took my short break.  I had already purchased my Maitreya mesh body and was playing with it here and there.  In addition to finding a mesh head I also would need to find a new skin due to my old skin maker no longer being active.  I have been working on my Catwa bento head for the last month and finally am happy with its look. 

My New Look

My standard look

My third attempt

My second attempt

My first attempt