Sunday, December 31, 2017


New Years Eve is one of the biggest party nights of the year.  However, I have only really celebrated it to the point of not remembering some of the night before once.  Once was enough for me, but I had a blast (I think).  I was told I went down a whole flight of stairs on my ass the next day, but hey I didn't fall.  I hope you have a great time tonight as well.  I figured that I would at least dress up in SL for the evening and then I took a lovely day time stroll in Calas Galadhon Park  I love visiting here and  I figured I would get some fresh air before the big night. I have used some of my favorite designers in SL.

Bax boots are such a staple to any outfit as well as clothes from Erratic.  Her clothing fit the Maitreya mesh body well and of course this dress is super sexy.  I love the chain neck piece on it because then I don't need to find a necklace.  Amara is currently my got to for lipstick and I love the matte lipstick palette.  It offers so many choices not just a few.


Chop Zuey Parvati Earrings (Xmas Gift):

Monday, December 25, 2017

Laid back Christmas

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day both in RL and in SL.  Today is a laid back kinda day in my house. I thought I would make a laid-back outfit to go with that vibe.  This casual chic look is great for out and about shopping.  Nice gold accessories and heels make this outfit picture perfect.  I headed out to Purple Moon
to get the last of the advent calendar gifts and though I would take a picture by their perfect tree.  

Styling Credits:
Vanity Hair Little Lies Brown Pack:
Petit Chat Fancy Earrings:
Empyrean Forge Lyara Pendant:

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

New me for a new SL


I recently moved in RL and it allowed me to get the internet back…..YAY!  I lived just about two years in the woods with (gasp) satellite internet.  I still live in the woods but for now my internet is better and I can be on SL again.  I really missed SL.  I was active for a long time.  With my absence I lost all my sponsors, but that’s ok as I am not a fan of blogging group gifts unless I really love them.  I also have more limited funding this go round on SL due to now being a stay at home mom to two little ones under three.  I will be using old favorites in my inventory to blog with.  If you had a shopping problem like I did I am sure you probably have it too.
Enough about my RL let’s move on to my new SL.  I thought that with these new mesh bento heads that I should update my look.  I also felt that I should update my skin as the designer of my old skin no longer makes any updates which is unfortunate as I really loved my skin.  Who knew you needed so many damn huds to make yourself work.  It’s exhausting to have to learn all this new stuff and reminds me of my beginning days of SL.  Luckly, Strawberry Singh has taken the time to make all these wonderful videos on how these work. You can find her many posts here:
As for my new SL I don’t really know what I want to do.  I loved modeling, but have kind of been there done that.  Only time will tell what my new SL adventure will look like, but for now I am happy to be back.
Body – Maitreya Lara
Head – Catwa Pink
Eyes – Catwa Animated Eyes & Tears
Skin – It Girls Mary Cocoa Face and Body Applier
Lingerie – Erratic/delice
Hair – Wasabi Hair Fay
Chase – Diesel Works
3D Grass Wall – Mons Christmas advent calendar gift for group
Eye Shadow – Arte Luna
Lipstick – Zibska Brynne