Thursday, April 3, 2014


I was sent this amazing set of fantasy dresses.  I am not good at the whole fantasy role playing thing. After chatting with my good friend and designer of the dresses she convinced me I could do it.  Her words were to put on my eleven ears and give it a shot.  This got me to thinking of these really cute horns I picked up at the Arcade in the March round.  Here goes my best try at it:  

I was wondering around on the island when I stumbled upon a reflective hollow.  After further inspection it I realized it was door into another realm.  I pondered if I should enter the door or remain in my safe little world.  I figured that the adventure into this new world was worth the unknown that lay ahead of me.  As I opened the door and walked through it a wonderful image emerged before my eyes.  Now the beauty and the bounty of this new world are for me to experience to the fullest.  

What I am wearing:

Dress: Poet's Heart -  Nenime Gown  - Winterwine

Hair: Exile - Rain
Horns: Half-Deer - Aventine Horns - Sweet Lolita RARE