Tuesday, June 21, 2022



Change is inevitable.  Change is hard.  I have really been struggling with work and not being home with the kids.  As much as they drove me nuts I had time with them.  As a working Mom you don't get that time with them.  I don't like the rushing, the quick baths and the sub par dinners I now make.  I want my time back.  I don't know how single Mom's do it.  I have a partner and still can't seem to feel like it's working for me.  I also feel like a failure for not making it work.  The job is not hard it's just not where my heart is.  Another day down.

Farmhouse Blanket Chair (LI:6), Rug Trio Steampunk (LI:5), Console Table (LI:3), Steampunk Wall Art (LI:2)

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