Sunday, January 19, 2020

Magical Night

By the glow of the night I went to my special place hidden near the wall where magic happens.  It seems like tonight the cats are out playing.  I just want to watch them a little longer before I disturb them.

I wanted to highlight some of the items in the post.  The cats with rocks and some foliage are from Tm Creation and currently at Swank.  I found the windmill planter from Decor Junction/Shutterfield fat the current round of Cosmopolitan.  Lastly the Wonderland Mushrooms and Greenbury Flower Beds can be found at Raindale.  Today is the last day you can get the mushrooms on sale for this weekends round of Wonderlust for 50L in the frost color.  I used the pastel version that is full price.

Windmill Planter | DJ.SF - Windmill Planter V2  Blue*
Flowered Walls | Raindale - Greenbury Flowerbeds*
Mushrooms | Raindale - Wonderland Mushrooms Pastel*
Cats | Tm Creation - Forever Always- ADT Nature Scene GM37.a*
Ferns | LOVE - Fairy Ferns 1a, 2a Orb Emitter
Decor Set | Felix - Mesh Fairy Ring Scene (modified)

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