Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Holiday Joy

I know everyone is still doing a ton of fall but I really like Christmas decorations.  Shutterfield and Decor Junction just released a bunch of new items in a few different color patterns that are great for any house.  I decided to make into a little living room.

Cosy Ottoman Black
Cosy Sofa Black

Decor Junction/Shutterfield*
Fireplace V2 Red (tinted)
Pillow Pile Black

Joy Sign | Moss & Mink - Joy Wall Art
Wreath | Apple Fall - Winter Heart Wreath
Tree | Dust Bunny - Mini Christmas Tree
Side Table | Soy - Plaster Side Table (tinted)
Curtains | Myth - Stripes Drape
Cookies | Artisan Fantasy - Cookie Swap 09 Platter 3

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