Friday, January 31, 2020

Happy 12th Rez Day

Today I turned 12 in Second Life and my friends made it a great day.  In real life my family and I have caught the flu and have been passing it around for the last week.  Young sick kids are no fun.  I am very grateful for my friends who not only remembered today, but made it great.

I got dressed up to go out on the town in Second Life since it's my birthday and all.  Belle Epoque is releasing the Linda outfit at the current round of Famished.  I love this outfit so much.  You purchase the color coat you would like and then get a texture hud for the shirt and pants.  So many combinations are possible.

Outfit | Belle Epoque - Linda Red
Hair | Astrology - Carrie Revival Hair
Earrings | Pure Poison - Tie Earrings
Makeup | Alaskametro - Fall Essentials
Purse | Tentacio - Leather Bag
Hat | AA Designs - Christy Veiled Hat
Rings | Tabou - Diamonds Rings Silver

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Hearts Abound

As we move into February designers are releasing more Valentine Themed items.  I picked up a few more things from Swank like the Honeycomb Carpet from Casa Bebe or the Coffee Table Boxes and Dog Puppies from BS House.

I recently picked up Amaora's Lounge Room from Infinite which comes in a bunch of different color options.  I used the pink heart pattern and it has a color change hud for more than just the holiday look.  It comes with the basket and lamp shown here.  Meanwhile, Old Barn Door has released the Love Bug Gacha filled with tons of cute Valentines things.  I used the garland, scales, the adorable heart tree and the two frames on the wall.  We have a few weeks until the holiday is here so make sure your ready.

Amora's Lounge Room - Infinite*
Amora's Lounger, Amora's Lamp Pink, Amora's Basket Pink

Love Bug Gacha - Old Barn Door*
Conversation Candy Garland
Farmhouse Love Scales
Farmhouse Hearts Tree
Farmhouse 'Kisses' Frame
Farmhouse 'Love' Frame

Rug |  Casa  Bebe - Honeycomb Carpet*
Puppy | BSHouse - Dog and Puppies*
Table | BSHouse - Coffee Table Boxes Bella*
Pillows | MadPea - Mr. & Mrs. Right Pillows (last year)
Balloons | The Green Door - Valentine Balloons Opaque
House | Trompe Loeil - Joralie Cottage

Love Bites Hunt (Last Year) - The Artist Shed
Cupids Sweets
Cupid's Vase
Cupid's Light
Cupid's Mirror

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Whitetail Cabin

The Mr. and I decided to take a break and go to the Whitetail Cabin*.  It comes with and without a loft area so you are really getting two houses.  It also has the option of snow.   I added the Snowy Pines Set to complete my forest look.  These items can be found at Old Barn Door's main store.  I just love the Estwards rocking chairs* by Raindale to sit and enjoy the day away.  It's a great spot to unplug and relax for a little bit. I also included the Modern Cobble-Stone Wall from Fundati.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Monochrome Bedroom

The Manly Weekend is a 50L in store event that goes from Friday-Sunday.  They do have some home decor items that anyone can use.  Today I am showing you Mason's Bed that is available at Infinite and the Saundell Bean Bag Chair in Coal Black that is over at Raindale. Hurry to grab these great items at 50L for this weekend only!  I also included some of my favorite photos on the Music Photo Gallery by Simple Reflections on the wall that can be found at Swank for a few more days.

Bed | Infinite - Mason's Bed*
Chair | Raindale - Saundell Bean Bag Chair Coal Black*
Wall Decor | Simple Reflections - Music Photo Gallery*
Lamp | 22769 - Minimalist Floor Lamp
Curtain | Pixel Mode - Long Drape White Sheer (closed)
Books | Apple Fall - Books & Map
Cloches | Apple Fall - Fern Specimen & Unknown Specimen
Dresser | Apple Fall - Sideboard Grey
Rug | Nutmeg - Rug Gray
Dog | Jian - Boston Terrier Wanderer
House | Your Dreams - Industrial Loft

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Coffee Run

I am wearing the Babs Outfit from Virtue on this chilly January morning as I run out for another cup of coffee.  I just needed more coffee today as one cup was not cutting it.  The outfit can be found at the 2nd Chance Event

Outfit | Virtue - Babs Outfit*
Necklace | Supernatural - Onyx Set Gold
Earrings | Yummy - Double Diamond Studs
Makeup | The Face - Wet Make-up Palette
Hair | Astrology - Carrie Revival Hair
Drink | Hangry - Floral Drink Mint
Purse | *YS&YS* - Viareggio Special Edition Black
Backdrop | Versov - Saint Honore Background @ Backdrop City

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Dazzling in Red

This outfit just screams look at me in it's vibrant red hue.  Wild Fashion came out with the Sharon Dress which includes earrings (not pictured) on a color hud.  They can be found at Designer Showcase which also has some gifts out.  Anael's Boots are by Heels and are currently at The Fashion Zone Event.  They come with a color hud in black and this dark red.  Now you didn't think I would get my boots all dirty in the snow did you?  How else am I supposed to get around if not for my flying Demon Angel Floating Chair or throne as I call it by irrISIStible.  You can find this wonderful gem at Swank.   I also tried my hand at a smiling close up. I am still not sure what I think about it.

Dress | Wild - Fashion Sharon Dress*
Boots | Heels - Anael's Boots*
Coat | Ryvolter - Trixi Shoulder Fur Coat Oxblood
Hair | Truth - Eternity
Earrings Chu-Ing - Feel Special Earring 3
Necklace | Kunglers - Marianne Necklace Quartz
Eye Makeup & Lashes | Euphoric - Bae Beauty Set (PP 1/20)
Lipstick | Modish - Rimma (PP 1/20)
Eyes | Mila - Nerissa Eyes
Throne | irrISIStible - Demon Angel Floating Chair*

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Before Bed

Everyone has a night time ritual.  I love putting on scented rose oil before bed as it makes me feel sensual.   I had just gotten all ready for a fun night in with Magnus by putting on my new Silk Chemise by 1 Hundred and added some jewelry that includes my new Chiara Bento Rings by Livia.
However, it seems I had left the oil bottle down stairs on the book case for some reason.  I headed down to get my new bottle of rose oil from Cazimi's Essential Oils line and hurried along to get back to bed before Magnus got out of the shower.  For your own steamy evening make sure to pick up these essentials at this round of Designer Showcase.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Magical Night

By the glow of the night I went to my special place hidden near the wall where magic happens.  It seems like tonight the cats are out playing.  I just want to watch them a little longer before I disturb them.

I wanted to highlight some of the items in the post.  The cats with rocks and some foliage are from Tm Creation and currently at Swank.  I found the windmill planter from Decor Junction/Shutterfield fat the current round of Cosmopolitan.  Lastly the Wonderland Mushrooms and Greenbury Flower Beds can be found at Raindale.  Today is the last day you can get the mushrooms on sale for this weekends round of Wonderlust for 50L in the frost color.  I used the pastel version that is full price.

Windmill Planter | DJ.SF - Windmill Planter V2  Blue*
Flowered Walls | Raindale - Greenbury Flowerbeds*
Mushrooms | Raindale - Wonderland Mushrooms Pastel*
Cats | Tm Creation - Forever Always- ADT Nature Scene GM37.a*
Ferns | LOVE - Fairy Ferns 1a, 2a Orb Emitter
Decor Set | Felix - Mesh Fairy Ring Scene (modified)

On The Go

I have been on the go a lot lately.  I just love Blythe in white from Belle Epoque.  It is a complete outfit.  The dress, shorts, belt, jacket, purse and gloves all come put together.  I love this since earlier in the week I was trying to layer mesh and a jacket.  That shit aint no joke, so when I can find a well put together layered outfit like this I am all over it.  This outfit is currently at Equal 10.

Dress w/jacket & bag | Belle Epoque - Blythe White*
Hair | Moon - Smile
Earrings | Meva - Sook Earring Gold
Shoes | Phedora - Roxy Mini Boots Black
Background | BH9 - The Subway Orange V1
Backdrop City

Friday, January 17, 2020

Bar Time

It's bar time!!! Why go out to the bar when you can stay home and drink.  There are so many different kinds of bars out in Second Life.  Infinite just released the Magnus Minibar which includes a table, beer keg, beer cups/bottles, and different whisky glass accessories with a nice bar sign.  I lit up the bar cart with the Carnegie Light in black from Refuge.

Beer/Whiskey Bar | Infinite - Magnus Minibar*
Light | Refuge - Carnegie Lighting Black*
Pictures | Acorn - 6 Frame Art Nature
Bar Cart | Apple Fall - Masculine Bar
Drink w/cups | Apple Fall - Elderflower Cordial
Cheese Board | Apple Fall - Cheeseboard
Champaign Set |No.59- Champagne Tray Premium
Plant | Minimal - Monstera Plant 5

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Driftwood Bed

The new Evhah Boracay Collection for in the bedroom is adorable.  The bed reminds me of a driftwood bed.  It has nine different textures and is loaded with single and couples animations.  I used a few pieces of the collection including the divider, flower vase, candle, side table, candle display and curtains.  Park Place also released the Sepia Floral Wall Decor (pack of two) that I included in the decor.  Both of these designers new releases can be found at this round of SwankRaindale has the beautiful new Jardibelle Chair in 12 colors which is PG out at Access.

Other items:
Tray | Sway's - Breakfast Around The World Sydney AU
Cat |  Image Essentials - Full Perm Mesh Cat Jumping Down
Books | MudHoney - Fashion Books
Vines | Yumyum - Vine D, E Green
House | Apple Fall - West Village Belgravia Skybox

Monday, January 13, 2020

Party Ready

Celestina Weddings just released the Vanilla Party set at Designer Showcase's 9th Year Anniversary Round.   This set is quite large can accommodate an niced sized party with all the different trays, cakes, and champaign. 

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Casual Evening

Sometimes a nice casual evening in is nice.  I recently spent a nice evening and enjoyed listening to music and sprucing up my house.  I have a few new things from around Second Life to showcase today.  I love the Celia Outfit by Virtue.  The top with sweater and the pants can be separated.  I paired it with Moondance Boutique Sophi Set that can be found at this round of Designer Showcase.  I also added the Hanging Hollow Glass Ornament White Flowers & Orange Butterfly by Enchanted Fantasy.  It is a great decoration whimsical decoration piece and is currently at Swank.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Rest & Reset

Rest and reset is a good moto to go into 2020 with.  I hope you all have a great new year and make this year your best.  As we roll into January new event rounds have started and we are heading into yet another holiday next month.  Just as in real life, second life designers are hard at work.

I am bringing you a few new things.  The first is from the current round of Swank that opens tomorrow.  The Dreamland Designs London Vintage Bed is absolutely stunning and comes with a ton of bento animations.  I paired it with Refuge's Lara Chair and Side Table.  I added roses and a card from Old Barn Door which has a great romantic message on it and would be perfect for your sweetie to wake up to.  They also have a few new wreaths out at the store like the Rose Wreath.   

Bed | Dreamland Designs - London Vintage Bed and Tray*
Chair & Side Table | Refuge - Lara*
Roses & Card | Old Barn Door - Rose Bouquet & Card*
Wreath | Old Barn Door - Rose Wreath  *
Dresser | Apple Fall -  West Village Eleanora Tallboy Dresser Cream
Mirror | Raindale - Raindale - Bonclair Folding Screen*

Monday, January 6, 2020

Late Night Grocery Run

Have you ever had to make that late night grocery run?  I have even in Second Life.  I dressed warm since the weather is quite cold at night. Belle Epoque just released this creative outfit called Edith which I am wearing in sky.  The outfit consist of a sweater dress with gloves holding a bag of groceries.  It can be found a the newest event on the grid called the Food Court which will be a semi annual. 

I paired it with some great boots from Heels called Leezah.  The pack comes in Black, Red, Brown, White and Cream for $149L.  All those colors for such a great price and a worthwhile cause.  Did you know that all proceeds from Heels shoes goes toward the maintenance and operation of the Care and Hope Center?  It opened in 2014 that provides a safe haven and information regarding domestic violence. 

Outfit | Belle Epoque - Edith Sky*
Hair | No Match - No Song
Tights | ChiMia - Winter Blues
Boots | Heels - Leezah Boots Snow*
Photo Taken At Jackson's Supermarket

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Waiting Through Winter

Winter is a cold time of year where I live.  You know we never like the season we are in.  It's great for like a month and then we wish it were another season.  I rather like winter in Second Life since I can't feel the cold.  So while I sit here and wait for winter to pass let me tell you a little about my outfit.  Designer Showcase reopens this month with an all new round after taking a short break.  This Gen Set is from FurtaCor which comes as separate pieces with a color hud and a pair of black boots. 

Pants Set | FurtaCor - Gen Set*
Hair | Sintiklia - Hair Gigi Light Blondes
Coco Cup | Kawaii Couture - Kawaii Cocoa Gift
Stump w/tree | Trompe Loeil - Outdoor Winter Camping Scene
Grass | Love - Christmas Wishes Grass Wispy