Saturday, November 9, 2019

Fantasy Forest

Magnus and I were on a stroll through the forest when this romantic little chestnut stand appeared.  There was a romantic little hut and a bench for us to sit upon.  The fall foliage is in abundance.  A new round of Swank just started and it is packed full of autumn goodness.  I used creations from Mindgardens Creations and BS House.

Mindgardens Creations*
MG - Lil Autumn Fairy Garden
MG - Autumn Ground Leaves Scattered
MG - Sunstone Mossy Footpath - Curved
MG - Autumn Ground Ivy
MG - Sunkissed Sunflower & Clover Patch
MG - Elephant Ear Plant v4
MG - Lovers Retreat - Autumn v2
MG - Gnarled Lantern Autumn Tree w/Vines
MG - Autumn Oak Tree - Blinking Lights & Lantern
MG - Enchanted Autumn Bench - Animated
MG - Enchanted Autumn Forest Leaf Table
MG - Enchanted Autumn Lovers Picnic - Animated

BSHouse - Cart  Roasted Chestnuts*
Colored Bushes |  Dysfunctionality - Swaying Spring Bush
Grass | Raindale - Meadow Grass Summer Soft*
Green Bushes | Alirium - DwarfForest OldGold
Yellow Ground Cover | Alirium - Nanohana
Drinks | Granola - Cider Hot Toddy Tray

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