Saturday, March 24, 2018

My Own Vanity Fair

I recently found this sim Whimberly and found it irresistibly quaint.  I love the landscaping and the house they have set up for photographs.  It makes me feel like I am on a photo shoot for Vanity Fair.  One of the shoots where they dress up the person in a designer outfit and showcase their amazing home.

sYs Design has a new release at the Sense Event that was perfect for this photo shoot.  In a sea of creators who use the same mesh mold this dress is something unique and different.  Her designs are 100% original mesh.  I am also a fan of Vanity Hair where I picked up this new hairstyle.  I love that she does ethnic hair, but why should everything be new?  I also pulled some old goodies out of my inventory.  Azory has always been unique. Some items may no longer be available they are great statement pieces.

My husband recently explained to me that I am an end gamer.  I have a vast array of collected items in my ten years on SL, so I tend to be a bit pickier than say a newer person is.  I stopped and thought about this concept.  He is right and I am.  Here is to a unique you in a sea of people!

Gems & Kisses - Steampunk Empress – Gold(Closed)

Make your own cover here 

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