Sunday, December 13, 2015

Lady in Black

This is the Lady in Black who wonders the halls of her castle wondering why she feels so alone.  Dressed to the nines the countess has no place to go and no friends to visit.  By wearing black she feels she can blend into the background and go unnoticed.

What I am wearing
Gown: JUMO - Haussmann Gown in Black
Skin: JUMO - Aeon Skin in Cream No Brows
Eye Lashes: JUMO - Eyelashes Feather 1
Eye Liner: JUMO - Aeon Eyeliner 006
Lipstick: JUMO - Aeon Lips in Chocolate
Hair: Vanity Hair - The Potion in Soil
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes in Oxidation

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