Thursday, August 4, 2022



Summer time seems to always be so busy.  School starts in a little under two weeks and then a new schedule will come.  Hopefully things will start to slow down, but some how I doubt that.  Here is anew little living room collection I paired together. 

LouChara - Poison Apple Collection*

Daybed LI:17, Wall Art LI:5

QE Home - Mystic Décor Set*

Macrame Wall Art LI:10, Skull LI:4, Spears w/ Vase LI:6

Mithral - Short Greenhouse Cabinet Black LI:8

Lacrime dell'anima Store - Pretty Braided Rug 6 Colors LI:2

Jian - Pets Shiba Inu Black & Tan Newspaper Wanderer LI:21

Spargel & Shine Homes - Mistik Loft II with Blinds LI = 77

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