Thursday, January 6, 2022

2022 Off To A Bang


I took on a lot of extra blogging and events over the holidays which I enjoy.  I was debating taking a break from blogging in January for the month to get all the hunt, advent and gifts I picked up over the holidays opened and sorted.  I was still thinking about it when real life decided to intervene.  

Although my family did not travel during the holidays our friends did.  It didn't even cross my mind to give our playdate a grace period incase they had picked up covid and were asymptomatic.  Well that happened to be the case and now we are in the mist of not feeling well.  Everyone but my youngest is vaccinated and he seems to have gotten it the worst.

So for the month of January I will not be posting on the blog.  I will be back in February with a ton of seasonal Valentines items.  For now check out the fun I had at Calas Galadhon Park on the first of January.

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