Sunday, October 18, 2020

Rock On


As Covid-19 keeps ruling our lives things like concerts have gone by the wayside.  However, my band mates and I found a great alley to set up in.  This concert is a guarantee because it is in Second Life and none of that matters.  Infinite released two new packs.  First off, is Saul Guitars which can be found at Anthem.  A guitar and single speaker amp are in this collection.  Next, is Steve's Drums which can be found at The Men's Department.  This collection is quite large.  It consists of  drums, amps, microphones, various posters and a stage(not pictured).  As always you can buy individual pieces or the set.  Are you ready for the fun part?  These come with music and animations so you can really rock on in Second Life.  Hope you can find this alley made by Paleto as the band will be waiting.

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