Friday, August 30, 2019

Summer Lovin

Summer is a great time for short rompers.  I love how they look and all the different combinations you can find available.  Totally Random has just released a whole collection of new rompers in a ton of different styles that fits even the most pickiest persons taste.  You can pop in to the store or grab them on Market Place.  P.S. the Negative Space Romper is a 5L "demo" that you can keep.

Vivid Garden Sunset Romper
Blue Nerdy But Cute Romper
Negative Space Romper
Watermelon Jubilee Romper
Romper | Totally Random - Romper*
Hair | Astrology - Andrew Hair
Earrings |  Ysoral - Luxe Set Earring Flore
Lipsticks | itGirls - Sultry Lips + Two Bonus Shadows
Pose | Manifeste - Model_932

Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Gathering Place

I found the perfect place for us to gather at.  This little meadow has a fire pit and lights strung up for any friends that might find comfort in its seats.  Raindale's Magerest Set comes with three seats and ten animations.

Fire Pit | Raindale - Magerest Set*
Trees | Fundati - Yucca Tree Set
Deer | Love - Midsummer Night Deer
Bush | Mesh Plants - Wild Bush Large Light

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

For The Birds

Shutter Field/Decor Junction just released some Rustic Pillings at this round of Cosmopolitan.  They look great in any decor you may use them for.  They fit right in with my birds as well as near the house.

Pillngs | Decor Junction / Shutter Field - Pilings Rustic*
Birds on Rocks | CJ Creations -  Seaform Ocean Breeze with Stork + Crab
Bird on Sign | TLC - Kingfisher and Sign
Palms | DaD Design's - Palm Upright Ultra Low Prim Straight x 9 V.2
Grass | DaD Design's - Bonus Dry Grass
Cabin | Post - Wagoner Cabin

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Water Taxi

As we boarded the water taxi I had an uneasy feeling about the situation.  It sounded like we would have to wait a bit for the next water taxi to arrive to our next destination, but I thought I misunderstood the driver due to the language barrier.  The driver was really nice as we spread towards our next destination.  The boat stopped at this little island where he unloaded all our luggage.  Then he drove away and here I sit in the middle of the tropics hoping that I understood him right while waiting on the connecting water taxi.  I layed out a towel hoping to catch some rays in the meantime.

Some new summer items were just released from Dreamscapes Art Gallery that are just beach perfect.  First off is the Jessy Beach Set that comes with the fence, beach sign and surfboards.  Then the Beach Time Set was also released which includes the palm tree with the bouie and both towels.  These are perfect for most beach scenes.  Over at Swank you can find the Travel With Me Scene from Tm Creation.  This set mixes up both beach decor with luggage. 

Luggage | Tm Creation - Travel with Me Scene*
Palm Tree w/towels | Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Beach Time Set*
Beach Decor | Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Jessy Beach Set*
Boat | Michie - Water Taxi
Island | Beachstore - Island w/tree

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Let's Go To Bed

Casa de Bebe has released the Skandi Bedroom Collection at this round of Swank.  This is a huge collection of bedroom items from the bed of course to miscellaneous decor.  You can purchase the set or just pieces of the collection.

Bedroom Collection | Casa de Bebe - Skandi Bedroom Collection*
Pictured - Skandi teak wood bed, Stockholm cabinet, grafik art, leather journal, line drawing, min karlek jar, monsetera leaf, potted grass, rattan pouf, red bird wall plate, swedish ivy vintage flat weave rug, wood slatted hanging lamp

Whips| Artisan Fantasy - Capturado Utility Shelf
Cookies | LOGO - Cookies On A Plate
Tray | Mud Honey - Apple Bed Tray
House | Maven Homes - The Palomar

Friday, August 23, 2019

Happy Friday

Designer Showcase is still going strong and has some really cute summer outfits like the Nella Outfit from AnaStyle.  Make sure you head over before this round ends to check out all the cute stuff.

Outfit | AnaSTyle - Nella (shoes not shown)*
Necklace | Pure Poison - Purple & Gold Wilda Necklace
Hair | Truth - Euphoria
Makeup | Mila -  April Cosmetics (PP April 2019)
Nails | Slack Girl - Patty Stiletto Nails
Pose | Le Poppycock - Versions of April Hearts of Gold Daisy

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Magic Town

What a cute little town I stumbled upon the other day in my travels.  Magic Town is a little mini town.  I used a few creators new releases from the Swank Around the World Event.  This includes Mindgardens Creations, Balderdash, and Harshlands.  

Grass | Mindgardens Creations - Wild Grass Early Autumn*
Shrubs | Balderdash - Graceleaf Shrub in Plummy, Jade, Dawn, Gold, Mint*
Left Tree with Lanterns | Mindgardens Creations - Gnarled Trunk Steampunk Tree w/Vines*
Fairy | Mindgardens Creations - Steampunk Fairy*
Middle Tree | Mindgardens Creations - Green Oak Tree Blinking Lights & Lantern*
Right Tree | Harshlands - Elderwood Tree*
Houses | Harshlands - Tiny Magic House Green, Red, Blue and Yellow*
Tree Stump w/Ax and Cut Logs - Harshlands - Woodcutter's Rest*
Fence | Harshlands - Elderwood Fence*
Mushrooms | Mindgardens Creations - Turtleback Shrooms*
Snail | Mindgardens Creations - Giant Steampunk Snail*

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Wishing Well

I went on a lovely walk near the cliff today and stumbled upon a wishing well.  Who would have thought that some would would build a wishing well all the way out here.  I had to stop and make my wish while the sunlight streamed all around me and the butterflies danced happily.  It was a magical moment to say the least.  The Rockmere Wishing Well is a new release by Raindale for the Spellbound Event.  My beautiful dress called Sage is a new release from On A Lark that is this round of Redeux.  My pose can also be found at the event which is the Nora Pose Set by Serendipity.  

Dress | On A Lark - Sage*
Hair | Truth - Euphoria
Necklace | Romazin - Augustina
Pose | Serendipity - Nora 4*
Wishing Well | Raindale - Rockmere*

Sunday, August 18, 2019

White Night

 This is the perfect outfit to go clubbing in.  It's a white hot little number from Suki called Veronica that was just released at Designer Showcase.  I paired it with a sexy lace up Ana boots from Heels also in white available at On9.  I am ready to hit Second Life dance clubs in my sexy little number.

Dress | Suki - Veronica White*
Shoes | Heels - Ana's Boots Fall 2019*
Hair | No Match - No Song To Sing

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Steampunk Bedroom

This round of Swank is an Around the World theme.  There are some wonderful theme punk sets available.  I used items from Evolving Images Steampunk Collection as well as Wood Works Furniture's Ebonvale Collection.  I also grabbed a radiator from Dictatorshop.   I love how the room turned out.  Each collection has more available for sale than what is pictured so you can buy them separately while mixing and matching.

Desk | Evolving Images - Steampunk Workstation*
Pipe Clock | Evolving Images - Steampunk Wall Clock 3a V*
Camera Decor | Evolving Images - Steampunk Camera*
Large Clock | Evolving Images - Steampunk Clock 2*
Bed | Wood Works Furniture - Ebonvale Bed Adult*
Side Table | Wood Works Furniture - Ebonvale Bedside Table*
Rug | Wood Works Furniture - Ebonvale Rug*
Floor Lamp | Evolving Images - Steampunk Floor Lamp 2*
Boar | Evolving Images - Brass Boar*
Riffles | Evolving Images - Steampunk Rifle Rack*
Drafting Table | Evolving Images - Steampunk Drafting Table*
Gadgets | Evolving Images - Steampunk Table Lamp & Steampunk Thermometer*
Radiator | Dictatorshop - Vindustria Decor Radiator*
Vines | Soy - Weeping Willow
Sky Box | MadPea - Industrial Basement Skybox

Friday, August 16, 2019

The Office

As you know Redeux just opened.  I went to see what goodies I could find and found this color change cross back strap dress with a side slit called Carmen from Noir.  I also found a great sitting pose set called Nevaeh from Serendipity.  With these two items in hand I decided to do an edgy office look. 

Dress | Noir - Carmen Dress*
Hair | Lock & Tuft - No Country
Jewelry | L&B - BoHo Collection
Shoes | N-core - Casandra
Pose | Serendipity - Nevaeh 4*
Backdrop | K&S - Office Backdrop Dark
Photo taken at Backdrop City 

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Relaxing Pergola

Redeux just opened and runs until the 21st of the month.  I love this event for all of the new exclusive designer releases, the sales and the 50L items.  This event has it all from fashion to home decor and fantasy.  I picked up a few new things so let me show you my awesome finds.  Lacrime dell' anima released an event exclusive patio cuddle bed.  The matching crate plants are also available.  Artisan Fantasy put out a set of house plants since we all love our foliage in Second Life.  Lastly, Simply Shelby has the Garden Pergola for sale.  What I like about this is it has a ton of flowers surrounding the structure.   

Garden Pergola | Simply Shelby - Full Version*
Bed | Lacrime dell' anima - Patio Cuddle Bed*
Wooden Planter | Lacrime dell' anima - Patio Crate Vase(2)*
Potted Plants | Artisan Fantasy - Potted House Plants (3)*
Wrapped Sandwiches | Raindale - Lembas Tray*

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Tuscan Villa

I love the Swank event and can always find a plethora of things that I need to decorate with.  The around the world event is no different.  In this photo I used a variety of things from Thaino Designs, CJ Creations and ZFG to bring the front of my villa to life.  The vine fence from CJ Creations has a ton of animations in it for singles, couples and with kids to make it family friendly.  

House | Spargel & Shine Homes - Casupola Giana
Lamp Post | CJ Creations - Secret Garden Lamp Chrysanthemum Orange*
Garden Wall | Thaino Designs - Bobby Garden Wall With Plants*
Blanket | Thaino Designs - Bobby Blanket Log With Singles/Cuddles*
Decorative Chair | Thaino Designs - Bobby Flower Chair*
Vines On Fence | CJ Creations - Harmony Garden Fence Vine A & Vine With Single, Couple + Parent*
Wild Flowers | zfg - Home Garden Grows Wildflower A,B,C & D*
Fruit Tree| zfg - Home Garden Grows Apple Tree*
Apple Basket | zfg - Home Garden Grows Apple Basket*
Rocks | zfg - Home Garden Grows Rocks Set 2*

Monday, August 12, 2019

Beach House

Old Barn Door just released this cozy little beach house that you can purchase fully furnished.  It come fully furnished with a ton of bento animations and color change options. Check out on marketplace here to see everything this home offers.  In these photos the only decor item that I added was the little Sulrance Pool from Raindale that can be found at Equal 10.  I added the pool because no matter where you live a little pool is better to sit in and cool down that no pool.  With all this wonderful beach around me I had to put on my new Hyacinth Dress & Bikini by Sexy Princess.

Beach Cottage | Old Barn Door - Fully Furnished Cottage w/bento animations*
Pool | Raindale - Sulrance Pool *
Swim Suit | Sexy Princess - Hyacinth Dress & Bikini*

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Jungle Green

Jungle green seems to be the color of the day.  I love the bright bold colors of summer.  My weather is starting to get cooler in the mornings and it seems as if summer is already slipping away.  I picked up a few new things from this round of Designer Showcase.  The Asha Earring Set by Livia gives that edgy appearance and has multiple earrings.  Cazimi released the Lexi Nails in a green and orange tone perfect for summer.  While Dulce Secrets has put out the Edi Collection with both lipsticks and eyeshadows available. 

Earrings | Livia - Asha Earrings Set*
Rings | Livia - Gaia Rings*
Nails | Cazimi - Lexi Nails*
Choker - BF - Britty Choker
Eye Makeup | Dulce Secrets - Eidi Eyeshadow*
Lipstick | Dulce Secrets - Eidi Lipstick*
Background | Rama - Vertical Palm Wall Green
Pose | InDiGo - Female Portrait Bento Poses

Friday, August 9, 2019

Villa Pool

I find pools the most difficult thing to photo in Second Life.  The length of them makes for an awkward picture.  I also feel if I cut down on the size of the picture shown you wouldn't get the whole feel for the pool. 

The Caspian Collection* by Adorably Strange Wares had been released at this round of Swank with the theme of Around The World.  This collection reminds me of pool you would find on a vacation at a villa in another land.  It has incredible stone work and comes with a ton of different pieces in the collection for purchase.  This includes the fireplace, water lights, double lounger, single lounger, plant set, pool in tan or gray, and staircase also in tan or grey. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Red Hot

This outfit is red hot.  I love this sophisticated look for summer.  I am ready to hit the town for lunch and some afternoon shopping.  The Drielly Dress from Legendaire comes with a purse and heels.  I love the color hud and all the different styles.  This outfit can be found at the current round of Designer Showcase that just opened.

Dress | Legendaire - Drielly Dress w/purse (heels not pictured)*
Eye Makeup | The Face - Satisfy Eyeshadow Palette PP July Collection
Lipstick | Studio Exposure - 50's Red Lips Collection PP Sept. 18
Eyes | Lefort by Revoul - Lechery Eyes
Hair | Truth - Lisette
Earring | Rhude - Tia Earring Rose
Bracelet | Sallie - Logo Bangle Bracelets
Pose | K&S - Natalie Pose
Backdrop | Versov - Influencer Backdrop V2
Taken at Backdrop City 

Outside BBQ

Outside grilling is great during the summer.  The Silsby Collection by Dench Designs is just what you need for summer.  The sets are a BBQ & Prep Table, Fountain, Outdoor Seating and a free patio area with lights as a gift for this round of Boardwalk.  The set can rez decor items.  It has a wide variety of poses both bento and non bento with props.

Dench Designs - Spilsby Collection
Tequila Platter | CJ Creations - Fiesta Tequila with Snacks Set
Corn | Dust Bunny - Spicy Fiesta Grilled Corn

Monday, August 5, 2019

Western Living Room

I love this new collection from Serendipity Designs called Cimmaron Living Room Suite which is at the current round of Boardwalk.  This is a huge set that comes with couches, coffee table, console table, lamps, decorated branches, fireplace wall with decorations, drapes, a ceiling, gecko succulents, a rug, wall art, two horse statues and a window.  My Mother In Law would love a house decorated like this in real life.

Living Room Set - Serendipity Designs - Cimmaron Living Room Suite*
Plant | Foxwood - Boho Lounge Snake Plant
Dog | Jian -Legacy Labrador Wanderer
Candles | InsurreKtion - Trunk Candles
Lights | Hive - Hanging Glass Light
House |  [ba] Barnesworth Anubis - Araby Home

Friday, August 2, 2019

Poolside Treats

Having treats by the pool is how we do it around our house, so when Old Barn Door released the Coral Cost Pool Set I knew I needed to grab it.  This pool has great space to the sides that allow you to decorate it quite nicely.  The set comes with all the floats that are pictured, the pool, sign, and fenced area.  I added a bunch of loungers from the Coral Coast Collection because what would a pool be without them.  Then an ice cream stall since that is the ultimate treat after a fun day at the pool!

Pool | Old Barn Door - Coral Coast Pool Set*
Loungers | Old Barn Door - Coral Coast Loungers*
Ice Cream Cart | Peaches - Le Petit Chariot Green w/sign