Sunday, March 30, 2014

Our Day Shopping

This morning when I came on my good friend Scarlett nabbed me to go shopping.  We went to Lazuri's to pick up some gems.  I was wearing the outfit I was going to blog today and she wanted to get a couple of pictures.  Well I took some pictures as well and now I have my first blog with a friend.

What Scarlett is wearing:

Dress: Utopia - Kylie
Hair: Di!va - Ruri - Cat's Eye color
Ring:  Lazuri - MVW 2013 Nayomi Gartner  - color and texture chg ring
Earrings: Zuri Cameo Earrings -   Gluttony -Pink Daimond/Gold

What Gem is wearing:

Dress:  Zenith Fashion - Leather Manteau dress w/belt - Caramel
Hair: EMO-tions -  Amita
Earrings & Ring: Alienbear - Precious Queen Earring & Ring

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