Thursday, December 6, 2018

Gift From The Heart

A gift from the heart came my way today and I thought I would share.  I love getting and receiving gifts.  I also love making pictures.  Raindale just put out a the Cranebourne set of decor items at The Liaison Collaborative.  It includes the fireplace, star bunting and candles.  All of these items are resizable.  The Coldbrook ladder and firewood rack are part of Raindale's gottcha set that is out at Arcade.  Make sure you head over to grab these unique pieces that are sure to fit all of your winter decor needs.

I was searching for winter type clothing and ran across this cute trench coat from Hilly Haalan.  I knew that the new Mcintire Road boots just came out from Heels at the Yin/Yang event that opens soon.  They are a great pair great with the coat.  The cutouts on the front of the boots are fun and unique.  Plus it is a great color red to add a pop of color to the outfit.


Pose w/Gift | Fashiowl - Present 4

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