Saturday, March 30, 2019


It is nice to be a Diva sometimes and Virtual Diva Couture helps you achieve that posh look with the Unique Dress.  I got all fancy and went for a night on the town.  Sometimes it's nice to look a bit more polished.

Necklace | Amias - Neasa 1

Friday, March 29, 2019

New Meets Old Vintage

New meets old vintage in this combined bathroom look.  We have Bee Designs Bathroom Goodies Gatcha with a newer flair on vintage.  The gacha set has a possibility of 11 pieces including a bathtub, two decor baskets, three photos, mirror, bath mat, candles, pile of towels and a basket of towels.  This set can be found at the current round of Boardwalk.

For my old vintage I used pieces from The Looking Glasses La Mia Rosa Collection.  It can be purchased as a set or individually.  The chair and dresser have color hud that come with them.  Not pictured is a vintage print and rug.  This set is currently at the SL Home and Garden Expo that benefits Relay for Life in Second Life.  For the home I used the Maven Homes Palomar which I mentioned in a previous post

Home | Maven Homes - Palomar* (sim 1)
Bathroom Decor | Bee Designs - Bathroom Goodies Gacha*
Chair | The Looking Glass - La Mia Rosa Chair* (sim 10)
Dresser | The Looking Glass - La Mia Rosa Dresser*
Flowers in Vase | The Looking Glass - La Mia Rosa Vase*
Hanging Plants | Lucas Lameth - Kokedama Palm Leaf Plant, Hanging Orchid , Hanging Sprigs with Flower 
Light | Park Place - Rattan Ceiling Lamp

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Retro Living Room

This living room 70's Vintage Set and 70's Fireplace by Academy of Heaven reminds me of home.  We had and still have tables that look like this.  It is hard to find good sturdy furniture any more that will last.  The  70's Vintage Living Room Set includes a couch, chair, rug, table, curtains, side table w/accessories and a large plant.  I used the Helvig Coffee Table by Digs and the Motivational Mountains sign by MACCA.  I also included a photo by Ruby's Pub of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  All of these items were put inside the Clam Bay Beach Cottage by Moco Homes Emporium.  They are also part of the the SL Home and Garden Expo that benefits Relay for Life in Second Life.

The cute little baby is part of an animesh series released by Anna's Attic.  When you use these items sit position a little baby rezes inside of the items.  There is a blanket, crib, rocker, bouncer (shown) and high chair.  It comes both in female and male light and dark skin.  It's a great way to have a nursery with a baby and not have to care for it or use extra prims.  This can be found over at the current round of Boardwalk.

Retro Living Room Set | Academy Of Heaven*(sim 1)
Retro Fireplace | Academy Of Heaven - 70's Vintage Fireplace*
Coffee Table | Digs - Helvig Coffee Table tinted* (sim 6)
Photo | Ruby's Pub - Brooklyn Navy Yard 7* (sim 3)
Sign | MACCA - Motivational Mountains Take a Hike* (sim 1)
House | Moco Homes Emporium - Clam Bay Beach Cottage v1*(sim 5)
Baby Bouncer | Anna's Attic - Littles Bouncy Seat Dark Female* 
Small Plants | frag.ments - Succuplant Tablepot
My outfit was in a previous post:

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Watering Hole

I woke up one morning early to head down to the local watering hole to see if I could catch any wild life.  To my surprise two baby elephants were playing. This wonderful display is called The Peace Nature Scene by TM Creations and takes center stage.  It includes the baby elephants, rocks, flowers, wildgrass, wildflowers and bushes which you can unlink and use alone as well.  It has a land impact of 18 and is 100% original mesh.

In this scene I also used Flying Arts pull up a rock his and hers chairs.  Look closely behind the elephant on the left towards the palm tree.  Those rocks are actually chairs and I think it's unique.  The pink/purple tree on the left is the Fantasy Spring Tree by Thus Magic while Cosmos Trellis Panel with Pink & Purple Climbers on the right is from Cosmos Boutique.  I placed all of this wonderfulness inside the Mesh Tropic Dream Oasis/Lagune by Felix which is 45 Prim.  All of these  items can be found at the SL Home and Garden Expo that benefits Relay for Life in Second Life.  

Elephants | TM Creations - The Peace Nature Scene GM24*(sim 9)
Chair Rocks | Flying Arts - Pull Up A Rock* (sim 10)
Pink/Purple Tree | Thus Magic - Fantasy Spring Tree*(sim 10)
Flower Trellis | Cosmos Boutique - Cosmos Trellis Panel with Pink & Purple Climbers*(sim 1)
Waterfall Sceen | Felix - Mesh Tropic Dream Oasis
Single Sm. Palm | DaD DESIGN - Single Palmetto Mesh

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Floating Fun

My home town is located on a big river where floating and water activities are what you do.  So when I found the Camp Steelhead Floating Swim Dock I was really excited.  It is an original mesh creation  with over 300 bento animations and a toy rezer.  It has room for 14 users on 7 targets as well as 4 float rings and 4 personal water craft.   Make sure you grab a BBQ from their gattcha to go on the rail.  I added some extra flowers to the barge in wicker containers by Garden Center Simona.  I also placed a Bucket of Yellow Geraniums by Persnickety on the table.  All of these items are available at the SL Home and Garden Expo that benefits Relay for Life in Second Life

Barge | Camp Steelhead - Floating Swim Dock* (sim 9)
BBQ | Camp Steelhead - Mounted BBQ in Seel* (sim 9)
Table Flowers | Persnickety - Bucket of Yellow Geraniums* (sim 4)
Wicker Flowers |  Garden Center Simona - Flower Box Spring Flowers in Rattan_001BJO_1d.braun and Tulip in rattan, _001KJ_1d.braun* (sim 3)
Beer | No 59 | Planerberger DoppelBock x5*

Monday, March 25, 2019

Spring Nook

Most people like to pull out seasonal items and incorporate them into their homes.  I also enjoy making a little spring nook.  In this spring nook I have items found at the SL Home and Garden Expo that benefits Relay for Life in Second Life

The fireplace that sets the scene is created just for RFL and called Spring Fling Fireplace by Newchurch.  I paired it with the Pebble Creek Wing Chair with Blanket in Deep Rose by Park Place.  For the top of the fireplace I added the very playful art work Canvas Cluster by Dreamscapes Art Gallery along with the Greta Crates A.  Make sure you visit the 11 sims to check out all that SL top designers have to offer by April 7th.

Fire Place | Newchurch - RFL Spring Fling Fireplace*(sim 1)
Chair | Park Place - Pebble Creek Wing Chair with Blanket Deep Rose* (sim 3)
Art Work | Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Canvas Cluster* 
Decor Crates | Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Greta Crates A*
Milk Can Plant |  Shutter Field - Milk Churn Planter with Bush

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Spring Dessert Buffet

I don't know about you, but I love desserts.  Raindale's new release the Sweetbourne set can be found at the current round of Access.  In this set you have a buffet table and four desserts that give bento animated props on touch!  Decoration versions of the props are also included.  I also used Raindale's  Auribonne Shed that can be found at The Liaison Collaborative until the 26th.

I also found some great spring themed items at the SL Home and Garden Expo that benefits Relay for Life in Second Life.  The shed is lit by a hanging candle by Chilly Pigeon.  A naughty little squirrel decided to pop into my picture from Off Melrose.  The climbing flowered Clematis vines are from Simple Reflections.  Lastly, I added a picture by Chiana Oh called The Angel of the North.

Dessert Buffet | Raindale - Sweetbourne* 
Shed | Raindale - Auribonne*
Light | Chilly Pigeon - Candle Hanging 3 Tier*(sim 3)
Squirrel Decor | Off Melrose - Farmhouse Spring Daffodils*(sim 1)
Wall Vines | Simple Reflections - Clematis Front* (sim 1)
Photograph | Chiana Oh - The Angel of the North*(sim 1)
Plant in Vase | Shutter Field - Seaside Vase
Decor Eggs | Simply Shelby - Floral Vine Egg Purple and Pink
Daisies | Ariskea -  Daisies Vase Jaune
Water Dispenser | Fancy Decor - Etienne Spa Water Dispenser RARE

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Who Wants To Ride Along

Who wants to ride along?  I seem to have a nice ride on a night like tonight.   The new Sirene dress is hot with a lace up back on that is by Sexy Princess that can be found at this round of Designer Showcase.  I have a new hot release of Marie thigh high boots on by Heels that is currently at On 9 because who doesn't love a pair boots with a mini skirt.  My new ride the Thruxton car by Surplus Motors is a sweet ride that can be found at SL Home and Garden Expo who's event benefits Relay For Life in Second Life.  I am sure we can run this town.

Dress | Sexy Princess - Sirene Dress*
Boots | Heels - Marie Boots Black*
Tatto | White Widow - Neverland Black
Makuep | Just Magnetized - Insta Beauty Set 06 1
Nail Polish | Koffin Nails - Deep Floral*
Car | Surplus Motors - Thruxton v7.0*(sim 5)
Pose | Foxcity - Night Sassy 6
Backdrop | Bad Unicorn - No Parkin' Backdrop
Photo was taken @ Backdrop City

Friday, March 22, 2019

Calming Bedroom

I put together a calming bedroom with items found at this round of Boardwalk.  I love the Boardwalk event due to all the great designers.  You can refresh your home every round with items from this event.  For the home I used the Maven Homes Palomar which I mentioned in a previous post.  This home has large rooms that are great for decorating while not being cramped.  Plus it has a big view window.

Now on to the decor.  In this bedroom I used the Carriveau Bedroom Set by DIGS.  It comes with the Bed, a tall wardrobe (not pictured), chest drawers, mirror, shelves and candles. I used assorted items to decorate the top of the dresser including pearl box, small basket and laundry basket from Magnum Opus new release The Linen Cabinet (not picture the cabinet, wash clothes and hanging towels).

I also placed a hanging light and flowers from Dreaming Leaf Studios at the SL Home and Garden Expo that benefits Relay for Life in Second Life.  I also included a photo titled Fort la Latte Panorama by Jarrod Beck which is a nice black and white print.

Across the large room I have a reading nook to help with my calm.  I do love to read in RL so SL should be no different.  My book nook has the new fat pack called Poster Books and Shelves in Light by Ellas.  This set includes the bench, ladder with book shelves, bunny photos, pillows and books w/coffee.  I also used the Poster Glass Divider to complement my swing by Raindale.

Calming Bedroom
Calming Bedroom dressing Area

Calming Book Nook

Bed & Dressing Area Decor:

Bedroom Set | DIGS - Carriveau Bedroom Set*
Light | Dreaming Leaf Studios - Vintage Caged Bulb Lamp* (sim 1)
Vase w/Blossom | Dreaming Leaf Studios - Flowering Branch* (sim 1)
Large Plant | Dust Bunny - Giant Palm Plant
Tea Set, Diffuser Sticks, Candles | Fourth Wall - Winter Zen Gattcha Items
Pearl box, small basket and laundry basket | Magnum Opus - The Linen Closet*
Dress Form | Apple Fall - Dress Form
Print | Jarrod Beck - Fort la Latte Panorama* (sim 3)

Book Nook: 

Book Decor | Ellas - Poster Book Fat Pack Light*
Privacy Screen | Ellas - Poster Glass Divider*
Swing | Raindale - Laverton Hanging Chair*
Hanging Plant | Circa - Aziza Hanging Fern Basket*
Caged Plant | Shutter Field - Birdcage with Plant
Succulents | Bazar - Crete Succulents

Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Study

This is the only man space my husband gets.  I created him a man cave.  This Den Set from Sahi Designs has been broken up into two mini packs for the SL Home and Garden Expo.  As a special if you purchase both sets you will save 20%.  After the expo these sets will turn into one fat pack.

I also included art work from from the Expo as many galleries are participating.  Beneath The Milky Twilight done by Marcel Mosswood won second place and fits in the den nicely.  I also used a few decor items like the wash tub and the mirror from Magnum Opus.  100% of these items proceeds will go toward Relay For Life in Second Life .

The Desk Area

The Sitting Room

The Desk Area:

Shown | Sahi Designs - The Executive Den in Walnut - Desk, Square Rug, Bookcase, Floor Globe, Chandelier,  Arm Chair w/ Blanket* (sim 5)
Plant| Tarte - Ficus Elastica
Photo | Marcel Mosswood - Beneath The Milky Twilight*(sim 1)

Sitting Area:

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Oh My Kitchen

I picked up a new home from  Maven Homes called Palomar at SL Home and Garden Expo an event that benefits Relay For Life in Second Life.  If you know me I don't change my houses frequently.  My decor sure, but my actual  Anyways I picked up this home and deleted everything on my land. Yep all of it for a nice fresh start.  I love the glass windows in this house so much.

After I put up this house I realized I needed a kitchen.  Now I have never purchased just a kitchen in SL and I remember the best kitchen was sitting over at the current round of Boardwalk by The Domineaux Effect.  I have never assembled a kitchen so I was very glad to find a demo set I could rez and adjust as I needed.

I also added some things I found at the expo.  Nest is a framed pen and ink drawing by the owner of AMU Art Gallery.  The sketchy chalk board by ZFG is such a true saying so make sure you read it.

For my island dinner setting I used  Eclectica Curiosities - Edwardian Sets  including the place setting, the candle sticks and the table ware (gravy boat, salt/pepper shakers, pitcher and tureen).  One last thing I picked up at the expo is Kitty Klock by Darkmatter.  Happy Shopping!!!

Oh My Kitchen

Oh My Dinner
Living Room Area

Oh My Kitchen

Home | Maven Homes - Palomar* (sim 1)
Kitchen | The Domineaux Effect*
Egg Photo | AMU Art Gallery - Nest* (sim 1)
Chalk Sign | ZFG - Home Coffee Board Sketchy*(sim3)
Garbage Can | Bazar - Kitchen Trash Bin

Oh My Dinner

Table Decor | Eclectica Curiosities - Edwardian Sets - Dinner Place Setting, Candle Sticks, Table Ware* (sim 1)
Wine Bottles | Bazar - Forest Wine Bottles
Foliage | Bazar | - Forest Flower Pot
Cat Clock | Darkmatter - Fish Bowl Cat Clock Gattcha* (sim 3)
Wall Cup Holder | Lark - Chalkboard Mug Holder

Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Sometime you just need to ponder.  I love the Nana outfit by FurtaCor as we head into spring.  It has a large color hud including both floral print tops and solids.  The pants and shoes are also controlled on the hug.  It can be found at the current round of Designer Showcase.

Outfit | FurtaCor - Nana*
Hair | Truth - Ciara
Jewelry Set | Gemini -Cleo Old Metal Set
Eye Makeup | Zibska - Shigeko
Lipstick | Dotty's Secret - Decadence
Pose | Manifeste - Model_892
Photo taken @ Copper Mountain

Monday, March 18, 2019


As you can tell by now I love the tropics.  I would move there if my husband would let us.  It always looks so lush and green.  I love the ocean and it's just calming.  The new Modern Patio Series from SoraxTree is beautiful in a tropical setting.  I love the variation of greens and wood.  Each piece sells for 75L.  LOVE is one of my favorite stores for lush garden finds.  The new Fairy Ferns and Little Lights paired perfectly with the patio series and can be found at Boardwalk .  It fulfills my tropical need for now.

Modern Patio Series by StoraxTree*
Modern Patio Chair A17
Modern Patio Chair B17
Modern Patio Table A17
Modern Patio Table C17
Modern Patio Palm Planter A17
Modern Patio Palm Planter B17
Modern Patio Loveseat A17
Modern Patio Coffee Table A17
Modern Patio Umbrella A17

Ferns | LOVE - Fairy Ferns - 2a, 3, 6*
Orbs | LOVE - Little Lights - 1, 4*
Grass | LOVE - Forest Grass
Large Palms | DaD Design's - Palm Upright ultra low prim straight x 9 V.2
Sore Rocks | DaD Design - Coraline Barrier
Background |  Sominel Edelman Landscapes Unlimited -  The Mirror Box 2.0

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Urgent Care Center

We live what is considered remote in RL.  I visit Urgent Cares often with my children.  I picked up this build out of sheer curiosity and I was impressed at the detail of The Urgent Care Center by DB Homes.  It is actually a fully furnished building consisting of 280 prims.  It includes the landscaping on the outside (except the grass pictured), a waiting room, an office, a pharmacy window, three exam rooms and an employee room.  It is a 100% original mesh build.  With a few extra furnishings it could be a fully functional unit.

I found some scrubs on market place and asked my friend Lady to come do a photo with me.  We used Reina Photography's FR009 pose (with out the sheet) for our nurse photo.  We even had a photo bomber who need Urgent Care services or so he said lol.  Both the building and the pose can be found at the current round of Boardwalk.

Urgent Care Center Building

Front Desk

Main Exam Room

Helpful Nurses

Our Photo Bomber
Building | DB Homes - Urgent Care Center*
Pose | Reina Photography - FR009
Nurses Outfit | Full Perm Mesh
Stethoscope | City Builders - Stethoscope for Nurses and Doctors

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Mother Nature

I have a secret place that I like to go, but I know she see's all.  The ever wise, ever watching Mother Nature.  I like to think and ponder in this safe place that just I know.  The items pictured can be found at the SL Home and Garden Expo.  The event supports Relay for Life in Second Life and runs until April 7th.  With a whopping 11 sims you will not be disappointed.

Wall w/Vegetation | ImagiNits - Mother Nature* (sim 4)
Fence Set | Organica - Silphium Fence Set Brick & W. Iron* (sim 3)
Light | Organica - Cynara Lantern* (sim 3)
Day Bed | Bloom! -  Hanging Bed Yellow* (sim 1)
Wild Flowers | Felix - Flower Ground Cover 2 

Friday, March 15, 2019

Morning By The Lake

I spent the morning at the lake working on my gardening. The onions are ready to harvest and they grew great in the little recycled containers I found for them.  My trusty spade and watering can were near as I continued to transplant some of the vast flowers around the birch trees.  Who knew those flowers would grow so well here.  All of the items in the picture can be found at the SL Home and Garden Expo that opened today.   

The SL Home and Garden Expo is a Charity Event supporting Relay for Life In Second Life.  Many designers, bloggers and organizers dedicate their time towards this event.  It covers a whopping 11 sims.  The event opens today and runs until April 7th to give you plenty of time to check everything out.

Crates | Old World - Set of old crates with plant v1*(sim 1)
Spring Tree Set w/table, lights | Lunaria - Spring's Rest* (sim 1)
Watering Pitcher/Spade | Unflat Stuff*(sim 3)
Background |  Sominel Edelman Landscapes Unlimited -  The Mirror Box 2.0

The Secret Well

I followed a path of lamps to a secret wishing well in a field of flowers.  What a beautiful site it did make.  I do hope my wish comes true.  The wishing well is a new release by Raindale and would fit perfectly in any garden setting and is color changeable.  The backdrop and light posts are Adorably Strange Wares newest release in the Idalia series.  It comes in two colors and pieces are sold individually.  There are also two different flower and plant carts in the series that are not pictured.  Both of these items can be found at the current round of Boardwalk.

Wishing Well | Raindale - Midmoor Wishing Well*
Light Post | Adorably Strange Wares - The Idalia Lamp Pole*
Backdrop | Adorably Strange Wares - The Idalia Backdrop Sunrise*

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Spring Fling

I am so ready for spring to show up it's not even funny.  I had five weeks of winter storms on the weekends.  Then the snow sat around for another four weeks.  I am starting to see the ground and the flowers are trying to show themselves.  I found this great spring from I.M. Collection called Cindy at Designer Showcase.  I paired it with Cazimi's Fantasia Nails.  They come in a range of hues that are perfect for any spring outfit.

Outfit | I.M. Collection - Cindy 5 Jumpsuit*
Nails | Cazimi - Fantasia Nails*
Rings | Swan - Terra Rings Silver
Choker | Nanika - Viola Choker Pink
Hair | Opale - Rocky Hair
Makeup |Dotty's Secret - Decadence
Ladder Prop w/Pose | Fashiowl - Winter Lights 
Backdrop | Foxcity - Photo Booth Flutter White
Photo Taken @ Backdrop City

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Come To The Tropics

One of the newest and best home decor events just opened a new round.  Boardwalk opens on the 15th.  Two great products that I found at this round that I love are the Peregrine Pool House from Fat Bird and Park Place Daria Patio Set and the Chrome & Rattan Coffee Table that goes perfectly with the pool house.

The Peregrine Pool House is a tropical-themed little two-story pool house which comes complete with tiny conservatory, exterior waterfall and balcony.  A set of three tropical bird prints are included.  You will also find a white version which has tintable walls.  Both houses are copy/mod, mesh, materials enabled and mod friendly. They are 60 prims. The approximate footprint is 20x15.

The Daria Spring Patio Sofa is available in G, PG, and Adult versions.  It is has a texture changer that is hud operated and includes the colors green, blue, pink, yellow, and red along with a set of couch magazines.  Also showcased is the Chrome & Rattan Coffee Table with Accessories that include the magazine basket and iced tea tray.  Lastly, you can find a miniature chair floral arrangement for sale.

These are just a few offerings at this round of Boardwalk so make sure to head over and check things out for yourself.  Plus keep an eye peeled on my blog for more available items.

House | Fat Bird - Peregrine Pool House 
Sofa | Park Place - Daria Spring Patio Sofa
Table | Park Place - Chrome & Rattan Coffee Table
Chair Flowers | Park Place - Miniature Chair Floral Arrangement
Cake | Raindale - Tangerine Cake
Cat | Jian - OmNom Kitty Bed 
Vases | Architect - Tiffany Vases
Shell | Apple Fall - Nauticus Shell Vessel
Coral | Apple Fall - Coral Specimen
Diffuser | frag.ment's - Aromatherapy Rain
Candle | ChicModa Decor - Metal Ring Candle Pearl
Potted Flower | Dust Bunny - Potted Bromeliad
Succulents | Bazar - Crete Succulents
Photo Frame | Celestina's Weddings - Tabletop Picture Frame 4

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Carnival Magic

My friend Queen is very talented at making music videos.  The Floating Lotus Gallery just opened a new showcase featuring her work.  At the event opening we had a carnival themed party.  It was so much fun and the DJ was great.  Here is the video from the event of the dancers including myself.  Make sure you head over to the gallery to check out the other videos on display.

Bikini | Rebel Hope - Chasta Bikini
Wings | Higgle - Mardi Gras 2018 Amethyst
Boots | Gos - Rihanna Perforated Boots
Hair | Besom Hair - Taz
Hair Accessory | Lode - Olivia Ice
Rings | Swan - Terra Rings Silver
Belly Piercing | Exqui - Vixen
Necklace | Lazuri - LuceMia Necklace Pearls
Nails | Slack Girl - Maudi Stilleto Nails
Ears | Swallow - Princess Ears
Lipstick | Pangea - Fairy Lipstick Fatpack (PP Dec. 18)
Eye Makeup | Zibska ~ Rizia
Unicorn | Love - Unicorn Rock
Waterfall | Landscaping by Felix -Realistic Waterfall
Water Fall Ivy | Mesh Plants - Full Perm Ivy
Scenery | Sominel Edelman Landscapes - The Mirror Box 2.0

Monday, March 11, 2019

High Fashion Thief

This great new outfit called Icon Black in Graffiti by AveMoi Design is available at Designer Showcase.  It comes with an applier for the body suit, gloves, a belt and a head scarf.  Of course my very quiet Virginia Beach Boots by Heels allowed me to go in quietly to grab what I needed.

Outfit | AveMoi Design - Icon Black Graffiti*
Hair | Shi Hair - Ruach
Shoes | Heels - Virginia Beach Boots Blk*
Makeup | Dotty's Secret - Decadence
Pose | M-1 - Nuclear Thief
Backdrop | Minimal - Cyberpunk Capsule 7
Taken @ Backdrop City

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Accessories Galore

Every woman loves her accessories.  They can add a certain flair to your outfit.  I found all these great accessories at the newest round of Designer Showcase.  This is their eight year anniversary round that runs from March 5 until the 28th of the month.  The designers involved brought out the best of the best that they could offer.

Alright back to my accessories.  Today I am wearing a great messy hair style called Chique from Jumo which I paired with Inti Raymi glasses by Haysuriza Eyewear.  These glasses have many different ways to customize the look.   I found some great black and white designed bento nails with a pop of gold called Lark from Livia.  These nails went so well with the Atlanta Rings from Kunglers.  Make sure you head over and grab all these amazing finds from this round of Designer Showcase.

Hair | Jumo - Chique Hair*
Rings | Kunglers - Atlanta Rings*
Glasses | Haysuriza Eyewear - Inti Raymi 2*
Nails | Livia - Lark Bento Mesh Nails*
Ears | Swallow - Crusties
Lipstick | Ascendant - Matte Lipstick
Backdrop | Minimal - Instagram Background 3 White 

Thursday, March 7, 2019


Black and white never looked so good.  My new lingerie from Sexy Princess called Private Emotion comes in both black and white.  It is an original exclusive for Whore Couture that opened on the 1st of March.  Head over to the event to see what other sexy things you can find.

Lingerie | Sexy Princess - Private Emotion Black Set*
Hair | Letituier - Krish Hair
Nail Polish | Dark Passions Koffin Nails  - Deep Floral*
Rings | Livia - Vida Bento Rings*
Ears | Swallow - Crusties
Long Necklace | Amias - Freja Silver
Lipstick | Izzie's - Black Lipstick
Eye Makeup | Zibska - Mired 
Pose | FoxCity - GSits Vol. 1-5
Photo Backdrop | FoxCity - Cozy Bedroom Mono
Photo Taken @ Backdrop City

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The Spiritual Corner

I made a little spiritual corner with some of the items from Syndicate Sunday.  The Aziza Moroccan ottomans in varying color combinations are from Circa as well as the variety of different potted plants.  The Lunar Table is from Dragon Magic Wares and can be tinted.  Lastly, the Garden Gazing Ball is from The Half Moon Market which also has a variety of colors available for the glass.

Ottoman | Circa - Aziza Moroccan Ottoman Bronze / Vintage and  Alum / Colours (26 poses)*
Potted Plants | Circa -  Aziza Plants*
Table | Dragon Magick Wares - Lunar Table*
Garden Globe | The Half Moon Market - Garden Gazing Ball*
Table Set | Zombie Suicide - Ritual Set
Backdrop | Minimal - Redfield Backdrop

Sunday, March 3, 2019

For The Love Of Purple

There is a new round of Syndicate Sunday starts today and runs until March 10th.  All items in the sale are $69L each and either new or a recolor/re-texture of an item.  Today I am showcasing Brandy Earrings from Purrrrfect Kitties Creations and Deep Floral Nail polish from Dark Passions.  Both of these items are located in the each of their stores.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Welcome Spring

It seems I am not the only one ready to welcome spring.  Raindale has a new gatcha out at this round of Arcade to celebrate spring. The Meadowbloom gatcha has 16 items including the rare Open Space Cottage.

Pictured are the Open Space Cottage, topiary tree, tea and cake, potted plant, tea cart, frames, bird houses, arbor bench and tree swing (Not pictured garden swing and rugs).  Some fun features are that the Arbor benches and swings come with both solo and couples animations.  The frames can be used with your own photos and the bird houses play sounds.

Other Decor Used
Garden Decor - Simply Shelby
Spring Daffodil Meadow Yellow
Easter Egg Garden Purple
Spring Tulip Meadow Blue & Yellow
Summer Hummingbird Garden Pink
Ruin Wall Section With Ivy

Grass, Garden Path and Lamps - Love