Sunday, September 29, 2019

Out Shop Cancer PJ Party

I spent my Sunday in bed with my new super comfy Daphne PJ's by Rebellious Rose.  I have my cuddly Plusieh Rhino by Dark Fairy Fashions & Art and just needed to be careful of my wet manicure from  Touryuumon: Maho Sukuroru while holding him.  All of these items are part of the Out Shop Breast Cancer Event.  You may be wondering what that is so here is some information from the press release:

Out Shop Breast Cancer:
Starting Oct. 1 and running the entire month, this event will take shoppers across the grid, exploring and shopping at stores in support of Strides. Store-owners will use American Cancer Society breast cancer vendor kiosks to feature special products in their stores. A directory of participating stores will be available at the Strides office on ACS Island as well as on the Making Strides Second Life website at

Fight Breast Cancer with Strides Campaigns 
It’s almost October - have you considered fighting breast cancer through your Second Life?  The American Cancer Society is the global leader in the fight against all cancers, including breast cancer; and new fundraising tools are now available for anyone and everyone to show their support. 


PJ's | Rebellious Rose - Daphne PJ Bottoms and Tank*
Nail Polish | Touryuumon: Maho Sukuroru - Smoky Mist Nails*
Plush | Dark Fairy Fashions & Art - OneShop Plushie Rhino*
Hair | Truth - Horizon
Necklace | Dreaming Thicket - Silver Bulla Amulet
Rings | Swan - Terra Rings Silver
Details on bedroom decor 

Friday, September 27, 2019

Cup Of Tea

This is the most inviting place for a cup of tea.  I love the Gypsy Soul Collection from Granola that is out this round of Arcade.  I used it in a unique Calypso Moon Treehouse by Mindgardens Creations.  The demo and it's custom furnishings (not pictured) can be found at Swank.  Both of these events are wrapping up soon, but I bet you can find these at the creators shops after that.

Granola - Gypsy Soul Gacha Collection*
Chalk Pumpkins & Beads RARE
Pumpkin Trio
Table Terracotta
Speaker Teal
Cinnamon Roll w/Acorns
Pillow V1. Teal
Pillow V2.Terracotta
Blanket Pile 3
Footstool Cream RARE

House | Mindgardens Creations - Calypso Moon Treehouse v1*

Photo | ReKa - Still Life/1
Plant | Minimal - Monstera Plant RARE

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Living Room Bliss

Today I combined two of my favorite designers in one space for this warm and inviting living room look.  Old Barn Door just released a huge collection of living room furniture called the Magnolia Collection.  Some of the collection is not pictured it's that large.  I love that it is a while collection and you can mix in any other colors you want into the look without it clashing.  I mixed Raindale's exclusive from the Spoonful Of Sugar into the living room.  The Beaumaris Collection is 100% exclusive for the festival and will not be sold after the event is over, so if you want it grab it while you can.

Old Barn Door *
Magnolia Console
Magnolia Pillow Basket
Magnolia Picture 2
Magnolia Picture 1
Magnolia Sofa
Magnolia Books
Magnolia Tray
Magnolia End Table
Magnolia Lamp
Magnolia Rug
Magnolia Family Shutters
Fall Tiered Tray

Raindale *
Beaumaris Pouf PG
Beheila table Silver
Magelight Lamp - SOS Sugar bowl

Small Plant | Haikei - Better Than Now Gacha 6
Large Plant | Minimal - Monstera Plant Rare
House | Hive - Simple Skybox

Monday, September 23, 2019

Fall Denim and Boots

Denim and boots always pair well together.  The new Mila Dress from Sexy Princess is a sexy way to show off your denim.  The fall colored Cerise Boots in Orange by Heels bring in a pop of festive color.  They can be found at SCALA's Yin/Yang Event.  I also added the Fall Flowers Basin by Old Barn Door. The Rustic Entry Bench by Decor Junction/Shutter Field  which can be found at Flourish as a nice place to sit. 

Dress | Sexy Princess - Mila Dress*
Boots | Heels - Cerise Boots Burnt Orange*
Necklace | Amias - Tilly 2
Hair | Moon Hair - Zim
Pose | Manifeste - Model_929
Bench | Decor Junction / Shutter Field - Entry Bench Rustic*
Fall Decor | Old Barn Door - Fall Flowers Basin*
Light | F&M - Halloween Wall Lamp
Building | Versov - Sevilla Andalucia Fullscene
Photo Taken at Backdrop City

Sunday, September 22, 2019

My Closet

So as promised her is a look into my closet.  My closet is where I spend most of my time.  I open my boxes, sort through my inventory and style myself in here.  It is really peaceful and serene.  I love how big this room is and adore the house by Maven Homes. It has great big windows in front of the couch that allows the outside to shine through.  

Apple Fall
West Village Grace Tufted Armchair Cream
West Village Grace Tufted Sofa Cream
Cushion Cream
Spring Tulips - Yellow
Heart Eucalyptus Spray
Ornamental Elephant Bronze

Gokotta - Flower Arrangement
Lounging Pillow Sage 5
Gokotta Lace Table Blush 11
Holiday Glam Cake Brulee 20

My Sweet Valentine Sweets Tray
Crazy for Chocolate Cake A

Crystal On Stick 4 Gold
Glitter Chandelier Gold

Tentacio - Blossom Book
Pixel Mode - The Sewing Room Fabric Rolls
Hive - Hanging Devil's Ivy Plant Dark and Light
Love - Boudoir Orchid Vase
Bazar - Glam Female Closet White
Clutter - Candle 01 with Plate
Luc - Porcelain Reed Diffuser
Vespertine - Spring Rose Arrangement Pink Tones
Space Oddities - Ostaras Crystal
A.D.D.Andel -  Fortune Telling Ball Gold Rare
Maven Homes - Palomar

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Blue House

Ok so that song came into my head after I decorated my blue house.  You know know the song I'm Blue.  Go ahead and sing that song while you look over the blog and enjoy.

I love this little blue house by Thor and it is quite spacious for a sky box.  The blue bird photo is by Denali of the Floating Lotus Gallery.  It just went so well with the new release from Shutterfield called Chix Sofa and it comes with the little tray.  This is larger than a sofa and is almost like a large twin bed.  So I made it one in house and still added a living room.

My living room has cactus theme thanks to Heart Homes new release at Designer Showcase which is the Succulent Sofa Set.  It also has a coffee table, some food decor and a few more cute little planters that I did not photograph.  Overall I have a really cute little blue skybox.

Blue Bird

Cactus Love

Blue Bird 

Chix Sofa - PG / MF White
Popcorn Tray - Light

Table | Granola - Gypsy Soul Table Limestone
Plant | unKindness - Drafter's Muse Sm Planter
Light | Tarte - Globe Pendant Light
Art | Denali's Floating Lotus Art Gallery - Night Bird

Cactus Love

Heart Homes* -
Succulent Set Sofa
Succulent Set Hanging Plant A
Succulent Set Hanging Plant B
Succulent Set Hanging Plant C
Succulent Set Wall Deco

Catus | Casa de Bebe - Sedona Cactus*
House | Thor - Do What You Love Skybox

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Stupid Boys

This little lace number by Suki called Tomine is beyond hot.  It has well placed mesh panels and is a perfect date night number.  Just make sure your guys not the jealous kind.  You can find this great dress and much more at this round of Designer Showcase.

Dress | Suki - Tomine White*
Hair | Kuni - Ashley
Necklace | Vinyl - August Necklace Gift
Backdrop | Foxcity - Photo Booth Stupid Boys
Photo taken at Backdrop City

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Beach House

So we rented a beach house and it was furnished with the perfect blue ocean theme.  I love staying in a home like this.  We opened the windows and listened to the waves while letting the cool ocean breeze in.

In the living room I feature designs by Dreamscape Art Gallery along with items from Park Place that are at this round of Swank.  Upstairs I used more designs by Park Place along with a few things from Evolving Images

Living Room

Living Room Decor

Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Maja
Maja Couch
Maja Picture Ship A, Ship B
Maja Table with Sea Gull Decor
Maja Stool B

Park Place -
Palm Plant in Crockery Pot
Cat Palm Floor Plant
Table Magazines
Serena Accent Chair - Singles/Cuddles
Serena Ocean Breeze Wall Decor
Serena Ocean Breeze Ceiling Lamp

Shell | Dust Bunny

House | Trompe Loeil - Ndari Beach House Ocean

Park Place -
Serena Ocean Breeze Bed - Adult
Serena Vanity Bench
Serena Ocean Breeze Chaise - A
Serena Ocean Breeze Ceiling Lamp
Table Lamp - Blue Marble
Feathery Palm in Small Concrete Planter

Evolving Images -
Wine Tray 2
Garden Dresser with Bird

Sunday, September 15, 2019

A Glimpse Into My Home

I think on Sundays every now and again I will post a picture of my own home decor.  This will be a glimpse into my SL home.  So this is located in my walk in closet.  Instead of a second bedroom I decided to do a walk in closet.  I spend most of my time in it opening boxes and sorting through my inventory.  A photo of the closet will come soon, so stay tuned.

Door Decor | Bazaar - Crete Door Decoration
Poof | Sources - Avivoi White Stool
Dogs | Jian - Lagacy GSD Pupper Basket
Gold Hearts | Moss & Mink - Golden Heart Trims (Vertical)
Photos | Outside The Box - Botanical Prints
Birds | Foxwood - Boho Lounge - Love Birds Cage Gift
Plants | Thor - Traveler Palm, Dracaena Plant
Tablet | Peaches - The Fianna Tablet Set
Home Sign | Zen Creations - Home Deco
Console Table | Raindale - Sweetbourne Buffet Table*
Lamp | BackBone - Convair Coco Cabana Bamboo Lamp

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Bear Party

The apples are a plenty as fall is on it's way.  Hungry bears will come out to play.  Welcome to my bear party.  I have been seeing some amazing creations from designers and thought I would put together a cute outdoor scene outside my window.

Raindale has two great sets out.  First there is the Autumnfell set that is over at Cosmo.  This is a decorative set of items with fall leaves for all your decorating needs.  While the Thornmoor table set is over at We <3 Role-Play Sonder has the cutest Pikin' Apples set over at Swank and the Autumn Seesaw Bears can be found at Simply Shelby.

Raindale - Autumnfell*
Autumnfell Two Crates
Autumnfell Crate
Autumnfell Ladder
Autumnfell Wheel

Raindale - Thornmoor*
Thornmoor Stool
Thornmoor Table

Sonder - Pikin' Apples*
Pickin' Apples Apple Sacks
Pickin' Apples Picnic
Pickin' Apples Tree (Animated)
Pickin' Apples Picnic Basket
Pickin' Apples Tree (Plain)

Bears | Simply Shelby - Autumn Seesaw Bears

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Daytime In Lace

Who knew that wearing lace in day time could be a thing.  Leave it to I.M.C. to make it a reality.  Introducing the Lovelace Jumpsuit.  Moondance Boutique also has out a great set of jewelry called Ankhet that pairs nicely with whatever color lace you may choose due to the large color hud.  Both of these items can be found at this months round of Designer Showcase.

Jumpsuit | I.M.C. - Lovelace Jumpsuit Lara Navy*
Necklace | Moondance Boutique - Ankhet Necklace (not shown earrings, bracelets, rings)*
Hair | Truth Hair - Wind
Pose | K&S - Descend 2
Lipstick/Eye Makeup | itGirls - Sultry Lips
Background | Luc - Serenity Mist Abstract Painting

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Flowers and Pumpkins

Flowers and pumpkins must mean fall is arving.  I was out for a walk this morning and the cool air was defanity more noticeable.  Our heat is also subsising as we slip into fall and autumn.  I can't believe it's already September.

Even though Syndicate Sunday wrapped up Circa is leaving out the Aqua Shores books with fish tank on sale until the 14th.  I found some more amazing finds at this round of Swank.  It was designers choice and they really did a great job showcasing their talents.

I used many pieces of Birdie's Sun Room Collection from Casa de Bebe along with The Lennox Collection from Adorably Strange Wares.  I also included the Autumn Table Wreath from CJ Creations.  Make sure to hit up the event to find more decor for your ever changing homes.

Books w/fish | Circa - Aqua Shores Neon Tropical* on sale until 9/14

Birdie's Sun Room | Casa de Bebe*
Birdie's Faded Rose Sofa
Birdie's Faded Rose Chair 
Birdie Coffee Table
Island Stripe Dhurrie Rug
Pansy Flower Botanical Illustration
Geranium Flower Botanical Illustration
Pansy Flowers Botanical Illustration 
Love Birds Cage
Rubber Plant
Wild Spring Books
Birdie Cup of Tea

The Lennox Collection | Adorably Strange Wares*
The Lennox Table
The Lennox Planters II
The Lennox Planters I
The Lennox Table Decor I
The Lennox Table Decor II
The Lennox Floor Decor Orange
The Lennox Chair Green

Table Wreath | CJ Creations - Autumn Table Wreath*
Shelf | Granola - GG August 2018 Old Copper
Hanging Plants | Luc -  Kokedama: Hanging Orchid, Hanging Sprigs with Flower 
Cat |  Image Essentials -  Full Perm Mesh Cat Sleeping 2*

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Fall Relaxation

Fall is the time of year when slow down from summer and just take time to breath.  All the abundant colors of nature shine during this time of year.  Swank just opened a new round which is where most of my finds came from.  Simply So's Outdoor Tub is the perfect place to relax.  Wood Works picnic table provides an alternative seating to my tub to watch my little bird friends who live in the Boots 'nBirdhouse by the same creator.   They get water from the Pedestal Fountain by Balderdash that comes in a variety of colors.

Hot Tub | Simply So - Outdoor Tub*
Birdhouse | Wood Works - Boots 'n Birdhouse*
Picnic Table | Wood Works - Picnic Table*
Fountain | Balderdash - Pedestal Fountain Rainbow*
Grass | Mind Garden - Wild Grass Early Autumn*
Fall Trees | Simply Shelby - Autumn Colors Landscape Garden
Bush | Alirium - DwarfForest Old Gold

Friday, September 6, 2019

Evening Attire

A new round of Designer Showcase just opened for the month and as always it brings a bunch of new designs from the great designers.  The Summer Girl Dress comes from Evolve Apparel and includes the jacket.  I paired it with the Princess Set from !IT! Cazimi also released a new nails Palette 2019 with a beautiful purple shades that match my outfit.  

Dress | Evolve Apparel - Summer Girl*
Necklace | !IT! - Princess Necklace (earrings not shown)*
Nail Polish | Cazimi - Nails Palette 2019*
Hair | Truth - Mitzi
Lipstick | Shiny Stuff - Fix It With Lipgloss (PP April 2019)
Eye Makeup | #Adored - Adorabundle July 2k19 Edition (PP July19)
Drapes | The Loft - Herring Bone Drapes Yellow
Plant | Roiro - Saten Schefflera Pot
Pose | Manifeste - Model_939

Thursday, September 5, 2019


The Corvidae Necklace is from Candle and Cauldron.  They are a great source to find mystical things at.  My fresh manicure of Dark Radiant Roses is from Dark Passions.  They have a great selection of creative nail polish.  Both of these items are part of Syndicate Sunday that ends in a few days. 

Nail Polish | Dark Passions - Dark Radiant Roses*
Necklace | Candle and Cauldron - Corvidae Necklace*
Lipstick | Shiny Stuff - Fix It With Lipgloss (PP April 2019)

Monday, September 2, 2019

Apple Blossom Cottage

Old Barn Door lept right into fall with the new release of the Apple Blossom Cottage.  
Here are some words on the build from the designer, "this is the beautiful 'Apple Blossom Cottage' with bento animations in the stairs seat, this cottage has gorgeous, highly detailed mesh and many extras you're sure to love!  It is one of our newest additions in the {OBD} line of cottage homes. Everything you see in the picture is included!! I kind of went nuts (for you) :) .... I've added 2 different rezzers. One with the entire scene: Cottage, grass, trees, landscaping, wood pile, barn, roads, pathways, garden seat, fence, mailbox, apple trees, Fall mums & leaves, doors, flower boxes & fireplace.  Whereas, the other rezzer only contains the cottage, fireplace, landscaping, doors and wood pile! All for your convenience. Move things around however you like, everything is copy/mod and unlinked!  Then of course I've also everything separately just in case you need to do them in singles!"
In my photo I did add the Fall Tree and Summer Farm Animals by Simply Shelby to the side of my house near the barn that were not included in the set. 

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Cozy Cabin

It seemed like in the blink of an eye designers in Second Life went from summer decor and dove right into fall.  Raindale has a huge new fall gatcha collection out at this round of Arcade that opens at noon today called Fallview.  This collection includes the following: bar counter, bar stool, bunk bed, chandelier, haing lamp, mirror, rug with cushions, sconce, trunk table and full bed (rare).

Also, starting today is Syndicate Sundays.  This is a monthly event that runs until the 8th in each store where designers discount an item for sale.  I am featuring Paper Moon with the Olde Tyme Kitchen Milk Can.  Dragon Magick Wares has a great Reclaimed Wood Table and Hilted has a Young Kirin Statue in different shades.  Make sure to check out the sale before the items go back to regular price.

Full View
Cabin Beds
Coco Bar

Decor Left to Right

On Rug

Rug | Raindale - Fallview Rug With Cushions*
Bookstack w/tea | Raindale - Cup Of Tea and Old Book (Both Props)
Dog | TLC - Beagle Laying

Fire Place

Fire Place | HEXtraordinary - Rustic Fireplace
Logs | What Next - Ciel  Log Basket
Poker Set | What Next - Hanne Fireplace Tools
Garland | What Next - Autumn Leaves Garland
Apple Candles | Raindale - Bright October Apple Candle*
Wreath | Love - Winter Lamp and Wreath 2(modified)
Deer | Dysfunctionality - Faux Mounted Deer Head

Cabin Beds

Porcupine | United InshCon - Forest Birds & Mosquitoes Ambient Sound 8.0s
Trunk | Raindale - Fallview Trunk Table*
Paper | Raindale - Newspaper (Prop)
Lantern | Pure Country Design - Rustic Lantern
Sprig | Apple Fall - West Village Ginkgo Branches
Single Bed | Raindale -  Fallview Bed (Rare)*
Hanging Herbs | Tia - Pompeii Fragrant Hanging Herbs
Autumn Frames | What Next - Autumn Collage Frames
Wreath | What Next - Autumn Leaves Wreath
Horse Statue | Hilted -  Young Kirin Statue Rusted*
Console Table | Dragon Magick Wares - Reclaimed Wood Table*
Potted Plants | DJ / SF - Mini Planters White
Bunk Bed | Raindale - Fallview Bunk Bed*
Mirror | Raindale - Fallview Mirror*
Table w/Decor | Artisan Fantasy - Book Table
Chair | Raindale - Mauner Armchair
Rug | Raindale - Mauner Carpet
Sconce | Raindale - Fallview Sconce

Coco Bar

Bird | TLC - Thrush
Milk Can | Paper Moon - Olde Tyme Kitchen Milk Can Galvanized/Faded*
Wagon Wheel | Simply Shelby - Autumn Wagon Wheel
Light | Raindale - Fallview Hanging Lamp*
Bar | Raindale - Fallview Bar Counter*
Stool | Raindale - Fallview Bar Stool*
Garland | What Next - Wintertime Cocoa & Cookies Garland
Marshmallows | Dust Bunny - Marshmallow Jar
Candy Canes | Dust Bunny - Candy Cane Mug
Hot Coco | Artisan Fantasy - Hot Cocoa Service
Cookies | Artisan Fantasy - Cocoa Cookies
Treats | Artisan Fantasy - Hot Cocoa On A Stick
Mini Chalkboard | Peaches - A Raven's Feast Chalkboard
Pitcher | Noctis - Locust Grove Autumn Jug
Cookie Jar | Magic Nook - Cookie Jar Blue
Tea Box | UnflatStuff - Tea Box