Sunday, July 5, 2015

Morning Stroll

I was out on a morning stroll on this lovely Sunday Morning at Calas Galadhon Sims.  I stopped over by the redwoods to admire this horse when all of a sudden I was startled when he decided to eat the grass next to me.  I love walking through this park and going on adventures like the hot air balloons or riding a carriage through the park.  Please help this park stay open to the public and donate today.

What I am wearing

Jacket: LaVian&C0 - RedLabel Shutup & Let Me Go Jacket
Shorts: LaVian&C0 - RedLabel Shutup & Let Me Go Shorts
Shoes: LaVian&C0 - RedLabel Shutup & Let Me Go Heels Silver
Hair: Entwined - Caroline
Eye Makeup: MONS - Eyeshadow Missy - Autumn
Lip Gloss: Pink Acid - Clear Lip Gloss
Rings: ieQED - Lina Ring Set - Bronze

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